The Belief System of a Spiritual Millionaire (How To Shift into Abundance NOW)

The Belief System of a Spiritual Millionaire (How To Shift into Abundance NOW)

Video, I’m going to be sharing with you the
belief system of a millionaire. I’m going to show you the subtle differences
between that of somebody that is able to make and generate a lot of money to somebody that
doesn’t have the same level of abundance, and I’m going to show you how you can do the
same. Welcome back to another video. My name is Aaron and I help people expand
their consciousness. Now, this video I’m going to be sharing with
you that of understanding the belief system of someone that is a millionaire. I’m going to be showing you this because I
want to show you some examples of how beliefs systems work and understanding that our beliefs
create our reality. This goes beyond that of just the law of attraction. This goes beyond that of the settle focuses
that we may have seen. I want to experience this. I want to experience that. The key is is we always get a reflection in
our life of what we believe to be true. Now, some of the misconceptions around this
idea of understanding becoming a millionaire first off is that a lot of people, especially
in the spiritual community, think that becoming a millionaire is a bad thing. They think that being a millionaire is something
that is less spiritual. Well, if you have, if you have millions of
dollars than most likely, since money is evil, then that person is most likely evil or they’ve
had to step on a lot of heads to get where they are or all these different justifications,
but the first thing to be aware of that will help you is understanding how do you relate
to someone that is a millionaire? Because if you relate to them and you feel
resistance, you feel like you have reasons to why they got there and kind of almost like
excuses to why they’re there. They’re there and you’re not. Then it’s reemphasizing the gap in that reality. If you were killing it in your life and you
looked at someone else, I was also killing it in their life. You would most likely just relate to them. Be like, that’s good, good for them. That’s where they are and you would think
and feel in the same type of reality or in the same type of track in a way. Now the key to this is understanding the beliefs
about the individual person and those beliefs are always reflected back to them, so there’s
a couple key things I want to know. Tear as well as there are ways of shifting
from one level of a belief system to others and I’m going to be sharing with you how I
did that as well. Now when it comes to being a millionaire,
let’s understand some of the belief systems that come with that and one of the belief
systems of becoming a millionaire or being a millionaire is understanding money in a
completely new way. Normally people think of money and they’ll
connotations about it is almost like it has some type of inherent meaning inside of it. Money is bad or money is evil, and having
that kind of belief bow about the way that we relate to money will hold us back from
actually bringing more of it into our life. Becoming a millionaire and being a millionaire. The belief system of a millionaire is that
money is a side effect of the value that someone can provide to someone else. That is the belief system of a millionaire
when it comes to money. The way we relate to money has an important
influence on the way we bring money into our life because if we think about it in the form
of resistance and if we think that it is evil because it’s not backed by gold and all of
these other things and we experience more of it, but when we start to shift our belief
system, then seen that money is something that is a side effect of us adding value to
other people. Everything begins to change. You see, I don’t focus on money goals as much
as I focus on value goals. What I mean by that is I know that simply
the more value I add to other people, the more money will come into my life experience
and because I have that belief system, I find that that works for me. Now, the thing is is we could talk here all
day about different belief systems, but at the fundamental core, the one truth that there
is in life is that all truths are true, meaning you could say money is evil, that is just
as valid as money is an exchange of value. Money is bad money. It’s hard to get. Those are all beliefs. They’re all valid. It just depends upon the frame that you’re
coming from and does it serve, you know, think of beliefs as good or bad beliefs just work
or they don’t work. Beliefs are just efficient or not efficient,
but if we get into the dualism of thinking good and bad, then we get lost in the trap
because there is never going to be an agreed upon reality as to what money means as to
any. The meaning of life is everyone has their
own interpretation and each of us are creating based on those interpretations, based on those
beliefs are creating our own reality and how we relate to our reality. So this is about being aware of that and being
aware of the different perspectives. Now here’s another thing. One of the greatest things you can do to step
into a life of abundance is to wake up from the unconscious mind to wake up from the autopilot
mind because 99 percent of people in the world are completely asleep. They may be walking around, they may be looking
awake, but they are completely asleep at a deeper consciousness level because they’re
in reaction to their environment. Things are the way they are. There’s a reason that guy’s a millionaire
and it’s a bad reason or it’s a reason or that reason that girls are millionaires because
of whatever has to go along with that justification. The key is is understanding that any excuse
we give is a justification. We’re where we are. The key is to shift from things that are happening
to me and to the perspective of engaging with life and having things happening. For me, that was the shift that I made. I was for a long time consuming content, learning
as much as I could about personal development, about metaphysics, about understanding how
reality works, and I became so passionate about it and I was so focused on the different
nuances and I was so focused on consuming content and I thought for some reason I was
like, I’m going to develop the speaking ability. Someone’s going to put me on one day. Someone’s going to see the potential in my
ability and they’re just going to look at me. Go, Aaron, you have this amazing potential. I’m going to give you this platform. Here you go. Just work for me for free and I’ll train you
and mentor you to become a millionaire to become successful. That’s literally what was going on in my own
mind. This is like two, three years ago, but then
what happened is there was a shift that occurred and the shift that occurred is I went from
the autopilot mind if thinking things were going to happen to me like that, just thinking
about it too. Then moving from thinking to being that is
the change. If you are a millionaire or you have the belief
system of a millionaire, then you have the ability to be. You have the ability to do something. You have the ability to engage with life. You aren’t waiting around for everything to
be the perfect circumstance because the waiting and the waiting for everything to be perfect
is an ideal is and it’s an excuse and it’s just an idea inside the mind because there
is no perfect time. I’ll tell you now that I’ve become more successful
and I’ve met many other millionaires. Almost every single one of them has this trait. The trait of going for something and making
it happen. Now making sounds like hard work. I’m going to talk about that in a minute,
but it’s understanding that engagement with life, if there’s something they want, they
go for it. That is the key, is shifting from the autopilot
mind, did the social conditioning and starting to then move into the bean and start to do
especially what you’re passionate about. You’ll find that when you’re doing what you’re
passionate about, making a million dollars will be a lot easier because that energy flow
is just there. You don’t have to try so hard. Now, let’s talk about the belief systems of
a millionaire. When it comes to hard work. Many people that are millionaires have put
in a lot of hard work. I’ll say that as well as I’ve become much
more successful. I put in a lot of work to have my youtube
channel grow as quickly as it has now. Is it so much that the hard work is the secret
to it or could it be that I believe so much in the hard work that then it creates those
kind of results. You see? It’s a different perspective, but it could
be that yes, hard work does create success. However, it’s also the belief in the work
that creates the success because the more successful you become you then. It’s a funny paradox, but in the beginning
you put in the hard work, you make success happen, but then as you become more and more
successful, it’s less necessary to grind as hard as you did in the beginning. Now, a lot of people sometimes fall off because
of that because they completely give up. They’re like, oh, I’ve made it. I’m done, and then because they’re done, they
disperse their focus and as they disperse their focus, there’s been no direction and
then things, many times plateau. A lot of times if things aren’t growing, then
they’re dying. Now is that so or is that a belief? You see everything in life is a belief. I did a youtube or I did an instagram live
yesterday. You haven’t followed me on instagram yet. Are going to put it right here. I do instagram lives and I post daily content
there. I was doing an instagram live and people were
asking questions and almost in every question that is asked, you can see the belief that
is inherently there. Somebody was talking about that. Somebody literally said, I would find my negative
beliefs, but my negative beliefs are very hard to find. I have subconscious blocks in that sentence
itself. It is reaffirming that negative beliefs are
hard to find. Does it have to be true? Well, if we believe it is true, then it will
be true. Then those beliefs are hard to find, but that
is just a self fulfilling prophecy. Now, here’s the key. Everything in life as a self fulfilling prophecy,
whatever evidence we look for, we will find and everything in our life is a reflection
of what we believe to be true. So let me ask you a question. What are your beliefs? What are your core beliefs about life in general? Is Life Easy? Is Life happening for you? Is Life a struggle? Do you have to work to get what you want? Is money bad? What are your core beliefs about money? How do you relate to money? Because most likely, the way you relate to
money will depend upon how your parents related to money, because a lot of times we adopt
the belief system of our parents. Now there’s another side of this too. I’ve studied a lot of successful people. I love reading biographies and see how people
did things. A lot of the most successful people in the
world I’ve been through an immense amount of pain, have been through an immense amount
of poverty, but yet they were still able to shift out of that. Now why is that? Well, maybe they had a desire, maybe they
saw the lack of certain things in their life, so they started to attribute so much to achieving
more and to become more successful, so they started to identify with it, but nonetheless
there are ways of getting out and making the shift from the reaction to the environment
to then quote unquote making things happen. Maybe the making things happen and it requires
action, but maybe it’s also the belief in the action to where the power comes from. Everything in our life is about belief. Everything in our life is a reflection of
what we believe to be true. The belief system of a millionaire is just
simply this. We can go over a million different beliefs,
but it’s just simply this. The shift from becoming somebody that is not
really making it, that’s struggling, somebody has tried hard. The difference is that that person normally
is in reaction to the environment, has excuses, maybe even watches the news to see that there’s
a, there’s a, there’s a, uh, uh, what do you call it, a recession going on or whatever
that is just an agreement upon different people and an internalization of that into their
belief system. There are people that make more money during
the recession than any other time because when everyone else is afraid, that’s when
they invest. They end up becoming more successful than
ever. It’s all about belief system and moving from
the reaction mind from that I’m hoping things happen. Maybe things will happen in the future to
then moving into the being modality to be a millionaire, to be a millionaire. Money is a side effect of us doing what we
love or a side effect of us adding value in the marketplace. So instead of focusing on the money, I’ll
be in the millionaire. Focus on you doing what you love and you being
at your own cost. What are you passionate about? Make your own type of movement. Make your own direction, move in that direction. If it requires you to take action, then take
action, but the more you do that, the more you realize that the belief actually might
be that you believe action works. I take a lot of action. A lot of people don’t like to hear that. I take action because I’m supposed to be this
guy that’s like law of attraction. Guys sits on the couch and it’s like just
using visualization, but I love to be that which I am. I love the physical part of taking action. I love making videos. I love editing the videos. I love putting the videos online. I love making different things that help people
to get the results they want. Whether that’s courses or whatever it is. I love doing what I do, so I do take action,
but that’s because I am being that have the best version of me. I am being and doing what I love. I encourage you to be. You won’t. You won’t not want to take action. You will want to take action if you are doing
what you love and you are being the kind of person that you can be, the biggest shift
you will ever make in your life is going from being at the effect of the environment, of
being in the circumstance of hoping things happen one day and then moving into the engagement
of life. This engagement in life is what I call the
shift experience. If you want to learn more about what it’s
called, the shift experience. This is about shifting your level of consciousness,
of understanding how your beliefs create your reality of shifting from the way you see yourself
to a whole new paradigm where you also raise your vibrational state of consciousness. This is a program that I’m creating right
now. This is a whole process. This will also be speaking events that I travel
the world and do a tour with it. It’ll be all day seminar. This is something that I’m creating right
now. It’s d shift experience with Aaron Dowdy. If you’re interested, I’ll go in and put a
link in the bottom and you can sign up and I will send you updates on that whole process,
but this is going to be the most powerful thing that I’ve ever created. This will help people become millionaires. This will help people shift from their level
of consciousness, from the in the lower emotions into the higher emotions so that they create
what they want easier than ever. The biggest, the biggest drawback for so many
people is they’re intending to create what they want with the law of attraction, but
they’re doing it from the paradigm of lack. They’re doing it from the paradigm of the
lower vibrational states of consciousness, from shame, fear, guilt, anger of the past,
and because they’re identified with it, they aren’t actually experiencing that which they
want. The key is shifting the level of consciousness. That’s exactly what the shift experience is
all about. I want you to know the shift is coming. The shift is something that you can experience
and it’s something that when you do will change your life forever. So I’m excited to be making this. I’ve already been testing the process with
other people in some of my other groups. My Academy and the results have been profound,
so I’m excited to be sharing that with you. I want you to know that when it comes to belief
systems, all beliefs, all truths are true. There is no collective agreement on every
single belief. There are certain generalizations that we
all agreed to, but in general, the one pattern that all millionaires have is that they go
from the reaction to the environment into the engagement with life. That almost all millionaires will see money
as more of a byproduct of the value they can add in the marketplace. That when you’re doing either what you’re
passionate about or you’re doing what adds value to other people that will generate you
the amount of money that you want. You must relate to money in a new way without
giving it negative connotations of it being evil or you having to be a bad person to do
so. Because if you do, you’ll have mixed associations
and you won’t actually be able to create an abundance of it in your life. This is about how you relate to the idea of
money, how you relate to the idea or the experience of life and how you relate to yourself. Image, start to see yourself and start to
be more in the vibration of you prefer. It starts to let go of everything from your
past, everything that doesn’t deserve and thinking that you have to be on the autopilot
mind in reaction to everything else. So like I said to you, want to follow me on
Instagram, on Lincoln, right here. Do daily content there. Like I said, other than that, I hope you enjoyed
this video. Feel free to like this video if you liked
it, subscribe if you haven’t already. It’s the little notification here, next to
the subscribe button so that you could see the daily visit I do. Now, other than that has always peace. Much love. Namaste.

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