The Curse of Oak Island: Solving the Mystery of Captain James Anderson (Season 5) | History

The Curse of Oak Island: Solving the Mystery of Captain James Anderson (Season 5) | History

MAN: Doug! Hi, Doug. Hey, Doug. Good to see you, everybody. NARRATOR: Rick, Marty,
and members of the team gather at the Mug & Anchor
Pub in the nearby town of Mahone Bay. They have been invited by their
friend, local historian Doug Crowell, who is eager to
share what he believes is some important information. Good to see you, Doug. Where you been? Been well?
– I’ve been well. I’ve been well. Spending a lot of
time in the archives. And what have you got for us? Well, one of the things I was
following up on over the winter was your work on lot 24
and finding the coins and various artifacts. So I thought I’d take
a look at lot ownership and see what activity
might have proceeded Sam Ball’s purchase of those lots. One of the things I found
was that lot 26 was owned by a Captain James Anderson,
and this fellow’s history turns out to be really interesting. He was a privateer. And when the American
Revolution started, he took the Patriot Oath,
was given command of a ship, defected to the British,
took the ship and all and went across the lines,
became a Loyalist privateer. He did die in the West Indies in
1796, just after the discovery of the money pit. What was he doing there? I suspect privateering. [laughter] Well, what I did find out
was that there is still a descendant of his
here in Nova Scotia, and he’s agreed to
talk with us and– and tell us a little bit
more about his family. So I thought it might be
interesting to see if there’s any information
in the family that might help us on the search. NARRATOR: Alex Lagina,
Peter Fornetti, and Charles Barkhouse, along
with researcher Doug Crowell, travel some 50 miles north
to the city of Wolfville, Nova Scotia. They are on their way to meet
a descendant of Captain James Anderson, the 18th
century pirate who once owned property on Oak Island. [doorbell rings] Good day, sir. – Hello.
– How you doing? – Hey, Steve?
– Yes. Doug Crowell. Nice to meet you, Doug. Thank you. Well, Steve, what
brought us to look you up was lot 26 was owned
by James Anderson. Correct. And according to
this record here, it was sold to
Samuel Ball in 1788. Mm-hm. And what we were hoping to
do is learn a little bit more about the background
of James Anderson. OK. Well– thanks–
he was a mariner, and he was both pirate and spy. And he had a ship that
was called the “Betsy,” and there’s record of him
sailing the waters, I think, in 1768. So that puts it back
a bit before 1788, so he’s been around for a while
in the– in the waters, right? He’s quite a character. Yeah. That’s a very good way
to describe him, yeah. I can show you guys more things. I have Captain James
Anderson’s sea chest. Wow. A sea chest, like
a treasure chest? Yeah, just like
a treasure chest. We’d love to see that. That would be a first for us. MAN: Oh, look at this.
you think of that, guys? Yeah. Check this thing out. This is so cool. I think this is it. Oh. Ah. Wow. Now in this chest right here,
you’ll find some documents you’re going to like. The papers are
extremely delicate. Died July 1796. Exactly. One year after the
discovery of the money pit. Mm-hm. Here we go. “To all whom it may
concern, we do hereby certify that Brother James
Anderson is a registered Master Mason in the Lodge Number 9.” Master Mason. That’s right. “Given under our hand and seal
of our lodge this 24th of June, 1791.” Definitely a Mason. Definitely a Mason, yeah. That’s quite an
amazing document. Now all those keys
he has in his hand– can I see them for a sec? Sure. That one opens
that treasure chest. Maybe some other– I couldn’t help noticing
there are four keys. Could there have been more
treasure chests on the islands? And that’s what I wonder. NARRATOR: Could the three
keys be in some way connected to the three treasure chests
which were reportedly found by Daniel McGinnis
and his two friends while digging in the
original money pit? Grandpa Daniel, he and his
two friends started digging. Now I’ve been told they
found three treasure chests, and what is in this box
is one of the things that came from that chest. Wow. Thanks so much for letting
us take a look at this. I mean, this, honestly
it’s– it’s like nothing we’ve seen before, so. You’ve shown us some great
information right here, so thank you. Oh, you’re very welcome, guys. [music playing]

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  4. This is a very interesting show, don't get me wrong, but have they ever found anything besides some old wood and old Steel. Besides really cool old history which is just his story. Oh yeah if they gave up and quit looking I would B very unhappy about that I'm really glad they're doing what they're doing. Super cool stuff I just hope and think they deserve to find something great.

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  7. What does it matter who owned the land 300 years ago? All that matters is what’s (not) in the ground TODAY!

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  9. Season 5 finale spoiler: The brothers are revealed to be the Russo brothers who have been undercover the whole time! Now we know where they were on weekends during all the Avengers filming!

  10. This show is horseshit
    Millions of wasted mo ey and still nothing. Attention grabbers. Look over hear and not over there

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