The Bells of Saint John: A Prequel – Doctor Who Series 7 Part 2 (2013) – BBC One

The Bells of Saint John: A Prequel – Doctor Who Series 7 Part 2 (2013) – BBC One

Hello. Hello. Why are you sitting on a swing? Why shouldn’t I? Because you’re old. Yeah, that’s true. That – that, that is very true. My mum says I shouldn’t talk to strange men. Ah, you’re mum’s right. Are you strange? [Laughs] Oh dear, I’m way past strange. I think I’m probably incredible. Are you lonely? Why would I be lonely? Because you’re sad. Have you lost something? No. When I lose something, I go to a quiet place. And I close my eyes, and then I can remember where I put it. Good plan. I’m always losing things. I lost my best pencil, my school bag, my gran and my mojo. Your mojo? I got it back though. Hey, that’s good. What did you lose? My friend. I met her twice before. And lost her both times and now I don’t think I’ll ever find her again. Have you been looking? Yeah, everywhere. That’s sad. It is a bit. {JACKIE TYLER!?} Hey, is that your mum? Yeah. I better go and see if she’s alright. Yeah, I think you better had. How are you gonna find her? Well, the first two times I met her I sort of bumped into her. So, I thought maybe, if I just wandered about a bit, I might bump into her again. You know, like, like destiny. Sort of. That’s rubbish. I think it probably is. Maybe I could find a quiet room and have a good think about it instead. That would be better. Goodbye! Goodbye. Mister! I hope you’ll find her again. So do I. Who was that? I was talking to a sad man. Clara Oswald, what have I told you about talking to strange men?

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  1. I know The Doctor is supposed to be kind-hearted and all but I can't help but feel in this short in particular The Doctor has the costume and a little bit of dialogue of a pedophile lmao

  2. So did the doctor travel back in time and unknowingly bump into the main Clara Oswald as a child or is this a child version time duplicate of the character that happens exist around the same time and in roughly the same area as the main Clara?

  3. This has to be late nineties, because she's ten or so, and talk about mojo was all the rage in that time with the release of Austin Powers (1997, sequel two years later, and Jenna was born in 1986, so if Clara was Jenna's age in BoSJ….)

  4. The Doctor does this soooo often that it's a wonder Amy was the only one who remembered meeting him when they were younger! I mean he seriously does it to almost all the significant companions.

  5. So we're expected to believe that Clara never remembers the Doctors face from this encounter. Cos I sure as hell would recognise that face, I'd never forget the weird probably high man from the park.

  6. This is an awesome scene but in reality the little girl's feminist single mother would have called the police by that point. Nowadays it's a crime to simply be male.

  7. I feel like the mom should have been a bit more concerned. I mean he is an odd older man in a children's park.

  8. If he is talking about amy then he stranded her in new york. But it would make sense if he is talking about clara

  9. noooo was curios which doctor who this was and the moment I seen bells of st John. I had to back out. seriously the end of this episode scares me half to death and I go hysterical off it to the point of tears.

  10. ''hello''
    why are you sitting on a swing?''
    ''why shouldn't i?''
    ye clara why shouldn't he sit on one, better question even why aRe YUo SItTinG On oNe?

  11. i love the 11. doctor he was my first because i started watching doctor who on netflix and they started on season 5

  12. Hold the hell on, 5 years later and I only found out that’s Jackie Tyler? Turn on captions, and it says her name….???!!

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