The great crisis of the super turtles! The saint appears! (Intro)

This is the underground
shrine of Newtorino kingdom. The turtles were unexpectedly
summoned by the spirit of light, Kris Mu. And they were given extraordinary
stones called Mutastone. Super Mutation! These stones are capable of transforming the
turtles into Super turtles only for 3 minutes. At the same time, these villains,
who invaded the kingdom, had obtained a dark mutastone that is a
counterpart of the regular mutastones. What you see here is the result of the dark stone. Transformation Against the Shredder gang
who have obtained dark power, The super turtles struggled in battle However, the mutastones had another amazing
power that upgrades the turtles even stronger. It is called Saint Mutation. Thats cool! The turtles merged into Turtle Saint
and displayed his biggest power. What you see here is the result. Harahorehirehare. However, that has only encouraged
the beginning of the next disaster.

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