The Battle of Saint-Mihiel I THE GREAT WAR – Week 216

The Battle of Saint-Mihiel I THE GREAT WAR – Week 216

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  1. What a weird coincidence!!! Just discovered today my great uncle Ted was in this attack. Company "C", 135th Machinegun Battalion, 73rd Infantry Brigade, 37th Div (Buckeye Div) Found a photo of the 135th MG Bn battle flag with the ribbons which confirmed it. Crazy but cool. Hint: Uncle Ted survives this action at St.Mihiel…..

  2. I discovered that my great grandfather joined the regular army underage during the Great War. He was sent to Gallipoli and was wounded and sent back to Britain. He was then posted to France where before being sent back to Britain to join the home forces kept in reserve by David Lloyd George. He was then sent back to France in 1918 and was wounded again and kept in the field until 1919 when he was demobbed.
    My question is, what were the thousands of men being kept in Britain by DLG for? Were they kept there in case of an invasion? What would've been their day to day duties?

    Lankinator Esq (internet name; not real name

  3. I wonder what would’ve happened if Foch said “Hey! That Douglas MacArthur kid seems like a smart guy. Maybe we should take Metz.”

  4. I guess if you lose hundreds of thousands of men in over 4 years, even a donkey can learn to be better at attacking. Unless the donkey is named Hötzendorf…

  5. I wonder if anyone's written an alternate history time travel novel in which a unit from WW2 gets transported back to WW1 and keeps fighting

  6. I always kind of assumed that the Americans were the catalyst that got things moving again. Now it seems more like they could be relegated to the "nice to have, but ultimately unnecessary" category. I just can't see Germany lasting much longer than they did, even without the AEF presence.

  7. Everyone!
    This channel deserves a gold play button before the war ends!
    If you have any second account please subscribe so we can make this happen!

  8. I wonder if the series will continue after the 11th November. The fighting in Russia between the reds and whites would continue with international intervention and the occupation of German Rhineland would occur as peace treaty was agreed upon.

  9. Interesting. 68,000 Canadian soldiers were killed in WWI. 44,000 were killed in the last 100 days of the war, which certainly suggests at the intensity of the fighting in the last 100 days. I wonder what the stats are for some of the other combatants, such as the Australians.

  10. I just noticed after all the time of watching this channel that Indy wears the same thing all the time like I can’t imagine him in anything else

  11. For Indy: during the year 1917 there were already 200.000 american soldiers. I didn't find any battle fought by the US in 1917, were there any that you know?

  12. I have a question. At the end of the war, the germans were outnumbered in the west. Why did Austria-Hungary not ordered some troops to go to the west to help the germans?
    Btw I love your show, keep it up!

  13. My great grandfather fought at Saint-Mihiel, he was in the artillery and I have a trench art lamp he made from an old shell casing.

  14. Please do a search for “Wardlaw Miles,” Captain, US Army, Medal of Honor recipient and F. Scott Fitzgerald’s English professor at Princeton.
    A great heroic story!

  15. Where is the mentioning of the breaktrought of the Salonica front by the serbian army, which will result in capitulating the Ottomans, Bulgaria and A-H?

  16. 7:47 the Bolsheviks massacred their own people and there former allies? Those Bolsheviks are monsters!! MONSTERS!!!😠😡👿

  17. Was Douglas Haig the finest general on the Western Front or did he just eventually figure out that he had great subordinates like Currie and Monash?

  18. This should have been the start of a powerful alliance which would meld the United States with France and Great Britain which would have made a resumption of hostilities very unlikely, but at the end of the war it took very little persuading to get the little men from the interior to swear never to return and to hunker down until attacked. Seems we still have a great number of them.

  19. I don't know if anyone at the Great War will see this. I hope so, because it is SUPER important!

    I don't know how many recordings you do in advance, but I would suggest that for the next recording and every recording thereafter, you NEED to make mention of the propaganda machine in Germany at this point in the war. There are now less than 8 weeks left in the war, and it needs to be stated that the general German populous don't know how bad things are. In fact they think they are winning! When the war ends, they are stunned to find out they lost! It's one of, if not THE, main driving forces behind Hitler's ability to do whatever he wants, including starting WWII, when he comes to power 15 years later.

    So, among the other things you talk about, I would stress that it's super important that you mention what the German government is telling the people at home during these last few weeks.

    Thank you. Love the channel. It's been very informative. I know a lot more now than I ever did about the war because of the information you provided each week.

    Fred Strange
    (Former) History Teacher

  20. Next week is Dobro Pole and after that is Doiran.O and also the soldier uprising! I hope the Great War gives justice to our last few episodes in this war.

  21. I bet Austria will break through in Italy and win the war there then a push from Italy AND the western front would defeat France, the whites would win and the Mad Baron will survive. Britain will sign the “Peace with Honor” in 1921 ending the war. Britain and France loses most of their colonies to Germany and will also fall to Syndaclist revolutionaries with Phillipe Petain leading the French nationalists to Algiers and king George V fleeing to Canada. And we all call this thing Weltkrieg

  22. I know its late, but I was just wondering if you would ever do a special on the "Attack of the Dead Men" at Osowiec Fortress in 1915?

  23. Hey Indy and Creeeeew. A question for OOTT. How truthful were the confirmed kills? By that I mean how easily could a pilot lie about their "hits"

  24. I made it! One week of binge watching and I've caught up to the rest of the troupe and I'm ready to take part in the final battles! Thank you Indy and co for a fantastic show! Truly awesome <3

  25. This will always be a special episode for me because my first child was born the day this was released. 100 years ago, the tide was turning for the Allies; 100 years later, the tide turned for my family.

    Keep up the great work, team!

  26. Now that the war is ending, can we have a special on the Spanish influenza? How it spread through the trenches, and how it affected mobilization and troop reserves.

  27. a single guy with a pistol with an empty bag took 300 prisoners on his own? as amazing as that would be i very much doubt it. fun as it may be there is no way 300 soldiers would just let themselves be taken captive by a single buy with a pistol, even if it was loaded

  28. To think that this all happened a century ago. So much of what we have today they didn’t have then yet at the sametime, the opposite could also be said.

  29. Hitler was such a bullshitter. No one "stabbed Germany in the back" other than incompetent leaders. By the fall of 1918 the German army was done for. He rallied his nation on pure bullshit and lay the blame on Patriots that defended the fatherland.

  30. 7:27 the war of movement that began around this time is reminiscent of the displacement of Lee's army at Petersburg, VA, in late March 1865 which occurred because of the gaps in the line caused by sufficient Confederate casualties due to Grant's attack during the week of March 25, 1865 which caused a massive displacement in the Confederate defensive line that they held all the previous summer and forced them out of their trenches and into an open field withdrawal towards Danville. Of course, it all ended April 10 at Appomattox when Sherman had effectively cut off and surrounded Lee from all means of resupply and out of arms and supplies he had no choice but to send his army to the hills for a guerrilla war or surrender. He chose surrender. Somewhat similar dynamic here causing the war of movement on the Western front, but the way things ended here was somewhat different.

  31. And this is why I have defended Haig for the past two years. They had to be on offense in July 16, and in summer 17. His tactics were often wooden, and his optimism annoying, but he has been shaped by it all has was his Army. And this year is why he is viewed as "The Man Who Won the War" and the only one who was convinced it could end in 1918. And it explains (along with his postwar care of the men) why he was loved (until the years, words of Liddell Hart and Lloyd George, and popular media) by those men. We have had 20/20 vision as we judge his mistakes. Again, not a great general, but by the end the man who won the war in 1918.

  32. As a kid, I had a close friend and a favorite great uncle who were both wounded in this fight. Sam, Uncle Harry, I miss you both.

  33. In fact this sector of the front was not considered important by the French and British who wanted American troops to continue aiding their soldiers. The real reason for Pershing insisting on an American offensive was to establish the American army as an independent command. The four day offensive was a great success and Pershings insistence was justified.

  34. I have watched all of the videos up until now and there are two things I didn't really know about that come to my mind; First, it seems EVERYONE used chemical weapons, even the Americans! I had always for some reason thought it was limited to the Germans, I don't know why. Second, America came into the war pretty late in the game. At this point I am wondering if they really had much of an effect, other than maybe a few months time, as it seems the Germans are breaking down pretty quickly at this point, what with mass surrenders and what not… Great show though! Kudos! I am learning whilst being entertained!

  35. Least we forget…
    Happy Memorial Day.
    Though the last WWI veterans died in the past decade ( all at the ages of 107, 110, 110, and 111 ), we can still remember and mark the sacrifices of the estimated 65 million who took some part in that war, and the 9 750 000 military dead ( as well as countless more civilians ).

  36. I always imagine bad acting when false plans are sent to the enemy. Wow I sure hope no German gets ahold of these secret super duper attack plans better put um in the garbage and go in the other room for a full ten mins ,if some spy finds these plans I'll b fucked but I'm not worried about it cause they won't know it's in the garbage anyway.

  37. Imagine marching over 300 German prisoners back to your lines with an empty pistol. If any of them found out, you would be screwed….lol.

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