Tango World Final feat. Kaká, Podolski, F2Freestylers | Tango Squad FC

Tango World Final feat. Kaká, Podolski, F2Freestylers | Tango Squad FC

This is just the beginning
of Tango Squad. It’s just been one season.
We have seen many good things. But I think that
we need to learn from others, learn from mistakes. That’s part of our process,
that’s part of the football. And for sure, the coming seasons,
they will get better and better. I think there’s two ways
of dealing with defeat. We can quite often
get caught in a mindset that when things go really bad,
we want to dwell on them, talk about it over and over again. My mindset is that if you are beaten, it doesn’t help to constantly
talk about it and go over it. Draw a line under it. Move on.
Focus on positive things. And when you have success, when you win,
that’s the time to talk about it. That’s the time to re-live it
and go through it. When you lose a game,
it’s OK, it’s over. New season.
We start afresh. We go again. OK, so obviously,
we lost against F2 at Old Trafford. But this is not it.
We’re not gonna dwell on it. We’re moving forward,
we’re coming back stronger. If you want to be in Tango Squad FC,
you have to be an MVP. We want the best of Tango League.
We don’t want anything less. So this year,
we’ve gone down to five. Ehsan. He’s just the good side. He’s got the best side. And he’s tough. We got Ricky.
You’ll get to know, he’s a snake. But he’s deadly. We got Carlos.
He’s so quick, we call him ‘Rápido’. After that, Big Vik.
I don’t need to say nothing. He’s from Russia.
He’s their number one. He’s massive. You have me, Street Panna… We have five. That’s not enough.
We wanna get it better. We’re gonna head to Russia,
to the Tango League Global Event. We’re gonna find the best international
Tango League MVPs to join our team. It’s gonna be mad! So there’s 23 Tango League MVPs
from across the world. Four days. Four challenges. Challenge winners get to take us on. And the biggest, best baller
gets selected by Kaká to join Tango Squad FC. All of these have played Tango League.
They’ve all won Tango League MVP. Tonight, one will join Tango Squad FC. You all remember the bungee jumping. I mean, it was crazy to be there. The winner
of this competition was Komel. He did crazy things under pressure. He was very good. The ballers have been taking on
the Head-For-Heights challenge. It’s called Head-For-Heights
for a reason. We’re currently on a crane,
lifting me on a platform, 60 metres, that’s 200 feet, into the air. If my mother was looking at this video,
she would be proud of me. He’s very safe here. 100% safe! It was nice knowing you all. Brazilian, I liked him.
He’s very technical. He’s fast. My favourites are Diego because
I know him, I’ve seen him play. And in my opinion,
he is a great defender. And I was impressed by Kei,
because he is a really nice guy. He knows how to involve everyone
and he’s a great player as well. For this challenge,
you’re gonna be split into four groups. You’ll be asked to create
a continuous skills routine without letting the ball
touch the ground. The best performance
is going to be judged by German football legend
Lukas Podolski. Tango Squad kit design. The prize of this kit design is the semi-finals tonight. So we’re expecting some good designs. This kit was designed in one hour,
so that’s why it’s just a prototype. But I think he did a good job. It’s crazy it’s already here. He used his Mexican colours.
And I think it’s really good. We have a winner! Make some noise! For me, my favourite moment
was obviously the panna. It’s been going every day.
They’ve been battling hard. Today, we had the semis.
And later’s the final. Quite a few of these players
actually impressed me. I’d say Anton.
He’s Russian, so you’ll like him. He’s been playing very well. But the surprise was Sidney. He looks like
he’ll be good on 11-a-side. He’s very fast, he’s strong. But in tight situations,
he gave a lot of pannas. For me, he was very impressive. Shake hands. Ladies and gentlemen,
please make some noise for the winner,
Mr. Ferney from Colombia! But first, they have to play us. And then, you know, Kaká,
he’ll decide who joins. Kaká knows us.
We played with him at Old Trafford. It was crazy. He will know who’s the best player to improve us,
to be a part of Tango Squad FC. Let’s start season two. – Yeah!
– Let’s get it! Over 70,000 ballers
from around the globe have battled it out
to win their national tournament to be here tonight. Let’s go! Give it up one more time for our Tango League MVP
Global Finalists! Make some noise! Tango Squad FC! Some of you don’t understand
that one of the guys here, his life is gonna change forever. He’s gonna have a contract, he’s gonna tour the world,
his dreams gonna be achieved. But we need to find the best. That’s the start! OK, pass to… Oh! The referee says foul! Ref, when you’re ready! It’s a panna! We play everywhere! No rules! Komel from Austria!
Hello, what time is it? One-all! Viktor, of Russia,
equalises for Tango Squad FC. – I didn’t understand. What’s happened?
– Viktor from Russia! I like that girl! Keep doing that! This man, he’s from Germany. He’s not playing.
“Don’t play games”, he’s gonna say. Keep fighting hard, Ehsan. Goal! He shoots… Great save! Unlucky, Komel. Carlos gets it! He takes out Ferney… What a goal! I like that! – They didn’t lose. They stay here.
– Great finish from Carlos. Come on, guys! Come on! 20 seconds left! 2-2.
Who’s gonna get the winning goal? Uh-oh! Uh-oh! Right here! Pass it! He should’ve passed it! Please, Russia,
make some noise for both teams. They were amazing.
Russia, Russia, Russia! Come on! I said, Russia, Russia, Russia! Come on! They’ve had a wonderful week.
They’ve worked hard. They’ve played hard, they’ve created hard, and now,
we have come to the final. The final decision
is gonna be right here. Wow. A big decision. Well, I think it’s this one. Because he’s more creative. Where are our finalists?
OK, come into the middle. Finalists come into the middle.
Komel, Ferney, Andrés, Kei. Let’s get Tango Squad FC as well.
Are they coming out here? Please welcome back our special guest. It’s Kaká! I’m very happy to be here to announce that the next guy to join Tango Squad FC is… Let’s have a look on the screens. Revealed next time

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  1. Now that whole defense is practically gone, I would hope that we can stop watching the players on just dribbling and shooting. Last year our offense was good but defense lacked. This year still very good offense but instead of defense lacking there is just none. Need a very strong defense to take down f2fc this year

  2. Greetings out there Tango squad I am greeting all the way from South Africa in Africa, hoping you are able to see this comment. I am a willing soccer player with speed and an technical eye vision to progress your team up have well left and right position playing that you dont just see in soccer of today, I am known as a open kitchen – which is panna in overseas, try me out. I am trying to get a sponsor to help me out with a recovery of right acl ligaments. Anyone out there to help me out. Want to change the ideal perspective of soccer now days to a higher progress of skills, technique and defending and power. I am 1m66cm and age22.#addidas #tango squad Fc. Soccer is my passion..
    Help the south african

  3. 𝐰𝐡𝐚𝐭 𝐦𝐚𝐤𝐞𝐬 𝐚 𝐩𝐫𝐨𝐩𝐞𝐫 𝐟𝐨𝐨𝐭𝐛𝐚𝐥𝐥 𝐩𝐥𝐚𝐲𝐞𝐫:
    – whO can desiGn beST shiRT (mexicO = bonUS poinTs)

    -wHO iS leSS afrAId of heigHtS

    -wHoevER caN paNNA (juST mUST joiN ouR 11 asiDE tEAM)

    whO haS beST kEEp uP skILLS (muST hELp uS wiN all thE 11 A -fucKInG -siDES)

  4. Hey Adidas I love this concept of the tangoleague and its events, how would person be able to join the operation side and helping set it up the events?? Especially being from Canada, I feel tango league should be a permanent thing here too, just like in usa and Mexico, this would surely help promote and growth of soccer in Canada!

  5. What if get players that really plays 11 a side football since the final games always happens on 11 a side. I'm sure there's a lot in Europe or even in Asia if adidas wants it😊

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