The Golden Rule

The Golden Rule

Amina Amdeen ( AA):
I noticed you with the hat. And I noticed that you were
surrounded by some people. And I noticed they were
being kind of threatening. AA: And then somebody snatched
your hat off your head. And that’s the point where I… something kind of
snapped inside of me. Because I wear
a Muslim hijab, and I’ve been in situations
where people have tried to snatch it off my head. Joseph Weidknecht ( JW): Wow. AA: And I rushed towards you
and I just started screaming, “Leave him alone!
Give me that back!” JW: I don’t think we could be
any further apart as people, and yet it was just kinda
like this common “that’s not okay” moment. You are genuinely the
only Muslim person I know. I just…It’s not that
I’ve actively avoided, it’s just, I’ve just never
been in the position where I can interact for an
extended period of time. So, I guess my views on
the Muslim community have been influenced by
a lot of the news articles and things of that nature. AA: I feel like a lot of times
in the media you don’t see the normal Muslim, the one
that listens to classic rock, like I do. You don’t
meet that Muslim. JW: Can you tell me about
where you grew up? What was that part
of your life like? AA: So, I was born
in Baghdad, in Iraq. I moved to the US when
I was 10 years old. JW: Okay. AA: Being a Muslim girl,
I stood out in almost every single way that you can. In middle school,
the worst time to stand out. What about you, how was
it like when you grew up? JW: I was homeschooled.
So it was a vastly different experience socially.
It was, I didn’t have, I guess, as many friends
as most people would. I only went public school
one year of my life, and I got in three fights. And I lost all of them. AA: Aw. JW: I actually lost
a lot of friends because of this election. Because of my political stance. So, I hope that I can be
the reason that someone decides to talk to someone
as opposed to just cutting them out of their life, or
blocking them on Twitter, you know? AA: I’d like for this to
encourage other people to engage in more
conversations with people that you don’t agree with. JW: That’s what it is all about. I’m so glad I wasn’t the
only one who felt like that.

16 Replies to “The Golden Rule”

  1. Huge Respect to Story corps here. It would be so easy to jump on one of the bandwagons and polarize, or not talk at all about these topics, but you guys were willing to share a story that not only leaves you as a neutral, but engaged, party but also delievers the best sort of message that one can possibly send. Listen to and respect each other, no matter their stance.
    Hopefully messages like this will spread far and wide to improve the political systems and attitudes of the world.

  2. This is at least the third time this video has been uploaded.
    Is there a reason?

    I mean it’s one of the best, but, what’s up?

  3. I asume she isnt a real muslim becouse muslims arnt alowed to listen to music.
    Also she talked and dated a nonmuslim.
    On top of that she followes the wrong brand of islam.
    Hope she dont get honorkilled and have a happy life with him.

  4. Like with all TED-Ed videos, with StoryCorps videos first I pause it, click on "like" then enjoy the video. Thank you StoryCorps!

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