– My father always, you
know, was very worried. He would always say “there is
no fear in this boy’s heart, what will happen to him?” I heard this many times
through my childhood. One day, when I was around
eleven years of age, I caught a big cobra and came home. He said, “this boy has
no fear in his heart! What will happen to him?” I asked him, “When did fear become a virtue?” He said “See? I told you he
has no fear in his heart!” (laughing) Why is a fear a virtue?
Religions of the world have put fear into you about everything. About life and health, isn’t it? And they also told you, if
you die you will go to God. So then why fear? But
you are also God-fearing. Fear is the basis. You must
be God-fearing, life-fearing, death-fearing, everything-fearing. You fear the God of course
you must fear the devil also, right? So fear is the key. Until now. This is important to understand. What is happening is just this. People are suffering.
What are they suffering? They think they are
suffering their life, no. People are suffering something
that happened ten years ago, something that happened ten days ago, something that happened
the day before yesterday. They’re still suffering. Or, they are able to
suffer what may happen the day after tomorrow already. They are not suffering life,
they are just suffering their memories and their imaginations. Two greatest faculties
that human beings have is this fantastic sense of memory, a vivid sense of memory,
and an absolutely wonderful sense of imagination. This only human beings have, these are our two basic faculties. These two things you started suffering. So what you’re saying is evolution has made a mistake with you. Please make me an earthworm once again so that you can just at
least become eco-friendly. All the best. (laughing) (electronic outro music) (electronic outro music)

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  1. its not just as blatant as memory or imagination. its the way in which the life force works in between these two in a merging manner that causes it. ignoring its natural pace is easy but that won't be functional in actuality. suffering does not come out of faculties or abilities but the way they tend to causationally form and work. let's not confuse fear with danger. that's the part where righteousness comes. one should re consider what's been said. separating aspects and looking at it specifically is fine but its when imagination, life force, energy and memory all interrelate and work together that life happens, its like the soil and water mixing and turning into mud. the mud has both components but it behaves like neither or either

  2. This man looks like one of Keturah's children from Genisis 25 sent east of the sons of heth where father Abraham purchased the field

  3. people always take whats been said without referring to its context nor spend time to enquire about the possibilities of what that might mean. which leads to major mis conceptions or mis understandings. they have already set the wrong path. when they are being wrong and without even recognising it. they act out as if its fine, it ends up affecting the whole existence. in that time, one may kill in order to save the life. neither competence nor capabilities alone constute to righteousness, anyone is capable of jumping of the edge of a hill, does that make it right? clearly righteousness does concern of function but consciousness matters the most. if the law and ones who made the law themselves are corrupt and unrighteous along with its supporters as well as witnesses who could have revolted but did not. they shall to be put into the catogary of unrighteous and be punished accordingly. this act itself becomes the most merciful at that point. that's clarity we reach after complete and proper accessment is what we know as judgement or decisiveness at times. occult means your demands are more than sacrifice. it has its effects, an alchemy means you are trading something of equal value to gain something else, its transmutation. magic means you become the hand of the divine and do what he intends you to do. mantra and tantra falls into the third catogary which is that, one who pursues it becomes the manifestation of creator. the first two is just exchange of components but the third is different

  4. Fear is the lowest form of vibration, while love is the highest.
    I don't want to condition myself to live in fear.

  5. London Real you're scraping the bottom with this one. I bet it was his team which reached you thru a 3rd party. You've been conned bruh. LOL. Discernment!

  6. Imagine a world with a small group of leaders, with the knowledge and mindset like Sadhguru, Gregg Braden, Joe Dispenza, Mantak Chia and some others.. How amazing would our lives be? 🤗✌

  7. If you fear God, There is nothing or noone else in a world that you will fear.
    If you really I mean really believe there is a God then all your questions will get answered.

  8. Why do people focus in the worst case scenario? And as thoughts are things it will manifest. So imagine the best and have no fear 🤗

  9. The number worshipping accountants experience perpetual pain and suffering because they never get enough. Their sadness and misery is so great that they must sanction, starve, torture, murder and bomb the hell out of humanity (lovers). Because the counting corpses don't know what real pain and suffering is.

  10. Fear is just a stepping stone to the ultimatum. the sooner u get rid of it, the better 🧘‍♂️👁

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