The Chaplet of St. Michael | The Catholic Company

The Chaplet of St. Michael | The Catholic Company

Hi everyone, Will here again for the Catholic
Company and the product I have in my hands is the Chaplet of St. Michael. The popular
prayer devotion consists of nine groups of four beads each, with three Hail Marys and
one Our Father in each group. The nine groups are in honor of the nine choirs of angels,
and each group is a distinctive color to represent that choir. This 13 inch chaplet comes with
the chaplet prayer instructions in order to ask for the powerful intercession of the archangel
St. Michael, chief and commander of the heavenly host of angels. Thanks again for watching
and for visiting the Catholic Company. God Bless!

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  2. i love the saint michael colors n his beads! i have his necklace n bracelets, (GREEN&RED) i love those colors 😊🙂he always protects me!

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