The great crisis of the super turtles! The saint appears!

The great crisis of the super turtles! The saint appears!

The great crisis of the super turtles! The saint appears! This is Endevar. Do you read
me, NASA headquarters? This is Endevar. Do you read
me, NASA headquarters? Please respond. Hurry up and respond. Alright. I can hear you very clearly. Im sorry. I was out having lunch. Theres no time for a relaxed chit-chat. Were in the middle of a major crisis. What happened? Any malfunctions? Its the galaxy that is. Stars keep on vanishing… By some incredible force. Stars are vanishing? Did you leave your glasses on earth, captain? I did not leave them there!! Are you trying to get a rise out
of me during a major crisis? Dont get all worked up. None of us will accuse you for losing your glasses. You bastard. Im sending you the visuals now. Its the end of the earth. How ridiculous. I wont forgive you if we age to old
people during the wait, stupid octopus. I got it, Sawaki chan. Dont call me by that name. I never said all of the stars. I only want to eliminate the earth. Dark Mu, a spirit that beholds the deadliest power
in the galaxy, sleeps inside of this dark mutastone. If we resurrect him, the dark power will be
unleashed and the earth will be destroyed… Just like those stars. So he has awakened completely. Correct. Thats why were trying to
awaken him with the stimulation. Its like were using an alarming clock. However, her awakening is
definitely taking place very soon. That has influenced the stars to vanish. How roundabout. Why wouldnt
you just destroy the earth first? Because I have a personality of a kitten. Huh? Beware turtles. Youll be
shattered into dust with the earth. I have one more question, stupid octopus. What is it, you noisy fool? I dont object to destroying the earth, but
where will we live after that happens? We can live in Dimension X. What? What? Why? No! No way!! There is no way lm having it. Why cant you have a complete
plan with a big brain of yours? Dont you realize weve always
suffered because of you? No youre a stupid octopus with empty words. – I should fry you up and eat you.
– Does he ever shut up? – I should fry you up and eat you. As you can see, there have been many
bizarre incidents of vanishing stars. Apparently, not only NASA, but also the
whole world has been in panic as well. We now leave you the wireless transmission from
captain Endevar that our station has obtained. I didnt lose my glasses!! Really. Im lying. Thats all we have. Im April ONeil from Channel 6. Donatello. How many centuries does it take
for all the stars to vanish from the galaxy? Who knows? We dont know exactly
how many stars are up there in space. You guys are missing the point. Its a serious matter. Hi. Yo, April. Did you come through a portal? Well, that was a broadcasting
from a pre-recorded tape. Anyhow, dont you think its
strange that stars are vanishing? Lm guessing that gang we know is behind this. Are you referring to the gang of a metal plate
headed buffoon and a brain like octopus? It must be Dark Mu who is responsible. Who is Dark Mu? Shes a devil that sleeps inside of dark mutastone. She possesses enough power to vanish stars. There is none other than Dark
Mu who is capable of this. Someone out there must be trying
to awaken her from her sleep. Who could it be? Huh. I see. Hmm… whom were thinking of is… I know. It must be the aliens. No! Damn Shredder and the Foot Clan. They
have come up with a ruthless plan. Its likely that their real target is… This earth. Thats so troublesome. What are we going to do? We must prevent it. What was that? Is the earth
already starting to vanish? Anyhow, lets go outside. Ou… ouch… This is Shredder. What? You still havent mutated
into the Devil Shredder? You incompetent buffoon. Whos an incompetent buffoon, you stupid octopus? Dont radiate the power until were ready. We got blasted away again. Fine III fight with ya… Boss. The turtles have come out.
Fine III fight with ya… Boss. The turtles have come out. Damn. They saw us lying flat on the ground, boss. Do you have a problem, you jerk? Shredder. How unusual of you to welcome us here. Dont blame me if the mayor scolds you. After we got here to defeat you, Do you understand? Shut up!! You better shut up because you
obscure things when you try to explain. Turtles. At last, well make you stop breathing today. Stupid octopus. Radiate the power now. Pa… paralyzing… Wow… I can feel the overflowing power in me. Bring it on, Turtles. As you wish. Were mutating as well. Turtle Power! Super Mutation! Theyre trying to distract us
until the Dark Mus awakening. But we wont fall into their trap. Lets go. Yes. Im broadcasting the truth
behind the incident to the world. I got a big scoop. Another star just has vanished. To Endevar from NASA… Captain. I found the glasses in your room. I knew you left them here… you liar! You moron! Those are my spare glasses… youre irritating me. Are you positive? Errrr… The awakening is taking too long. I dont care about other stars. Wake up right away and destroy the earth for me! Hey, stupid octopus! Dont be goofing around while
sending others out to battle. At least, send me the Foot soldiers. You stupid. The Foot soldiers are having
a day off. They went on a fieldtrip. Thats why I attached power controllers on you guys. Maybe you forgot to turn the switch on? What?! Why didnt you tell us sooner? What a retard… Alright… who wants it first? The Spinning Top of Super Violent Wind! Haha. You fool… youre more gullible than a sap. You group of blockheads… Were not the same as before. Super Atrocious Dragon Craw Attack! Everybody run! Wow… he is amazing. You guys should also turn on your power switches. Then you can freely control
the power given by Mutastone. Push. Is everyone okay? Not. Shit… now that Makus more
powerful, its harder to beat him. Ouch… Is there such a thing as black light? I feel as if someone shoved a hundred
orders of squid-ink pizza into my head! Quit telling lame jokes that has
no relation to the current topic. What? Your form became visible. Not so fast, Krang. We wont let you awaken Dark Mu no matter what. Listen. You can just barge in someones home. I’ll call the police. Damn. I shouldnt have allowed
the Foot soldiers to take a fieldtrip. Krang. Seems like you have cross
the line you shouldnt have. You scheme of destroying the earth is inexcusable. I will have my judgment upon you. Dont sound all high and mighty
while youre just a petty little rat. Prepare to die. You senile old fool. Master Splinter. Were in a serious trouble. What? Out of my way. She just opened his eyes. Were almost there. Concurrently in Japan Concurrently in France Concurrently in China Captain. There are terrible disasters
in many regions of the earth. What the hell is going on? Finally, the time has come for the earth to vanish. By the way… about your glasses… Shut the hell up! I wont talk to you again. Wetlands in Miami What is that, Mesakero? The tornado is passing from left to right. Miami Beach Hmm? Hmmm? The Foot soldiers are blown away. Well finish them off at once. Right on. What!? Dont be tricked. Okay. What… Oh my god! Help! Good heavens. We were saved by the tidal wave. But look what happened here. The destruction of the earth has begun. What the? Not only you trespassed in here,
but also forgot to shut the door. Im sorry. You must be kidding me. Its exhilarating to swim above buildings. Is that so? We wont be able to recommend
this to people with acrophobia. Master Splinter! Hey. Thank god I had learned an ancient swimming style. Thank heavens. But Krang ran away with the dark mutastone. We have to find him quick. But in this condition… Everyone. I found the Shredder and the others. The reporter from Channel 6 is unrivaled as expected. So where are they at? Thanks for the complement. But we dont need a huge network to help us
because their whereabouts is very obvious. Theyre right there. Are you okay, boss? Okay my ass. Let us down from here at once. But we cant move from drinking too much water. You useless fools. Look Sawaki chan. Dark Mu is finally awakening. What? Here we go! Good morning. I feel like having my morning coffee. Dark Mu… So is she the one? She is one of those so-called cute devils. Im April ONeil from Channel 6. Now we bring you the battle of the century
that the earths destiny depends on. Dont do it, Krang! Shut it. Dark Mu. Release your superfluous power. Here I come. Stop! You must be kidding me. Stop! Goodbye, boss. We lost a valued individual. Things became hectic here. In your faces, turtles. The most powerful monster
that Dark Mu has created… The dark Shredder. If you think you can defeat it, then be my guest. This is just way too stupid for me to deal with. That sounds incorrect. Huh? Mmm… you shouldve said the
hand is about to get us instead Doh! Everyone dodge! Oraoraora This is too much. Orya! Oh, no. Dark Mus power has made him run wild. This is incredible. Do something, turtles. New York will be gone if you dont do something. No, itll be fine. Leave this to me. I have an idea. Boss. The turtles are here. Hey, over here! Yay yay! What do you want, bastard? Hey, youre flying too fast. Theres that turtle, boss. Oh, no. Im caught already. Hey you big monster. Arent I too small for you to hit? Yay yay. Lookie here. Whats the matter? Boss. I think you missed. How could that be? Ouch. Hurry up and get rid of them. You blockhead. How can you faint when your so big? H… h… h… help! Oh, no! Take a look here. The Tenchu was a real blockhead after all. The turtles have given an outstanding fight. But I think the mayor might scold them later. Its not over yet. Unless we
defeat Dark Mu, the earth wont… Ill destroy everything in the galaxy. Do you think you can keep up with me? Oh, no. She is trying to blow
the earth from the space. Turtles. Now is the time to
unite your power and courage. Merge into the Saint. You can travel out to space if you merge. Chase after her. Yes, master Splinter. Lets go everyone. Why dont we get decked out for a space travel? Saint Mutation! Nicely done. You can only stay as the Saint for 100 seconds. Hurry. Yes, sir. Anyhow, where did Kris run off to? I didnt lose my glasses. What? What the hell was that? Another one? Didnt I ask what the hell you are? Whaa! Ouch… I cant take this anymore! Do not interfere with me. Im planning to vent out my frustration
now that lm finally awaken. I dont think so. I think so. Saint. Its dangerous. Get out of the way. To the right. – The right? Your supposed to place a rice bowl
on the right side, right? – No! Your supposed
to place chopsticks on the right side. – Then
where are you supposed to place miso soup? With your lousy teamwork, you
wont be my worthy opponent. I’ll finish you off before I destroy the earth. How troubling. If we dont sync
with each other, we cant defeat her. Dont be ridiculous. Its not that easy as it sounds. We even have different
preferences for pizza toppings. Saint! Lts hopeless. She is too powerful. What are you doing? I wont let you have your way any longer. Im going to imprison you along with my body. Kris Mu! I wont let you. Why dont you imprison yourself alone? Saint. Im running out of my power. Go ahead and blast me with
your Mega Final Saint Break. What? Then youll be… You must hurry. Do not hesitate. We dont have time. But master… She is a spirit. She wont die. Even if she gets imprisoned, well
be able to see her again for sure. But the real question is whether you will be
able to unify your hearts into one or not. You wont be able to execute the
final hidden technique without
synchronizing the hearts of four of you. Master. Do it, Saint. You guys can do it. What was all the hard training done for? Please hurry, Saint. I got it, Master Splinter. Lets do it, guys. Sink or swim. Got it! Unify our hearts into one. Lets go. Mega Final Saint Blade!! Stop!! Goodbye everyone. Thank you. Well meet again someday. Goodbye. Kris Mu! Goodbye, turtles. Is heaven a place like this? Lts just like a shuttle cargo room. No. Were actually in a shuttle cargo room. Well, gentlemen. You are all alive after all. Thank goodness. Captain. Thanks for saving us. By the way, have you stocked
some pizza on board here? Huh? Lts Kris Mu. She has successfully imprisoned Dark Mu. We can no longer mutate now. Well, I guess thats okay because
transforming takes a lot out of you. Well meet again, Kris Mu. She is the one who saved the earth. Right. Although her body was tiny,
her bravery was enormous. Bye bye. By the way, who will clean up after that flood? No idea. Where is the station? Pizza is hot I’m happy. Love is incomprehensible In other words, perhaps it’s irrelevant The city is in chaos The turtles are out of control Anyhow, somehow The earth is still fine Although it’s patched up in pieces Doing better than the future. Oh, Turtles Chew your gum properly Chew your gum properly Dance joyfully and don’t stop Let’s enjoy the pounding of our hearts If we all learn to dance together Even angels would dance in the sky Dance joyfully and don’t stop Let the pounding of our hearts entertain us If we all learn to dance together Even angels would dance in the sky

12 Replies to “The great crisis of the super turtles! The saint appears!”

  1. was it an anime before they made the turtles cartoon we all know and love here in the us? shredder looks like cell xD

  2. so you want Rob Paulsen to also play Donatello here? ;P

    wrong its based on the Japanese toyline not the '87 show. this is why Shredder looks so different. its also not in canon with that show. (only character models look the same, with a little difference)

    even Turtles Forever counts this as an alternate reality than the '87 series seeing the multiverse scene.

    the '88 Turtles (as they were called) on Forever did act a bit out of character didn't they?

  3. lol, you actually think the toyline had a "canon"?

    The Japanese toyline came with comics that were completely different in tone from the 87 series (More like stereotypes of US comics) and had different characterization. Furthermore, the manga this was adapted from -was- based on the 87 series (Although splitting ways continuity-wise), and the cast from the Japanese Dub done by TV Tokyo reprised their roles.
    Do you seriously think there's more suitable voices for this TMNT?

  4. these two episodes were based on and meant to sell the toyline.
    (the two toylines Supermutants and metal mutation) and some franchises started as toys or even post cards. fiction can come from allot of sources.

    seems to me this has the right voice actors already ('87 series dub actors) but you mean English off course. well it would just confuse people to get 'our' '87 actors, this is not canon after al. also would you not rather have them in something original?
    a new special or the like?

  5. it depends witch toyline you buy, they could come with comics, bio cards, dvds explaining the plot of what these toys are supposed to be and in what setting.

    any movie, or tv show is trying to sell something, including itself.

    but my point is these two episodes are one episode for one toyline. a different toyline than what the '87 series were selling in the west.

    i think the actors, producers and writers of the '87 show would think differently. its just not their characters.

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