The 10 CRAZIEST RELIGIONS in the World!

The 10 CRAZIEST RELIGIONS in the World!

– Alright, see you my man. Oh that? Oh, Buddha lives right above me. He’s actually pretty noisy. He parties a lot. So I’ve never been a religious person simply because I find that the rules that the major religions
require to live their lives by just don’t make sense in today’s world. But at least most of the
rules of the major religions aren’t flat out crazy unlike
the lesser known religions that I stumbled upon this week that just serve up a big piece of
crazy pie with a side of So to help me tell you about
them is my friend Ariel. – Oh hi everyone! My name is Ariel and today
I will be helping Matt present to you the ten craziest religions in the entire world. Number one, The Creativity Movement. This organization is home to the whites only religion called Creativity. They actually use the term
creator to refer to themselves, not a deity as the religion
is actually atheistic. The organization is known for good deeds such as plotting to kill federal judges, which its leader Matthew Hale
wound up going to jail for. Its ideology can be classified as Neo-Nazi and is known as anti-Semitic, racist, anti-Christian, and generally
all around anti-sanity. – Number two is Jediism. Yes, the Jedi religion is a real thing. Members of this religion actually believe that the Force really exists. Accomplished Jedis are
capable of using the Force and are bound by the code
of morality and justice. Their belief system is based off a mix of Taoism and Buddhism along with some elements
of medieval chivalry. Alright, this one might be a little crazy as Star Wars was clearly
a work of fiction, but hey, at least they’re a
positive force in the world. Even if it is ultimately nerdy. Woah! How did that go off. I don’t even know how
that lightsaber got there. I’m not a Jedi. I don’t, I’m not a Jedi. Moving on. – Number three, the Church of all Worlds. This is a neo-pagan religion found in 1962 by a group of friends who are pretty much obsessed with science fiction. How obsessed with science fiction you ask? Well basically the entire religion is based off of a fictional religion from the scifi book
Stranger in a Strange Land. And it includes fairies and rituals centered around the gods and
goddesses of Ancient Greece. In fact, their leader recently founded the Grey School of Wizardry
after being inspired by the Harry Potter novels. Hey, at least they’re progressive. – Number four is the Church of Euthanasia. Founded in Boston, Massachusetts, this group is dedicated to restoring the balance between humans and nature. It sounds peaceful except
the way the want to go about restoring balance is having you die. These crazies are also
anti-homosexuality because why not? One interesting commandment
from their church is thou shalt not procreate, which is definitely something that I think every member of this
religion should practice. – Number five, The Universe People. Also known as the Cosmic
People of Light Powers, this organization was founded in the 1990s and is based off of
their leader Ivo Benda’s ability to communicate with
extra terrestrial civilization. According Benda, these aliens will one day transport all of their
followers to another dimension. They determine who will go by operating a fleet of space ships that
kind of circle around the Earth determining who is good and who is bad. Kind of like an intergalactic Santa Claus. – Number six is Thee
Temple ov Psychick Youth. I can’t even say this
one without laughing. Founded in 1981, these nutjobs legitimately believe in practicing magic. This group believes in developing the psychic and magical
abilities of the human brain along with practicing guiltless sexuality. Which probably involves
inbreeding, who knows? Personally I actually think
it’s kind of interesting that they’re trying to explore
the magical psychic abilities of the human brain,
but I think they should try to master the art of spelling first considering that’s how they
spell their organization’s name. Yeah, you know, just
cover the basics first. Just a thought. – Number seven is The
Prince Phillip Movement. There is a tribe in the South Pacific that believes that Prince Phillip, yes Prince Phillip the husband
of Queen Elizabeth the Second is a divine being and the
son of a mountain spirit. They believe that long
ago he traveled to the UK to marry the queen and
one day he will return. Now you would think
that as a royal official that Prince Phillip would
visit them and tell them that he is in fact not a divine being but what did he decide to do? He actually played along. Not very nice. I mean, these people
think that you are a god. The only other things
on Earth that probably thinks that you’re a god is your dog, so I guess maybe I understand. But still it’s a dick move Philly. – Number eight is The Aetherius Society. In 1954, George King, a cab driver, was sitting at home alone when he suddenly heard a voice that told
him that he would become the leader of the
interplanetary parliament. So naturally he did the logical thing that people do when they
hear voices in their head and he started a religion. This society combines alien wisdom from their cosmic masters with yoga for the betterment of humanity. And of course the best part about it is the members get a sweet
discount on cab fare. What? – Number nine is Raelism. Founded by Claude Vorilhon or
Rael as the aliens call him, this religion is founded
on three principles. Number one, humans were founded in an alien lab 25,000 years ago. Number two, aliens will visit
Jerusalem in the year 2025. And number three is that Rael’s job is to relay a message of peace and central meditation to all humankind. Of course Rael was told all of this when he was abducted,
taken to another planet where he met Jesus and Buddha. That is quite the gathering though. I wonder if the Easter Bunny was there. – And number ten, The
Church of Scientology. Ah yes, everyone’s favorite crazies. Founded in 1952, Scientoligists believe in a self help system called
dienetics, not so crazy, as well as a supreme being called Zenu who’s the ruler of the
Galactic Confederacy. Extra crazy! The story that they believe is that Zenu brought humans to Earth
75 million years ago, stacked us all around volcanoes, detonated hydrogen bombs
inside those volcanoes, and the people that live today are the descendants of the survivors. Sorry, but if this were
true, why would Zenu go through all that effort to kill us? I mean, why wouldn’t he just zap us with a giant laser or something? There I go again. Using that darn logic. Something clearly forbidden
in the Church of Scientology. And that’s it guys. I hope you enjoyed this video. Thanks to Ariel for
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crazy ones out there that you’ll probably get a kick out of so check those out and
I’ll see you next week.

100 Replies to “The 10 CRAZIEST RELIGIONS in the World!”

  1. I respect all religion but I think it's never a good idea to tell the details of what you believe because humans…

  2. Don't forget about the following:

    Pastafarianism (worshiping the Flying Spaghetti Monster)
    Chairism (Worships the Great Chair)
    Dudeism (worships the Dude)
    Church of the Invisible Pink Unicorn (worshiping the Invisible Pink Unicorn)

  3. I love crazy religions, it goes to prove that humans generally have a deep need to believe in something "more". All religions are human made and designed to serve the needs of humans.

  4. I have my own religious beliefs. Meaning I'm not part of any religion. I base my beliefs both on logic and faith. Something atheists and religious people need to learn to do.

  5. All religions scare me when they expect people to follow like sheep & be lead unthinkingly by the nose. Worship in your own way as long as it harms no others & go out to do good around you. Donate blood, volunteer, help others, be kind. Give 10% or whatever to a good cause or the church. Just do it because it's the right thing to do, not because it's demanded or expected. THAT is what will improve our world!

  6. Matt – you’re the best. I love you man. Your happy disposition and daily videos are helping me fight my drug addiction and depression. Whether you know it or not you are really helping others. 💗

  7. I serve with an Army chaplain in the Guard, he told how once he was brought to a soldier injured in a training accident. He looked at the soldiers ID tags and the religion read “jedism”. He made the statement that he thought this was a joke and he has no idea how to perform last rights.

  8. Two comments in one, first, while it is spiritual nerdy, I like the logo of the Church of All Worlds. Also, if the Church of Euthanasia wants to stop overpopulation, shouldn’t they be for homosexuality?

  9. You would THINK that the Church of Euthanasia would APPROVE of homosexuality since without medical assistance or going outside their sexuality…they don’t reproduce. 🤔🤔🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️

  10. Harry potter I don't remember seeing harry at any of my circles…..pagan is multitudes of things not just one but maybe there are people that believe in the movie as a way of life hey man whatever floats your boat but please read a book or ask one of the elders that live that life style what its all about before you label something……one way of life is no labels

  11. You seriously misinterpreted the universe people……… I mean you seriously got it completely wrong 😕

  12. Ok honestly i know this might be just a little bit of a buzzkill but lets just let eveyone beleive what we want because we all live on the same planet and breathe the same air and we all deserve respect no matter how 'crazy' some beleifs are ok thats it bye

  13. all religions are freaken weird I mean come on 90% of them belive in an invisable man, women or alien god thing that is all mighty and can do no wrong and that has never bin seen and no one can prove they have ever talked to them they all have weird rules some insane ones. Example sin or what ever your religions word for this would be, now this veries in all religion, you comitte a sin that's bad enough or you will not ask forgivness from there invisable being you go to some version of hell when u die or the space ship don't pick u up 🙂

  14. the true belief is the religion of shrek in the gospel of the donkey its said by shreks own words: I'm the love and life who wants love shall belief of thy,and who believes of thy can never die but have everlasting life meaning: shrek is love shrek is life!

  15. Atleast the Jedi religion is just a bunch of nerds. I don’t see anything to wrong with it I mean long as they don’t do any harm let them do what they will.

  16. Please make a vid about ibukisim (a religion I found of reddit its about the anime character maya from neon genesis evangelion)

  17. For a religion who calls for the annihilation of humans, it's strange that they're against homosexuality even though it's a group of people who are unable to procreate between themselves & usually adopt.

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