The Dark and Bright Side of Halloween, All Saints Day and All Souls Day…Which side are you?

The Dark and Bright Side of Halloween, All Saints Day and All Souls Day…Which side are you?

hello everyone I’m massive LP I’m answering questions from our students around the world about the significance of Halloween also stay AllSaints the and so on let me just give a brief history about this Halloween thing well this is all hallowtide festivals which celebrates Halloween October 31st All Saints Day November 1st and also also stay in November 2nd Hallows means Saints and the other tradition of the pagans the Gaelic tradition Celts and also the old Irish culture had festivals called pagan Samhain it’s a Gaelic festival this is a celebration of a time when the vales of the inner world and outer world are thinner so it’s it falls around the end of October so they celebrated the spirits and those who have departed to make sure that they are able to take opportunities to go through this transition of the inner and outer or veils and it usually fall on the start of dark seasons of the year which is between the autumn equinox and also the winter solstice now these festivals have turned into Christian traditional festivals so it’s called the old hollow tide so Halloween which is October 31st used to be a celebration for the hollows or the Saints so first of all they had a celebration emulating Saints so they dress in Saints clothing and garments celebrating the old honoring the Saints or the hollows then they had also the All Saints Day in November first to honor the Saints or the Hallows and also this is dedicated to all saints whether know and they have rituals that will honor him and November second which is the old songs they are is a celebration to honor those who have departed and the dead so a lot of people tomorrow that’s November 2nd two more today’s November first and yesterday was Halloween a lot of people will visit the cemeteries in the grave and do a memorial service either through the priests help or to their prayers to pray for the people who have departed now I would say also that the Jewish tradition had influenced the the Halloween because in in Jewish tradition the Yom Kippur the Jewish pray for the dead and this is also falling on the end of October now unfortunately we have commercialized and put this as a pop culture in the United States alone we spent seven point five or seven point four billion dollars spent through costume our costumes and costumes and candies well you can imagine I think they estimated have to have a 7,000 calories per day per person for celebrating the Halloween time and they say this around six titanic’s of candies so that’s a lot of calories put into one’s body during Halloween and and I can say that they has become commercial because instead of having the costumes for Saints decided to have the costumes of ghosts sorcerers witches and and black magic rituals and so on so it became a more and a reverse celebration for those who are negative the dark side of life so I can I would discourage everyone to do the darker side of Halloween not because of the pop culture or the expenses it’s more of me I think we are immolating the dark side of life instead of the same string Halloween which supposed to be dedicated for the Saints and those triumph over darkness so we should not put those costumes the ugly ones because these are all image free which creates a thought pattern even for children for youngsters that they will start to think of this subconsciously as part of their good things whereas the negative side inserted this Halloween in the negative format through commercialization to I would say bring the ugly faces and also the scary faces as a thought process and imagery of children and people are wearing costumes and this will pollute the inner world this will use the minds of humanity so instead of focusing on the saints and the Holy Ones during Halloween and the hallow all hallowtide celebration we are recreating the ugly faces of the dark side so it’s not good for your children your teenagers and also for yourself because you are visualizing something that is of the negative and dark side so I encourage you to even visualize your saints you visualize the imagery of your prophets and good people who have contributed to your spirituality because these will also be an antidote to it already polluted in a world by using the commercial Halloween’s ugly imagery now the game excited use bonfires they have some hang cakes and other festival rituals which brings a lot of this celebration of the spirits of nature and again as I said during the time of the Gaelic festival during the hollows or the Halloween the spiritual groups tend to use the thinning of the veils between these inner and outerworld the one who is alive in the dead to communicate and so on so I think we should be obliged to rectify our mistakes or even our own believes that these commercial things I just were and it’s just for creative purposes it’s the time that our children we eat as much cannabis as they can especially the trick-or-treat and I tell you the gaining of weights and maybe diabetics you have to be careful during this time 7,000 colors per person during the Halloween seven point four billion dollars invested in costumes and Candice and as they said six Titanic ships are full of this candy so we will celebrate the original intents of the Christian faith and also the the best of the pagan tradition on celebrating the Saints the Hallows and also to remember our people who have departed and pray for them this is the time to mentally communicate with them now I have taught in my class the life after death and the inner world that when people die the exit of the dying process only releases the physical and the human aura the person is the same they’re still alive the same way as before in the emotional and mental state except they cannot communicate verbally or they cannot be physically present anymore because they cannot come back they withdraw from the physical and energetic plane but they’re the same people with the same happiness fears problems wars and so on they have the same ideas so you can tune into the signature of their energies the emotions in mind as they were alive to communicate with them and comfort them also as they are also maybe lonely in the inner world missing the family or the loved ones so you have not only their pray for these people you need to mentalize that they are releasing into the higher bright light of the heavenly world and also to communicate with them that you’re fine that you thank them for all the good things they have done to you or even you forgive them of all the their mistakes and the shortcomings so that they will also get release and the comment between the families the bad luck that was created that were created between the disharmony between family members and friends and even your enemies will be forgiven and let all be forgiven that I’ll be free in that aspect also to be able to disconnect from the dead so that they will not suffer anymore the more you are remorseful the more you are grieving the more you’re negating their ascent to higher levels of light so do not pull them back do not let them become earthbound by connecting to them in a negative way release them forgive them as for forgiveness if you have not been forgiven you pray for them that they will go into higher realms of existence you give them some good news about you and your family you can also communicate with them but when you sleep you can always communicate and when you’re in the inner world when you sleep the out-of-body experience will give you the idea of connectivity in the mental plane and the emotional plane and you will be able to connect in rapport with your families and loved ones again you don’t have to die to be able to get in touch with them you can go to sleep and in early and in the inner world connect with them and you have to put that intent first before you sleep also you need to bless them with your prayer those who know how to heal you bless your loved ones with prayers and wishes and thank them for all the good things I have a worship live up to death and the inner world you can attend that from massive LP calm mastered LP calm or you can also watch my videos and YouTube under the MDP channel mustard LP and watch the out-of-body experiences and a relationship to the five states asleep or relates it to meditation and also related to the dying process so good luck to all of you and tomorrow pray for your dad bless them communicate with them in a positive way then I just give them flowers in the grave just send them positive feelings and thoughts so that they’ll receive the flowers of your love instead of the physical flowers and All Hallows day the saints they we should always invoke the Saints today November 1st for their blessings for their nurturing energy and also for their guidance and for their teachings so this is all that I can answer all the questions sent to me about Halloween all hallowed rituals which starts Halloween October 31 All Saints Day November 1 and also still November 2 so let’s do our best they were able to do our celebration in the most positive way without going to the dark side of the Halloween which is created to negate the Saint celebration that’s I celebrate the dark side let’s celebrate the good side of life and honor the Saints of life known are known and honor our dead so by the time you also go in your own way in the future you also get the blessings of those who stayed behind you so whatever you do to now the dead people it will also be blessed upon you in the future when you also departed alright good luck to you and blessings

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  1. thank you Master Del Pe! your explanation and overview about these dates, how they originated and it makes sense to me, because of my own sensations on these dates and feeling the negativity on the commercialization of Halloween. thanks for explaining how to contact with our loved ones that have departed and a more enlightened way to celebrate the hollows, the death and the saints. Really interested in your life after dead workshop! I will share this video with all my contacts!

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