Tami Sets Up a Surprise Meeting | Basketball Wives

Tami Sets Up a Surprise Meeting | Basketball Wives

[laughter] I love it. [chuckles] Yes.[light tense music]– I definitely do not
like a backstabber.
And I feel like
I’ve been completely up front with Feby, and I thought she was
reciprocating that. So, to hear that she had
so much to say behind my back, you know, it’s like, we got to
get to the bottom of this. – Thank you, it was
great to meet you. – Thank you so much. – You know, when Tami invited me
to the acting class, I was like, “Maybe she does
want to get to know me.” But as I walk in there
and I see OG, I’m just like,
“Oh, okay, I’ve been set up.” – So I wanted y’all
to come here ’cause I’m just really bothered. – I can see. – I heard from Jackie that you had a lot
to say about my age and me doing music… at my age. I never said one negative
thing about you since the day I met you. I’ve been very cool, cordial…
– You have. – Respectful to you.
– You have. – So, for you to say– Hold up.
– If I said–go ahead. – Okay, well, then
let me know what you said. – I can tell you what I said.
– Okay. – Okay, so we had
a conversation. It was me, Jackie, Evelyn. Your name came up.
– Why? – Your name came up
’cause Tatiana Trill came up. And she was telling me that,
“Her daughter is helping her.” She said, “She raps old school.” And I didn’t say,
“Oh, she’s rapping old school. She don’t got it no more.
She washed up. Oh, she this.” That’s not how I said it. – But it didn’t come
back to me that way. – I’m sure. – It came back that
you specifically said that I was too [bleep] old
to be rapping. – I didn’t say that. – And I was like,
“Why the [bleep] was she [bleep] on me?” – That’s exactly what
Jackie said, so… – She’s lying, she’s lying. Jackie’s starting to get on
my mother[bleep] nerves. I’m done. I really don’t give
a [bleep] at this point. Nobody disrespected you,
nobody disrespected your child. You show me nothing
but love and respect, and I appreciate you. But listen to what I’m saying, there’s a lot of stuff that’s
being said around here. – Like what? – Why you got to
put me on the spot? – ‘Cause I would like to know. – I’ll give an example. Your name was mentioned,
a comment was made. Something about your shoes.
– What about my shoes? – Evelyn said your feet
was hanging out the shoes. – Okay, so… that’s very third grade. The fact that you
paying attention and looking at me
from head to toe, you care a whole lot
about [bleep] that’s not putting no money
in your pocket. Listen, Feby has
definitely been known to tell a lie or two… – Wait, are you performing
the OG song? – You got an OG song? – I kind of, like, reference,
like, fake clothes… – Okay. – You know, like,
the Louis shirt she had on. – So, until I actually
get to take this tea to Evelyn’s face, I’m going to remain unbothered. – And I would like to know
what’s being said about me. – Jen and Evelyn had lunch, and she was talking about
you wearing some pants, and you bought them
and you brung them back. She told Evelyn you had
the [bleep] juice in the pants. – Bitch… – How old are we? – I don’t got time for that. It ain’t no [bleep] black girl
magic in this circle. It ain’t no goddamn black Xmas. – Where are you going?
– I’m ready to go. I said I was
[bleep] ready to go. These women have never
respected my hustle, and I know they don’t, you know,
honor what I’ve accomplished because they’re still reaching.They’re not even on my level.And so, from that standpoint, I simply don’t have the time for the fake and phony
friendships. I’m done. That–that did it for me. Where’s the [bleep] door? That’s some bull[bleep].

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  1. This is all this show does is have grown women acting like school girls he say she say all of you are to old & petty tammie why did you come back to their mess when you leave this time please don't come back to this mess you are better than this do your thing there's nothing wrong with your shoes they are really nice they are haters

  2. These girls are nothing but drama, probably why most of them are divorced or single. I can’t imagine being with someone who lives for drama

  3. There are only maybe 2 or 3 woman on this show balling, the others are broke, old, thots living check to check or off some retired ball player… And I admire Shaunie as a woman, she's pimping these knuckleheads but she also invest her money wisely..

  4. Sooooooo Tami was Jen lying about the clothes?…. once she walked out and didn't answer I was like maybe Tami was more embarrassed that the girls knew….😬….

  5. These comments I’m laughing at all them about this grill y’all call her a rat face two face .. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤧🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤧🤣🤣🤣

  6. If Tami leaves the show. Vh1 needs to cancel basketball wives. I feel Tami is the star on the show. She makes it fun to watch. Those other girls are boring with no storyline

  7. Proud of Tami!!!!! She’s not involved too much this season but she probably building a legacy!! I’m glad you’re leaving and making moves!!!!!!! Happy Anniversary to Reggie & Tami!!!! 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽❤️💙💜❤️💙💜

  8. Damn that going to keep it real that's karma for all the PPL she bullied and the only reason she rock with O.G is because she know she can't beat her that how bullys do I have no sympathy for her the snake finally got bit

  9. Feby really ? She’s such a tough bish when shes gossiping but OG and Tami have confronted her and she has been quiet. U not repping my city well 😂

  10. I like Tami, but she is WAAAY TOOO DAMNNN SENSITIVE!!! She doesn't have to address everything that comes up that may or may not have been said about her. All of them are "too old" to be acting the way that they do.

  11. No black girl magic here try Girls Cruise Lil Kim and them aren't real messy and get to the bottom of misunderstandings like women.

  12. BBW is reaching. Tami is booked and busy w/TV and movies. None of these other fakes have accomplished 1/2 of what she has. Jealous hearts. Tami goes waaaaaay back to the Real World days.

  13. Ferby started real quick with the Snitching to distract that she was trash talking Tammie.. I guess that got her out of an ass whooping 🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️

  14. The fact that feby was so quick to tell Tami what was said about her & the pants… Shows how scared she is & how she has no loyalty….

    Ohhh but she can't repeat what she said word for word but can what the other said. She def a bird

  15. Feby is a liar. She’s scary. I can’t wait until the reunion and I hope they show all the lies and switch of words everybody doing this season.

  16. Now we all seen jackie tell tami feby said " your too old for your career" feby aint tell her that BS. Feby said "She raps old skool so i think its cute that her daughter is helping her" Jackie needs to grow up. Dont repeat what i said if you aint finna say exactly what i said.

  17. Feby is a wack ass rat!!! I thought she was Evelyn friend cause she constantly throws her under the bus!! Obviously she scared of Tami!!!

  18. Yoooo Feby a straight up PUNK.. she never owns up to the things she says…on top of that she snitching!??? Oh nah She needs to stop telling people she’s from NYC!! Embarrassment🤦🏾‍♀️

  19. Don't Be Deceived.
    Hollywood's Boss Is Satan. The Music/ Television Industry Is Controlled By Satanic Occultists, Many Artists/ Actor's Has Sold There Souls For Fame & Fortune. Satan Recruits Willing Servants Called Luciferians Who Operate Through Occults Organization To Accomplish His Agenda. It's All A "Lie" Nothing Is Real In Hollywood/ The Music Industry. Jesus Is Lord. Come Out From Among Them.

  20. I'm loving og this season she ain't wit the bs. Tami is right ain't no black girl magic in the group black women put down other black women instead of uplifting each other.

  21. Yes, Tammi 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾🖕🏾those fake witches…you are better than that….you have proven again that you are on some different time…it’s alright to let them know that you are up to date on everything….. you go gurl 💃🏾💃🏾💃🏾Continue living your best life each & everyday 😘

  22. I would of got up real quick and cussed Tami’s ass out like bishh please I don’t have nothing to explain to you 😂👋🏽 who tf is you ? Are you signing my check? Bye. 😂 this why I don’t f with females to catty and that’s at any age

  23. Brothers, Most women think and act like children until they are about 45 years old lol. They don't start to mature until their beauty starts to fade. These grown women on here talking about "black girl magic" lmao!!

  24. Tami must know how it feels to be at the end stick, she has been bullying ladies on the show and Shaunie always backing her up, now that Shaunie isn't on her side 24/7 she's too busy to shoot with other ladies, she's been giving others he'll…let her feel it!!!!

  25. Og is my girl she don't have time for it, and Tammy have to bring the old Tammy back one good time the will stop f**king with her. To damn old for this crap.

  26. Dear Shaunie:

    I want to see a group of strong black females get along. Sure occasionally to spice up the show allow a little drama but let it end in stronger friendships! Is that possible???????????

  27. But since when has there been any Black Girl Magic on this show for real! Tami you'll be reaching for BGM forever because there hasn't been any from season 1😂

  28. No matter how many people this chick sets up.
    Still is not going to stop her from looking like a hard ass man. That's been
    Working in the on the road for years.

  29. Feby isnt tryna be fighting on camera on reality TV she wanna make money nd get taken serious in the INDUSTRY the only way to do that is not be the reality fighting throwing drink love and hip hop stars seems like that's y she always backs down

  30. Feby didnt say it in a bad way she said she thinks it's cool tami admits to being older and allowing her daughter to help her rap not throwing shade that's the reality of it

  31. Tami shouldn't even be bothered. Most of them don't have anything to hold on to but that reality show. Tami stay with your bonnet chronicles that I love and your acting.

  32. Feby is right. She didn't say that Tami was "too old", she wondered if Tami was an "old school rapper", which was taken differently by Jackie.

  33. Lmaoooo this is gonna be Feby first and last season the ladies are gonna make sure of it. She can’t be lying and denying the way she do every time she’s approached it’s not gonna work especially when the reunion comes around smh

  34. Feby didnt speak negatively on tami she said she thought it was cool shes doing it. Evelyn did say something negative. However feby is shaky as hell lmao she got nervous once and spilled ALLLLL the damn beans. Scary just like Evelyn.

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