The April 2019 World Report of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

The April 2019 World Report of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

(upbeat music)– [Narrator] This is the
World Report of The Churchof Jesus Christ of Latter-day
Saints, April 2019.Straight ahead, the dedication
of the Rome Italy Templebrings many of the faithfulto witness what has
become hallowed ground.– [Narrator] And for the
first time in an era,every member of the Twelveand the First Presidency
gather as one.– [Narrator] Now, the
long-anticipated dayin Rome arrives-and
brings Latter-day Saintsin Italy to a place
of worship and wonder.(peaceful, uplifting music)– [Narrator] Rome, Italy.The historic city at the
center of Christianityfor many centuries now has
another worship center,a temple of The Church of Jesus
Christ of Latter-day Saints.– Nice of you to come.– [Narrator] In three
dedicatory sessions,Church President Russell M.
Nelson dedicated the temple,Italy’s first.The first session
began with the symbolicpublic cornerstone ceremony,signifying the
temple’s completion.– Now we will proceed to
finish the work of the temple.(crowd chattering)– [Narrator] In offering
a dedicatory prayer,President Nelson reflected
on Rome as a great citystanding since biblical times
and acknowledged the ministryof early Apostles
Peter and Paul,who witnessed here of Christ.He prayed that their
testimony of Jesus Christmay continue to bless this land.All members of the
First Presidencyand Quorum of the Twelve
Apostles are participatingin various dedicatory sessions.– For President Nelson
to invite us allto be here was such
a lifetime thrill.– I was astonished and
happy, as you can imagine,to be a part of this
historic and marvelous event.– We’re back with a living
prophet, with living apostleswho have the same
call, as a traditionto proclaim the gospel
to all the world.We’re here with the
prophet to do just thatin our modern times.– [Narrator] It was
a day of rejoicingfor Latter-day Saints, many
who came from great distancesto be part of the special day.– [Narrator] The
temple will servemore than 23,000
Latter-day Saintsin Italy and nearby countries.With the temple dedicated,
those who worshipwill now enjoy the blessingsof the faith’s most
sacred ceremonies.– [Narrator] The day before the temple
dedication, President Nelson along with President
M. Russell Ballard of the Quorum of the Twelve
Apostles had the unique opportunity to meet with
Pope Francis at the Vatican. They talked about their concern
for human suffering, religious liberty, and the
importance of the family. – We had a most cordial,
unforgettable experience with His Holiness. He was most gracious
and warm and welcoming. – [Narrator] This was the first time a
president of the Church has met with a pope. – Good to be next
to you, my friend.– [Narrator] On the day
following the dedicationof the Rome Italy Temple,
the entire First Presidencyand the Quorum of the Twelve
Apostles of The Churchof Jesus Christ of
Latter-day Saints gatheredto take historic photos.– We’re going to
seat by seniorityand then the other
six in the back.– [Narrator] It is believed
to be the first timein Church history that
all fifteen leadershave assembled together
in one locationoutside the United States.(upbeat music)– [Narrator] Coming up
next-the very personal ministryof President Russell M. Nelson
moves across Latin America.– [Narrator] And later
in our World Report,a walk through the
historic Rome Italy Temple.(peaceful music)– [Narrator] Russell M.
Nelson, the 94-year-old prophetand President of The
Church of Jesus Christof Latter-day Saints,
has been continuinghis extensive travels
around the world,ministering to members
and friends of the faith.President Nelson, accompanied
by his wife, Wendy,and Elder Gary E.
Stevenson of the Quorumof the Twelve Apostles
and his wife, Lesa,reached out to the
people of South Americaduring a nine-day visit to five
countries this past October.President Nelson’s first
stop was in Lima, Peru.At a devotional, he spoke
to more than 6,000 people,where he surprised and
delighted the audience.(audience applauding)– [Narrator] While there,
President Nelson also metwith the president of
Peru, Martín Vizcarraand visited a possible site
of a future temple in Lima.Continuing his journey,
President Nelson traveled southto El Alto, Bolivia,
the major city builtat the highest
elevation in the world.– It is a spiritually elevating
experience to be with you.It is you, the Saints of
Bolivia, not the elevation,that take our breath away.– Do we have any Primary
children in the congregation?If so, I would
like you to stand.There’s the future of
the Church in Bolivia!– After visiting Bolivia,
the Nelsons and Stevensonstraveled to Paraguay,
where they metwith nearly 3,500
Latter-day Saintsat the Conmebol Convention
Center in Asuncion.– We come to this earth
with a life to live,with so much to learn.But we need help, don’t we?– [Narrator] On the fourth stop
of his South American tour,President Nelson
visited and ministeredto the Saints of Uruguay.While there, he had
the unique opportunityto spend time with the Rissos,a four-generation
Latter-day Saint family.In the evening, over
4,000 people gatheredto hear President
Nelson’s inspired counsel.– Hundreds and hundreds of
faithful Latter-day Saintstransformed this
tent into a chapel.– [Narrator] For his final
stop, President Nelsonarrived in Chile for the
much-anticipated dedicationof the Concepción Chile Temple,
the second temple in Chile,held on October 28th.The proceedings of
the first session,which included the
cornerstone ceremony,were broadcast to meetinghouses
throughout the country.– This represents the
importance of the cornerstoneof the Church, and that
is the Lord Jesus Christ.– During his visit,
President Nelsonand other Church leaders
attended a luncheon,where they met with
local government leadersand dignitaries, such as
Governor Jorge Ulloa Aguillon.The leaders also spoke to
the youth of the Church.– What an amazing experience
it is for the youthof the Church to be able to
go to the house of the Lord.– You’ll never be lost
if you can see the templein your lives.– [Narrator] With the
temple dedication complete,President Nelson returned
to the United States,having left an
indelible impressionon the people of South America.– [Narrator] President
Nelson’s ministry didn’t stopafter South America.In November, along with
Elder David A. Bednarand his wife, Susan,
President Nelson traveledto San Antonio, Texas,for a special devotional
at the Alamodome.– Everyone lives
with challenges,and if we truly understand who
we are and why we are here,we can face the future
with faith in Godand His eternal
plan of happiness.(choir singing)– [Narrator] In February,
President Nelson’s ministrytook him to Glendale,
Arizona, with Dallin H. Oaks,the First Counselor in
the First Presidency,and his wife, Kristen.There they met with more
than 60,000 Latter-day Saintsat State Farm Stadium.– Nice to meet you, Governor.– [Narrator] Before the
devotional, President Nelsonmet with Arizona
governor Doug Duceyand other prominent
leaders in the state.– It wasn’t what I expected;
it was much better.He is a compassionate,
learned, adventurous man.I highly respect his opinions.– Avrey.
– Hi.– Hi.
– Nice to meet you.– [Narrator] In what
has become a hallmarkof President Nelson’s ministry,
he met with young adultsto discuss their challenges
and give counsel.– Even though we’re in
these perilous times thatas long as we stay
immersed in the scripturesand stay true to who we are,
that we can make it through.– Well, it’s amazing how
many people come out.– [Narrator] Straight
ahead-in a seasonof unprecedented
back-to-back wildfires,the people of
California band togetherto help in response to
those who are suffering.– Right down there
is two-cycle oiland bar-and-chain
oil right there.– [Narrator] From
hurricanes to wildfires,disasters often bring
out the best in people.In early October, Hurricane
Michael made landfallon the Florida
panhandle, bringing windsof over 155 miles per hour
and destruction to match.– We didn’t know what
we were going to do.We didn’t.– [Narrator] True to
their purpose, the
iconic yellow shirtsof Helping Hands from The
Church of Jesus Christof Latter-day Saints came
from all over the region,determined to meet the
devastation head-on.(saw buzzing)Seventy-year-old Shirley
Daniels’s home and yardwere badly damaged
in the hurricane.Then on Saturday morning,
people from a churchshe didn’t even know
showed up to help.– You’re just angels,
as far as I’m concerned.Gift from God.That’s all I can say, sorry.♪ I Believe in Christ– It was so wonderful
to see that whole roomfull of yellow shirts.– President Dallin H. Oaks
of the First Presidencyled a special delegation
of Church leadersto visit the area and meet
those who are now recovering.– The stability, faith,
and the rock-solidwe-are-here-to-stay attitude–it’s a remarkable
testimony of their faith inand commitment to the
Lord Jesus Christ.– [Narrator] That commitment
was evident only one monthlater in California.The Camp Fire,
the deadliest firein California history, brought
the picturesque mountain townof Paradise to this.– I think we thought
we were gonna die.I remember thinking,
I’m not sure I’m readyto die like this.– [Narrator] When the flames
overtook her hometown,Bryn Chatfield and her husband
fled down the mountain.As they drove, Bryn
could only pray.– It’s made me realize
how many people use prayerin their lives and how
important prayer is.– [Narrator] In the aftermath,
many have offered prayersand just as many have
jumped into action.Members of the Gridley
California Stakejoined the community to put
these food boxes together.The supplies will be distributed
to victims of the fire.– Here, if you wanna put ’em in,I can just put them in.– Well, it’s amazing
how many people come outand are willing to
give and to serve.– [Narrator] In January,
President Russell M. Nelsonarrived in Chico, California,
with a message of optimism.– I know the Lord has been
guiding you in your effortsto recover and move
forward in faith.– The fire came this direction.– [Narrator] Rob is the bishopof his local Latter-day
Saint congregation.Since the fire, he’s
had to help his familyand his fellow members
get back on their feet.– Here he is with his
wife and his children,and there’s no home left.And yet they’re
serving other people.– [Narrator] Recovery
for this communitywill be a long road.But it’s one people here are
committed to travel together.♪ It is well– With the Lord as our
Exemplar and Redeemer,whatever adversities or
tragedies may come our way,each of us will be able to say,It is well with my soul.♪ It is well with my soul ♪(gentle music)(laughing)– [Narrator] For the
third consecutive year,the Church’s
Christmas initiative,Light the World, came to life.In addition to releasing
a series of videosencouraging people
to serve, the Churchraised $2.3 million dollars
through giving machines,large, red vending machines
placed in the United States,the United Kingdom,
and the Philippines.These machines made it possible
for people to buy itemsfor those in need, such
as food, clean water,and medical supplies.In February, Sister
Joy D. Jones, Primary
General President,traveled to Manhattan
to deliver fundsraised through these
giving machines to severalof the Church’s global
humanitarian partners,including CARE, WaterAid
America, and UNICEF USA.– Thank you for the partnership.Thank you for the spirit
with which these machineswere placed and for being with
us today to present a checkthat’s truly gonna
make the difference.– [Narrator] The donations
are being used to purchasenearly 843,000 meals,
more than 16,000 medicaland health supplies, close
to 11,000 clothing itemsand household supplies,
nearly 20,000 chickens,and nearly 4,800 goats.Besides the donations
to the Church’sglobal humanitarian partners,
contributions were also madeto local organizations
in Manila, Philippines;New York City, New York; London,
England; Gilbert, Arizona;and Salt Lake City, Utah.– 182 gas cards and bus passes.– [Narrator] Sister
Sharon Eubank, Counselorin the Relief Society General
Presidency and directorof LDS Charities, delivered
checks to the Utah Food Bank,Eye Care 4 Kids, and the
Utah Refugee Connection.(applauding)♪ Somewhere in my memory ♪– [Narrator] In December,
the Tabernacle Choir’sannual Christmas concert
was a shimmering displayof so many of the
traditions that audienceshave grown to love.(dramatic classical music)This year’s guest artist,
Kristin Chenoweth,brought her award-winning talent
to the concert’s traditionof pageantry, dance numbers,
and timeless storytelling.– This is the gift
of the Christ Child.♪ Fall on your knees– [Narrator] In all, some 600
performers took to the stageto thrill more
than 60,000 peopleduring the live performances.♪ Ah(dramatic music)– [Narrator] Coming up, the
Church announces new guidelinesfor families and
missionaries that willhelp them stay connected.– [Narrator] And still
to come, an inside lookat the Rome Italy Temple.Stay with us.– As Latter-day Saints, we’ve
become accustomed to thinkingof church as something that
happens in our meetinghouses.supported by what
happens at home.We need an adjustment
to this pattern.It is time for a
home-centered Church.– [Narrator] In October
general conference,President Russell M. Nelson,along with Elder Quentin L. Cookof the Quorum of
the Twelve Apostles,announced a new two-hour
Sunday meeting schedule.These changes are intended
to bring a new balanceand connection between gospel
instruction in the churchand in the home.– We love our missionaries,and the missionaries
love their families,and they want to
communicate with them.– [Narrator] In February, the
First Presidency of the Churchannounced an update to
guidelines for communicationbetween full-time missionaries
and their families.– Additional to
letters and emails,now the missionaries may
initiate a phone call back homeor a chat.So it’s a marvelous
thing that we thinkwill have wonderful positive
results for familiesand for the missionaries.– The Lord impressed upon
my mind the importanceof the name He decreed
for His Church.– [Narrator] In its continued
effort to better reflectits name and its
commitment to Jesus Christ,the Church is consolidating
and renaming its websitesand social media has been renamed,and Mormon Newsroom is now– On behalf of the First
Presidency of The Churchof Jesus Christ of
Latter-day Saints,I am pleased to announce a
two-million-dollar contribution.(audience applauding)– [Narrator] A stirring
moment of supportfrom The Church of Jesus
Christ of Latter-day Saintsand FamilySearch
International, as witnessedby thousands attending
RootsTech 2019at the Salt Lake City
Convention Center.Kicking off the first day with
a two-million-dollar donationfrom the Church, presented
by Elder David A. Bednarof the Quorum of
the Twelve Apostles.(audience applauding)– Michael, we pray that
through this donationand the continuing
partnership between the Churchand the International
African American Museum,millions and millions of
God’s children will be blessedwith an increased
sense of connection,belonging, and purpose.– [Narrator] The funds
will support the creationof a Center for Family Historywithin the International
African American Museumin Charleston, South Carolina.When completed, the museum
will house 40,000 square feetof artifact displays,
educational attractions,and an ever-expanding
genealogical databasethat visitors can access
within the museum’sCenter for Family History.Special guests
attending attending the
RootsTech conventionincluded the museum’s
president and CEO,Michael Boulware Moore,
and Martin Luther King III.– [Narrator] Relief
Society General PresidentJean B. Bingham and Young
Women General PresidentBonnie H. Cordon
traveled to West Africawith their husbands
in early March.During the 11-day trip,
the leaders visited Ghana,Nigeria, and Cote
d’Ivoire, or Ivory Coast.(laughing)– Yes, we’ll be just on route.– [Narrator] First
on the agenda,meeting the first lady of
Ghana to discuss the Church’sprograms for women and youth
and its humanitarian efforts.– You could feel her genuine
caring for the people.She has done so much that
has blessed her citizens–the women, the children–and I felt such an
affinity with her.I felt like we were
just grandmothersthat could just sit down
and talk about our childrenand grandchildren and about
the challenges of the world.– [Narrator] While in
Accra, they also ministeredto several members
in their homes.– You’re wonderful.The purpose of our visit
is to meet the Saints,to do some instruction
for the sisters,to hear their challenges,
to feel their hearts,and to let them know
that we love them.– [Narrator] At the
meetinghouse, Sister Binghamparticipated in a pilot
gospel literacy programthat teaches women how to
read while teaching themabout the gospel
of Jesus Christ.– [Jean] We have an opportunity
to instruct, to loveand be with the sisters, and
to see life through their eyes.We’re hoping that we can
understand more about lifein Africa and some
of the great thingsthat they get to celebrate
and some of their challengesand the things that
keep them up at night.– I love you.– Thank you!– Thank you.– And continue in all the
good ways that you are doing.(upbeat flute music)– [Narrator] In the
American Southwest,Sister Reyna I. Aburto
of the Relief SocietyGeneral Presidency reached
out to Latter-day Saintsin New Mexico and Arizona
in early November.– We will bless you
and your family.– [Narrator] Here, youth
and senior missionariesare gathering oral histories
from aging members of the tribeto preserve their
stories and languagebecause many members of
the rising generationspeak only English.– Would you ever go
back and visit them?– [Narrator] Sister
Aburto was able to seehow the process works
during home visits.– My faith has been
strengthened because I’m hereamong these special people.And I know that they
will continue to blossomlike a rose in the desert.– [Narrator] Elder D.
Todd Christoffersonof the Quorum of the Twelve
Apostles and Bob Woodward,renowned Washington Post
investigative journalist,were part of a compelling
forum held in Washington D.C.In 1972, then 28-year-old
Todd Christoffersonwas a law clerk for
Judge John J. Sirica.Together they were
the first to listento subpoenaed audiotapes
that demonstratedU.S. President Richard Nixon’s
complicity in a cover-up,a case infamously
known as Watergate.At the center of the effort
to discover the truthwere Washington Post
journalists Bob Woodwardand Carl Bernstein.The uncovering of
information ultimatelyled to Nixon’s resignation.– Over 400 people, including
journalists, politicians,academics, and students,
packed the auditorium.– If there had been a
strong lawyer in his midstwho would go in and slam
down his fist, saying,You’re President of the United
States; you can’t do this.– Even in small things, I
think you have to be careful.When it seems, quote,
you won’t get caughtor it doesn’t matter
or it’s just too small,I don’t think you can
make an exception.– [Narrator] Up next, a
breathtaking list of new templesannounced around the world,
while other sites break ground.– [Narrator] And later,
a look at the designand historical influences
of the Rome Italy Temple.(cheerful music)– Today we are pleased
to announce plansto construct 12 more temples.– [Narrator] We begin with
President Nelson’s announcementabout temples in the
Western Hemisphereand head south to Latin Americanto what will be the
Mendoza Argentina Temple.This temple will be the
fourth in Argentina,a country where
nearly half a millionLatter-day Saints reside.– [Narrator] Next we
move north to Brazilto what will be the
Salvador Brazil Temple.There are six operating
temples in this country,with two more under constructionand three others announced
but not yet begun.Moving to Mesoamerica,
we come to what will beMexico’s 14th temple,
the Puebla Mexico Temple.There are nearly 1.5
million Latter-day Saintsliving in Mexico.– [Narrator] Our next stop
is Yuba City, California.The Yuba City California
Temple will be the 8th templein California.– Crossing the United
States to the Caribbean,the San Juan Puerto Rico
Temple will be the first templein Puerto Rico, where morethan 23,000 Latter-day
Saints live.Ground will be broken
on Saturday, May 4th.– [Narrator] Traveling
across the Atlantic,we come to Cabo Verde,where nearly 15,000
Latter-day Saints reside.This set of islands, some 350
miles off the northwest coastof Africa, will have its
first temple in Praia.The groundbreaking for the
Praia Cabo Verde Templewill take place on May 4th.– [Narrator] Moving east
onto the African continent,we come to the future locationof the Lagos Nigeria Temple,
Nigeria’s second templeand the ninth in Africa.Traveling across Africa
to Southeast Asia,the Phnom Penh Cambodia
Temple will be the first builtin Cambodia and
the ninth in Asia.– [Narrator] And crossing
the South China Seato the Philippines, the
Davao Philippines Templewill be the sixth temple
for this island nationof 107 million people.Moving across the Philippine
Sea into the Western Pacific,we come to the future location
of the Yigo Guam Temple.This will be the
first temple in Guam.Ground for this temple
will be broken on May 4th.– [Narrator] Moving south
across the Coral Sea,we come to what will be the
Auckland New Zealand Temple.This will be the second
temple in New Zealand,following the Hamilton
New Zealand Temple,which is closed for renovations.And back to North America,
we come to Southern Utah,the future location of the
Washington County Utah Temple.This will be Utah’s 20th temple.– [Narrator] This completes
our list of 12 new temples,but there are many more
important dedicationsand updates of temples
around the globe.In Latin America, the
Barranquilla Colombia Templebecame the 161st operating
temple of the Churchafter its dedication
on December 9, 2018.It was formally dedicated
by President Dallin H. Oaks,First Counselor in
the First Presidency.– Brothers and sisters, we
are pleased to welcome youto the site of the temple.– [Narrator] Before the
dedication, President Oaksand Elder Ulisses
Soares of the Quorumof the Twelve Apostles met
with the assembled guestsoutside the temple for
the cornerstone ceremony.– The sealing of the cornerstoneis an important symbolic
conclusion of the temple.– [Narrator] This is the
country’s second templeand the 19th temple in South
America, serving approximately35,000 Latter-day Saints in
Colombia’s northern regions.– [Narrator] Across the
Pacific and back to the islandsof the Philippines,
Elder Jeffrey R. Hollandof the Quorum of
the Twelve presidedover the groundbreaking ceremonyfor the Urdaneta Philippines
Temple on January 16th.There are more
than three quartersof a million Latter-day Saints
living in the Philippines.Moving to southeast
Asia, ground was brokenfor the Bangkok Thailand
Temple on January 26th.Asia Area President,
Elder David F. Evans,presided over the ceremony.Across the Pacific and
to the Mountain West,ground was broken for the
Pocatello Idaho Templeon March 16th with Elder
Wilford W. Andersenpresiding at the ceremony.(audience applauding)The temple in Pocatello
is the sixth in Idaho,a state with nearly half a
million Latter-day Saints.– With the passage of time,
temples are inevitablyin need of refreshing
and renewal.– [Narrator] During last
October’s general conference,President Russell M.
Nelson spoke about templesthat would be closed
for renovation.The St. George Utah Temple
will close on November 4thof this year and is
expected to reopen in 2022.The Salt Lake Temple will also
be closed for renovations.Dates for this and other
renovations will be announced.– [Narrator] Straight ahead a strong new partnership to
protect children and faith leader, and champion
of religious freedom is recognized by a member of
the Twelve. These stories and more
In the News. (upbeat music)– [Narrator] Elder D. Todd
Christofferson of the Quorumof the Twelve traveled to
Buenos Aires, Argentinain late September,
representing the Churchand its humanitarian outreach
at the G20 Interfaith Forum.– Jesus taught that we must
care for the poor and the needy.We believe that this is oneof our fundamental obligations,fundamental moral obligations
as a people and as a Church.– Last September, Church leaders
had the special opportunityof meeting with the prime
minister of New Zealandand presenting her with
a two-volume recordof her family history.The Right Honorable
Jacinda Arderngreeted Elder O. Vincent Haleck,President of the Pacific
Area, and Elder Ian S. Ardernof the Area Presidency and also
the prime minister’s uncle.Having become prime
minister at age 37,Jacinda Ardern is the
world’s youngest femalehead of government.– As faith leaders, we hold a
trusted position in the livesof families and therefore
have a great responsibilityfor their safety and well-being.– [Narrator] In October,
Sister Joy D. Jones,Primary General President,
joined with other Utah communityand faith leaders to
call on people to unitein protecting children
from child abuse.– As we combine our
efforts, I believethat we’ll see
great things happen.– [Narrator] In December,
the New York Latter-day SaintProfessional Association
held its annual banquetat the historic Riverside
Church in Manhattan.Elder Quentin L. Cook of the
Quorum of the Twelve Apostleswas the keynote speaker,
addressing an audiencerepresenting numerous
denominations and paying tributeto Rabbi Joseph Potasnik,
a prominent Jewish leaderin New York City.– So we come here
tonight-different backgroundsand beliefs–but may we
continue to bring lightand love to one another.– [Narrator] For more than
30 years, Rabbi Potasnikhas reached out to the
interfaith communitywhile airing his radio
program Religion on the Line.– During the Silicon
Slopes Tech Summitheld in late January,
the call went outon the Church-sponsored websitefor summit participants and
people from the communityto help provide meals
to hungry childrenin the United States.– We have a goal to
produce one million mealsat the end of this project.– [Narrator] By partnering with
Feeding Children Everywhereand BrainStorm, Incorporated,
as well as JustServe,over 5,000 volunteers were
able to help provide mealsfor those in need.Up next, it’s much more
than a glimpse inside.When we come right back
you’ll get a sustained viewinto the purpose and promise
of the Rome Italy Temple.(dramatic music)– [Narrator] Just outside
of modern-day Rome,a new religious center has
emerged near the villageof La Cinquina Bufalotta.In homage to the cultured
city for which it’s named,the 40,000-square-foot Rome
Italy Temple of The Churchof Jesus Christ of
Latter-day Saintstakes design cues
from ancient Rome,enduring influences that
have impacted the worldin architecture and
art for 2,000 years.– It is beautiful.The craftsmanship is
expert and perfect.– This had to be one that when
you walked onto this site,every person should feel like
they were on an Italian site.They would recognize it
because of the materials,because of the design, and
because of the surrounding.– [Narrator] In 1997,
the Church purchasedan available 15-acre farm.– And the Church
bought the land.Nobody, of course,
knew exactly what wasgoing to happen here.But members started calling
this piece of propertythe future temple site.(peaceful music)– [Narrator] During the Church’s
October general conferencein 2008, President Thomas
S. Monson announced plansfor a temple in Rome.Two years later, he broke
ground on the project.– It was a great day
for me, for my family,and for all the Saints in Italy.– [Narrator] Now,
Italian members celebrateanother historic day,the completion of their
much-anticipated temple.– I have strong feelings
because finally we have a templevery close to us here in Italy.– Now my children will
have more opportunitiesto go to the temple than
I had when I was younger.I’m from Sicily, so I
could go to the templejust once a year.– It’s a really great
opportunity and blessingfor all the Saints here in Italyto go back to our
Heavenly Father’s house.– [Narrator] The sacred
structure’s curved Bianco Sardogranite-clad walls are
inspired by the oval designfrom the Baroque era that
incorporates an impressive arrayof stained-glass windows
inspired by the olive tree.– The Church of San
Carlino in Quattro Fontane,I immediately thought could
be inspiration for the temple.That started this very early
concept of a curved temple,both on the exterior as
well as on the interior.– [Narrator] The finest
materials can be seenthroughout the Rome Italy
Temple, from the stone flooring,quarried in northern Tuscany
and marble from Spain,to the sapele burl and
cherry wood millworkand glass fixtures from Venice,all created and installed by
top artisans and craftsmen.– The temple is an expression
of our love and devotionto the Savior, the
Lord Jesus Christ.Nothing is too
good for the Lord.– [Narrator] Those
materials, highlightedin the temple’s remarkable
grand lobby staircase,a true engineering feat.– It’s connected just at
the top and the bottom,so, it’s essentially a
free-floating staircase,and, of course, an
elliptical shape.– [Narrator] The oval
design, reminiscentof Michelangelo’s masterpiece
Piazza del Campidoglio.– [Bret] It’s
something to behold.– [Narrator] The piazza’s
intricate elliptic patterncarries over into the flooring,
ceiling, and staircasethat surrounds a one-of-a-kind
hand-blown glass chandelier,which incorporates the
Venetian leaf pattern.Paintings hang in all
areas of the temple,reminding temple guests of
Jesus Christ and His teachingsto follow Him.This work of art
in the baptistrydepicts the Savior’s baptism.The baptistry’s
purpose is in keepingwith the Savior’s example
to enter the watersof baptism and His commandment
that all must be baptized.Here, temple patrons can act
on behalf of those who did nothave the chance to be
baptized in this life.Inlaid stone wraps around
an oval font adornedwith Roman-style
acanthus leaves,held up by 12 oxen representing
the 12 tribes of Israel.More superb artwork decorates
the instruction room,where devout members learn
about God’s love, Creation,and purpose of life.The mural reveals a
magnificent settingdepicting Italy’s landscape,
from countryside to seascape.Crystalline sconces
and hand-painted chairsenhance the Baroque-era
feel of the bridal room.And in the sealing rooms,families are joined
together forever,demonstrated by the mirrors’
seemingly endless reflectionthat symbolizes eternity.The celestial room
epitomizes the progressionof reaching heaven itself.An exquisite hand-made
crystal chandelierserves as the
centerpiece of the room,accented by elegant
handmade furnishingsfrom Italian artisans, down
to the most intricate detail.– [Bednar] In our holy temples,
available are the most sacredand important sacraments or
ordinances that we receiveas members of our Church.And those ordinances
bring peace.They bring purpose.They’re a source
of remarkable joy.– One of the most striking
elements of the temple campus,the visitors’ center, a
masterpiece in its own right.– [Bednar] When I saw the
statues of the Savior,the Christus, and
the Twelve Apostles,it was just a spiritually
stunning moment for me.– [Narrator] Facing the temple
through full-length windows,a life-size statue
of the Christus,accompanied by the
original Twelve Apostles,except for the Paul figure,
which replaces Judas Iscariot.They’re replicas of the
Bertel Thorvaldsen statuesin the Church of
Our Lady in Denmark.The Lutheran Church
granted special permissionfor The Church of Jesus
Christ of Latter-day Saintsto digitally scan the
statues which are carved outof Carrara marble taken
from the same quarryin Tuscany as
Michelangelo’s David.An original mural featuring
olive trees in an Italiancountryside complements
the sacred ensemble.Visitors can also view a
model of the Rome Templeshowing a cutaway of the
interior in exact replica.The visitors’ center,
temple patron housing,and meetinghouse
connect to the templethrough an Italian-style
piazza of native travertine.The Church has gone to great
lengths in preservation,(rocks clicking)using salvaged 100-year-old
basalt cobblestonesfrom the streets of Rome
for the temple roundabout.– If you look closely
at some of these stones,you can still see the grooves
worn in by the passageof old wagon wheels.(gentle, light music)– [Narrator] Additionally,
the Church savedexisting Italian stone
pine trees on the propertythat now provide a tranquil
shady setting over stairsleading to the temple.Olive trees from the old
farm were also preserved,and ancient olive trees,
400 to 500 years oldfrom northern Italy, are
planted in the piazza.– [Bednar] Whenever you cut
the roots of an olive tree,they’ll sprout.Some have suggested that
perhaps that’s symbolicof the hope of the Resurrection.– [Narrator] Rome,
with her storied past,now has a beautiful new
and historic addition.Once dedicated, the
Rome Italy Templewill be the 162nd operating
temple of The Churchof Jesus Christ of
Latter-day Saints.– [Bednar] My genuine
hope is that all peopleto the temple, to
the visitors’ center,I just yearn for themto feel the joy that
will be evident there.– We offer our
testimony of the realityof Christ’s matchless life
and the infinite virtueof His great atoning sacrifice.– His gospel was a message
of peace and goodwill.He entreated all to
follow His example.– He walked the roads of
Palestine, healing the sick,causing the blind to see,
and raising the dead.– He taught eternal truths,the reality of the
premortal existence,the purpose of life on
earth, and the potentialthat all of the sons and
daughters of God havein the life to come.– He gave His life to atone
for the sins of all mankind.His was a great
vicarious gift in behalfof all who would ever
live upon the earth.– He was the Firstborn
of the Father,the Only Begotten
Son in the flesh,the Redeemer of the world.– He rose from the grave
to become the first fruitsof them that slept.– We declare in words of
solemnity that His priesthoodand His Church have been
restored upon the earth,– built upon the foundation
of apostles and prophets,Jesus Christ Himself being
the chief cornerstone.– We testify that He
will return to earth,and the glory of the
Lord shall be revealed,and all flesh shall
see it together– He will rule as King of Kings
and reign as Lord of Lords,and every knee shall
bend and every tongueshall speak in
worship before Him.– Each of us will stand
to be judged of Himaccording to our works and
the desires of our hearts.– We bear testimony, as
His duly ordained Apostles,that Jesus is the Living
Christ, the immortal Son of God.– He is the great King
Immanuel, who stands todayon the right hand of His Father.He is the light, the life,
and the hope of the world.– His way is the path
that leads to happinessin this life and eternal
life in the world to come.God be thanked for the matchless
gift of His divine Son.– [Narrator] This has been the
World Report for April 2019.– [Narrator] To watch
the World Report online,go to

71 Replies to “The April 2019 World Report of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints”

  1. A wonderful blessing of advancing technologies for the advancement of the Lord's work… Feeling so privileged and blessed too to view the April 2019 World Report in advance☺

  2. God bless our LDS brothers and sisters. How few are so on fire for God. Amen. We can all learn from them. Agios o Theos, Agios Ishiros, Agios Athanatos Eleison Eemas

  3. I feel so sorry for Mormon people unbelievable the big Ally if any man preach any other gospel than that which we have already preached on to you let him be damned who would join the Mormon church it’s ordinances Commandments are totally foreign to Christianity

  4. I love seeing this before conference . It helps me prepare and think back on the events of the past 6 months. Love the ending of the Living Christ

  5. Thank you for the video its really motivate me to serve others like Jesus christ
    #proud to be a member of ( the church of Jesus christ of latter day saints

  6. Mormons… women…. time… and misleading. so in any organisation it has problems, but I often find their interpretation and internal conflicts and crimes and well its rooted in money. With each war, or conflict artificially created, it funnels more bodies into its ranks, like most things of its nature and often its outside the realm of knowledge. Thus you have the writings of nonsense in which condemn anyone with knowledge, as lucifer, or as if someone is like, and what about a independent system that acts accordingly and is then destroyed by such subjugation? An order of hierarchy makes sense, but peoepl still never learn, through would see death or killing as a breaking a commandment and not the frutis fo what was going on. So when someone is murdering your family in an act of aggression against teh civilian complex then this becomes a problem, so the ww2 and germany on Britain, destroyed all of Britain and created a cascade of lies and nonsense post ww2, by the cpaital use of warfare in which removed people from their avenues. To think upon if one kills is of error, then knows not the actions and struggle of life, because if I take upon a weapon to remove the Mormons, would I then not be fought back with a weapon? So when one is being attacked one their is taught to defend. Of coruse this is muddied by men only like war, and thus the witchcraft of social words and persecution of males of a society brought about by media, clearly nto kindness nor conducive ot breeding or beign in a open system but creates a closed system, Which is weird since males are almost out numbered 1/5 times in America. THus this changes the movement, but when biases occur in education and state funding, to whom is it and what group? Although a group in which creates a system can work, it often creates other problems. There is no poverty, just ignorance and abuse that creates it. teach a man to fish, etc… Then we have money, there is not one stone or place upon this earth that any human can have without paying someone. Not one place one can be now. there used to be a law in which if someone had a functional home, and civilsation encroached the removal of that home etc was not allowed, protected. It still existed in the late 90's before in this region they fired all the real rangers. So what I see is the extermination of the natural defenders and intelligent humans for a proxy system that exploits and creates goods, and is the opposite, so the natural leaders in which are easy to find, go and havea rational conversation with a person that isa descendent of one, and it makes sense, test their logic nad see if they still have it. So in that regard I would state, the raod to death is paved with good intentions. This ignores all the money crimes that destroyed naturally autonomous communities with no financial problems or other problems that simply did and operated under these functions that peope lstate, I often find the method in which this work is made is of erorr, and the rabbis were at odds with jesus for thigns he would state were blsphemmousist, but a logical sense. So autonomy is preferred over teh cult collectivism that destroys nations and ousts and creates conflict and subjugation whihc is more like buddhism. Where christ was to set the happy little dogs free, slaves and captives, HE stated it clearly of the system in place and the hypocrisy. So what was christ is much damaged now form teh self autonomy of the natural action. Christ stated, we are all children of GOD, which meant were all the sons and daughters of god. The acts of warfare ad social normalizing of deviances and to even in ones house the inept abiltiy then to protect ones house over pride rather tha ndeal with the indivudals at fault or needing in correction. So one shouldn't hide the things we don't want but bring them to light and deal with them, butto mask things wel creates distaste and a loss of trust… Women…women have a history of metnal problem due to the fact of the what we are as animals. Limited breeding span, and thus tactics in which to replicate are attempted to be ensured. This is aggressive means to attract a male for insemination, rather than a natural bond or love, and the media of today and thepast influence a culture in which turn women into commodities liek housing and thus women become discarded things of the nation. This is a problem due to numbers and so analyzing teh system of information, there are correction and palcemetns to deal with a system in place. So the average affair and sexual ecounter is proportional to the amount of women per men available in the system, and in china where men outnumber females by 200 mil, it is also proportional by teh stats in an opposite manner, and so the conflict of breeding in humanity or sex is often upside down do to teh nonsense of how humans are relating, so the logos of th system is not addressed to tehkidnness oftheneed of life, and the works and techings to be done, meaning that, works last beyond a lifetime typically, sex and offspring are intances, and the offspring that are created will have upon them their own independence. All of humanity is works upon works. Then often the plague of murder or non logical conflict is around breeding and sex, and so a cure to this madness is thevalue of what a women is and service in which they can be and do and breeding ina different formatulation of thought, and because of money and the offset of women to men, men typically have more money except for in the last whiel where men are attacked by state and a place and forced to to do lesser works which then created a dead breeding ratio similar to 400 ad, where women attacked the nobles and nobles basically became gay the leadersock becasue women aggressive created a system against males and their natural ways, then women created anti gay laws and so their interjection itno law created an effect that casued a stupification of a system already in palce, which at the time the priests were empowering women. So empowering women creates a sstupid society whe nthe natural information of reality is not addresse.d and information is what well soloman talked about. So sex..breeding, many cultures and palces have created solutions, some worked well others made females subject,t neither of which ever taught information of the female/ male sexual problems of conflict. So to have astable system that is not expanding, every person alive today has to ahve one child per person of who they are. meaning that would make a system status quo a balanced system, but this would hav a defecit becasue there is a death rate, so we need to replicate more then the system to balance infant deaths. In other words when a male ina society is outnumbered nearly 1/5 that means he has ot have atleast 5 children to havea slow death. So he would have to have atleast 6-7 children in order for the system to maintain a balance and or possibly expand. Thus we have many old laws that were created by women and writings in which are asy to see once you understand the world and the natural plight of women. and so we can see teh rise and fall fo women in society proportional to the laws that remove wealth from men and the attack fo women against mne so that they can secure a palce in society, all of which is not a logical way to communicate humanity and its needs. So logically christ stated love fulfills the law. Whe na system is in disbalance one has ot be organic enough hto change the system or alter it, but migrating pacts fo wolves or criminals into ones land is not a system that should be taken lightly, then that creates males to rise in soiecty creating an military state ,becasue males are having and women their properties taken over or in ruin. As a interesting side note, its only 35-50 women/ mothers per thousand years. So breeding and having children should be a blessing, and women need ot particapte in that whether they can have children or not. However teh aggressive wome nthat oust men out of position and society only to build for aforeign regieme nd livea lawless unproducing life is adanger to a society, because women would state men are oppressing them, which is nto the case by the examination of law. So society of our ilk has developed the hush realm, in which males do particapte in artificial insemination to groups that don't have children. Of course people state their a plethora of orphans andwhat not, itsa numbers issue. Some systems expand whiel others collapse. So I look at western systms ocllaspign for various reaons, mostly becaue of illogical choices and or foreign attacks on the system that was in blacne or gaining blacne, to disrupt and impede life. Women when they are no longer udner the freedom fo that kid spirit, have that mother spirit its in teh programming, and to teach wome nto fight against it, is probably or have vengeance against it is probably not a wise thing. Ifa female during her fertile years,

  7. It would be good if the LDS taught the truth of the Bible instead of their Freemason based contradictions?

    2 Corinthians 11:

    2 I feel a divine jealousy for you, for I betrothed you to Christ to present you as a pure bride to her one husband.

    3 But I am afraid that as the serpent deceived Eve by his cunning, your thoughts will be led astray from a sincere and pure devotion to Christ.

    4 For if some one comes and preaches another Jesus than the one we preached, or if you receive a different spirit from the one you received, or if you accept a different gospel from the one you accepted, you submit to it readily enough.

    Galatians 1:

    6 I am astonished that you are so quickly deserting him who called you in the grace of Christ and turning to a different gospel —

    7 not that there is another gospel, but there are some who trouble you and want to pervert the gospel of Christ.

    8 But even if we, or an angel from heaven, should preach to you a gospel contrary to that which we preached to you, let him be accursed.

    9 As we have said before, so now I say again, If any one is preaching to you a gospel contrary to that which you received, let him be accursed.

    10 Am I now seeking the favor of men, or of God? Or am I trying to please men? If I were still pleasing men, I should not be a servant of Christ.

    11 For I would have you know, brethren, that the gospel which was preached by me is not man's gospel.

    12 For I did not receive it from man, nor was I taught it, but it came through a revelation of Jesus Christ.

  8. Since when did lds church start monetizing their vids? I was forced to watch an ad to watch this. When, why, how could you? I guess the "prophets" have been selling books for profit since the beginning….

  9. , I have so much to say and God knows and as a convert as of the year ago I have been through many churches my whole life and I have lived with my faith being a very strong quality along with the gifts of the Holy Spirit and ever since I was baptized in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints everything just makes so much more sense and never did before and I just want to be a testimony to everybody and anybody that I can reach out to even being terminally ill and bedridden and hospitalized as its very hard on me in the winter times and my twin died unexpectedly 5 years ago but I will just say that I have a book of testimonies but I want to share and help others while I'm still on this Earth being that missionary and being very thankful and blessed for everything that I do have and not to complain about what I don't have or what I can't do but the focus on what I can do as my heavenly father I love so much and I believe in his son Jesus the atonement John 3:16 and I believe in the gifts of the holy spirit as I am a child of God and I will be what I believe I pray daily for every missionary God bless their hearts I take the MS in my home as my own children the missionaries I call my misionary daughters and I'm so thankful for such a beautiful Church who goes out of their way to love you and then make sure that you are okay and all I want to do in return is to physically go out of my way like I used to I used to be that active and they told me will now it's your turn to get received and I said I still want to go I would walk miles with you each day to knock on those doors! I continually tell everybody that I know to give me a list of prayers because while I'm terminally ill and bedridden I can help by praying for everything everyday and fast for somebody or situation even from myself when I go through panic attacks physical pain but this Spitfire me definitely never gives up or we'll never quit until I'm called in the spirit world I will continue to live love and I pray thanks to Heavenly Father in advance for everyday for that peace that passes all understanding and let us all feel that miraculous peace everyday and every breath we take that peace of passes all understanding the name of Jesus I pray amen God bless y'all infinity X infinity 🙏🏼☝️✌❤💪☝️❤❤

  10. 😢😢😢☝️☝️☝️☝️❤❤❤👏👏👏👏✌✌☝️☝️☝️ but of course I'm in tears I'm very emotional like that and always have been! The Spirit-filled is emotional in me and I giggled to but not in front of anybody and I pray that specially during sacrament please don't let me get the giggles yep I've lived in non denominational churches and been baptized there as well so converting has been the best time of my life the best year most miraculous year and I couldn't be happier in my spirit and in my faith and I am now and there's so many issues going on but I don't care I'm Spirit happy and The Human Side of Me is a Spitfire that will never give up no matter how angry I get when I'm not able to make it to church because of being bedridden not making it to the 10th hole cuz that's what I desire or seeing my kids because I'm in the hospital or bedridden! Instead I am thankful for what I do have and for what I can do and for what is already done for me and all of us and I change my thought process because it's not about me! It's about what can we do for others to understand a lack of knowledge as I had a stereotype of this church years ago and the lack of knowledge as I was introduced to the Book of Mormon during the Gulf War and Germany as a military mom and wife and I can definitely tell you that I watched Saturday's Warriors 1989 version when I babysat for the girl I went to the temple one of the other military wives she left me with a book of Mormon opened it once but it caught the Dust and who would have thought years later than my younger sister would marry into the Mormon family and I thought she was playing house and all it took was one answered to it one question that I asked her about the temple and then she gave me that answer I felt bad Spirit flow through me like never before miraculously I believe and I believed in that moment that there had to be more involved and that's what I said to her! I said that I knew there was more to this I just knew it and I was baptized March 24th 2018 God bless and I'm praying for anybody and everybody always🙏🏼☝️✌❤

  11. Mormon Elohim sure is a fickle being. He changes where the wind blows out of Salt Lake apparently. No, Russell Nelson doesn't deserve any recognition for backing down from a hateful "revelation" which never should have happened to begin with.
    The more things change the more they stay the same.


  13. As Christian church was slowly hijacked by those who now we now Catholic Church, now Catholic Church being hijacked by Mormons and capitalized on history of Rome.

  14. Wow, following a womanizer, writing a book with no archaeological backing from a man, Joseph Smith, that had 37 wives, and died in prison from a riot of men (1844), angry that he had tried to seduce their wives to get married with him. People flee from this sect. I would like for anyone to take this to their bishop and have them refute this. It's all in the church history. Also, that Joseph Smith practiced divination, using seeing stones? Really ? Please repent and come to Christ or you will die in your sins.

  15. Where are the dark skinned people that are this way, through the curse of sin? How sad. What a sad false sect.

  16. Back in the 70's, I went to Temple Square in SLC. I was alarmed to see a graven image in the visitor's center. God said, "Do not make unto yourselves graven images…" The commandment was even inscribed on the wall across the passageway from the image. I knew it was wrong for it to be there and i wondered how the Leaders of the church could allow such a thing, not knowing at the time, they were the ones who set it up. I looked at the face on the image and knew it was not the face of Jesus, and wondered whose face was carved on the rock. It was not until 2010 that the Lord revealed to me the face. It is the face of Lucifer. I could not believe it. I did not want to believe it, but it is true. I investigated and found out that David O. McKay was an agent of the Catholic church and he set up the image. Now the church's affiliation with the Catholic church is evident to everybody. The church of Jesus Christ of LDS is not a restored church anymore. It is a disguised Catholic church and the images are proof of that. The Catholic church marks its territory with Graven and there you have it. If you are happy with that, its your funeral. These men are not true prophets seer or revelators.

  17. Sad to read some of these comments. They will never understand the joy that is offered through the Church unless their hearts are changed. It is the Savior's Church, nothing will stand in its way.

  18. its honestly amazing that this is real… i'm embarrassed that modern man still believes in magic with this apparent honesty and fervor…

  19. I want 1 Mormon church member to show me from the scriptures of the bible GOD gave his church over to Joseph Smith to teach the world, Everything about the Mormon church is nothing but a lie Everything it's a Cult

  20. I just read that Jesus Christ changed his mind on gay marriage, no longer punishing children of gay parents. What a marvelous thing to do in 2019. Jesus has truly caught up with human development.

  21. I'm pretty sure when you get to the Gated City you'll not see Joseph Smith there. Jesus's name is the gate Joseph Smith's name is not the gate you'll have to answer to Jesus himself. All the wise men all the Shepherds and all the angels worship Jesus Emmanuel God With Us. He deserves worship the first commandment Thou shall Worship the Lord your God and him only shalt you serve. Are you then a wise man or do you think you could become a god Satan thought he could become a god and got kicked out of heaven.

  22. It’s the wrong Jesus why can’t you guys see that!!! There will not be one Mormon in the kingdom of God!!! Take your faith out of Mormonism and put your faith in the real Jesus biblical Jesus or you will burn in hell!!!

  23. Preparing for conference this morning. I love to see the temple, I'm going there soon! I love the Lord and his gospel.

  24. Believe me this is all about making more money !!!!!!!More genealogy more temple work more tithing because there are BIG!!!!!numbers of people running 🏃‍♀️ away !!!!!Please people do your own RESEARCH PLEASE PEOPLE !!!!!!ALL LIES LIES!!

  25. mat.12.38,27.63,mar.8.31. can you show me how to count this . i am having trouble fitting this into fri. to sun. time of death is betwween 3 and 4 in the afternoon
    please help.

  26. Hey Sol family, I just released the first video in my series of decoding the Bible. If you’re interesting in learning the REAL way it’s supposed to be read, check it out. I assure you, it’ll change your whole perception.⚡️🔱

  27. Prayers and thoughts for all wonderful people of California and all around the world who have faced natural disasters. So blessed to know that God lives and Loves all of us as His children NO MATTER WHAT COLOR< ETHNICITIES< NATIONALITIES etc…

  28. I feel absolutely privileged to be a member of the church of Jesus Christ of latter day saints, amazing things are happening in this world. In these last days of trouble and glum.

  29. The way i look at it, if Joseph Smith was lying then why didn't he just say ok i made it up? Instead he sealed his testimony with his blood, also the night he was dragged from his home n was tarred and feathered, his wife Emma n he lost there youngest because of the cold, the baby died, me personally I would have stopped it all then. :,(. Like he said something like, i know that the thing's i say are true. I will denigh or dare i, for i knew it and i know the God knew it…

  30. Wow I am so excited by the most recent General Conference experience. It is such a blessing to have inspired men and women of God to execute the goals of Jesus Christ as He moves His church and Kingdom forward in these Latter-days.

  31. love watching The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints my wife is sister val hope one day be brother nigel lerning everyday all about god god bless you all.

  32. If this scholarship was encouraged in the LDS, perhaps it would become Christian, maybe?
    Faye Lewis

    9 hours ago

    The Bible has quite different things to say about priesthood. First, the Aaronic priesthood was limited to Jewish male members from the tribe of Levi who were descendants from Aaron (Ex. 28:1; Num. 3:5-13; Heb. 7:5). The priesthood was inherited by descent from Aaron, not received through ordination. It was never supposed to be practiced by Gentiles (non-Jews). There is absolutely no teaching about this doctrine of the Aaronic priesthood being practiced by Gentiles in the Old or New Testaments.

    Furthermore, the Aaronic priesthood was done away with through Christ as the final priest (Heb. 7:11-12) who fulfilled the Law as the eternal Priest (Heb. 7:11-28; 8:6-7ff). The Old Testament priests were mediators, but now Jesus is the only Mediator between men and God (1 Tim. 2:5; Heb. 7:24-25; Jn. 14:6). Therefore, there is no need for this Aaronic priesthood authority today. Finally, the High Priest in the Old Testament would enter the holy of holies once a year to make a sacrifice for sins of himself and others (Ex. 30:10; Heb. 9:7, 19-22). However, Jesus completed the work of salvation by being the High Priest and the sacrifice (Heb. 3:1; 9:11-12, 25-26)! Since Christ's work is finished (John 19:30), there is no need for a High Priest on this earth. Christ is the only mediator and High Priest in heaven (1 Tim. 2:5; Heb. 8:1-6).

  33. idk what to say ..I just felt the spirit and the love of Christ and how yellow T-SHIRTS help around the world it is really inspiring…

  34. 1:20 There is a mistake F.Y.I… Not three sessions but Seven…

    Another funny mistake, 5:20 The Salt Lake City flag is Argentina instead of USA (Edit)

  35. Jesus IS the WORD OF GOD. It is To HIS WORD that we Be Accountable. We are NOT accountable to men or to mens the bible or out. You are making IDOLS out of people Here.

  36. A Mormon claimed the Doctrine and Covenants are true. So the question
    is, why don’t you believe:

    LDS doctrine and Covenants 20:

    As well as those who should come after, who should believe in the gifts and
    callings of God by the Holy Ghost, which beareth record of the Father and of
    the Son;

    Which Father, Son, and Holy Ghost are one God, infinite and eternal, without
    end. Amen.

  37. It’s mind boggling to think that people actually believe this crap. Everyone in the comments is like “Jesus saved me! Praise the holy lord!” Open your eyes people, see the real word.

  38. Fui muy clara y honesta les dije no más dañó por qué lo ase CON Jesucristo pero nuchos no entediero así que esa es mi verdad lo testificó con el poder Jehová amen

  39. En el obra del templo primero estoy en la obra de mí familia de creación celestial LO TESTIFICÓ CON EL PODER DE JEHOVÁ AMEN

  40. Desde madera californiana ELVIA GIRON . 2112. Sanset madera californiana la iglesia de Jesucristo de los Santos de los últimos días LO TESTIFICÓ CON EL PODER DE JEHOVÁ AMEN

  41. @ce collie

    This is typical LDS: you make a statement – even when you have no evidence to substantiate what you write – and everyone is supposed to take it as true!!!

    Let's put your statement to the test:

    You believe that there was a Great Apostasy soon after Jesus died, no?

    St. Matthew 16:18 has Jesus telling Peter that the gates of hell would not prevail against His Church. So, in essence, you believe Jesus had no clue about what he was saying because the gates of hell did prevail, right?

    I understand what is written in St. Matthew 16:18 … there was no Great Apostasy …

    You believe there was a Great Apostasy – so who better understands what was written by St. Matthew?

  42. They act like they're the president of the United States and fly all over with there church money that u give tham. That is God's money not there's

  43. Muhammad was a picture of death that followed Satan. Joseph Smith for Mormonism also a picture of death that followed Satan. Satan came as an Angel to both. Muhammad knew what he saw was EVIL, but later a girl turned Muhammad on with flattering lips convinced him it wasn't evil. Today Muslim girls have to wear dark hot clothing because darkness represents where all Muhammad's followers will go.

    Joseph Smith also would say anything for the applause of girls. He stuck his head, (not in a cave like Muhammad) but in his hat in darkness for direction. Today Mormon Artist has pulled his lying face out of his hat where he made up the book of Mormon and placed him sitting by a table flattering him to all with a painted Holy look that brought in the Book of Mormon. What a nasty way deceiving many to a wrong direction.

    Both Muhammad and Smith are today in Satan's Brimstone bed for a hot time. They both listened to flattering lips but not the true God. For this many will be intruders in darkness that was prepared for the Devil and it's Demons.

    I wonder if secretly how many Mormons follows Joseph Smith's and Muhammad's appetite for girls.

  44. I wonder how long it took the accountants in Salt Lake City to process the Twelve Apostles expense report.

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