Talking Politics & Religion On a First Date | Tell My Story

Talking Politics & Religion On a First Date | Tell My Story

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  1. both these people are so cliche…like they fit the dumb SJW and dumb Christian guy stereotype so well, it's uncanny.

  2. Listen, I'm a guy with transgender/transsexual background, but I don't believe gender is fluid. She makes it seem like gender is fluid because transgender people exist.

  3. I wish you guys would match people up better LOL like I know that's the point of this show but…. yeah I don't think this really matched.

  4. Wtf is this comments section SP commenters are usually more progressive and empathetic. Ya'll really out here attacking this girl for her looks, even though she hella cute?

  5. I never thought I could prefer someone homophobic over someone who is not, which says a lot about this woman I guess

  6. “Oh you believe gender is binary, we need to talk about that…wait what do you mean by binary” 🤦🏼‍♀️

  7. Explain what you mean by gender is fluid…

    Her: doesn't know what to say like a typical SJW Well why don't you explain yourself instead

  8. (Sorry for my english) It's so sad how people say "OmG he Is wAy to PrEttY". Imagine you would be that girl, how would you feel if people would say that to you? That's so rude. And all the transphobic people or people that are against LGBTQ+ = Just because you don't get it, doesn't mean you have to be rude about that. It's hard enough for people to be transgender cause of all the hate, dysphoria and way more. Even though you're not part of the LGBTQ+ Community doesn't mean that you have to spread hate. Start to practice what you're preaching. tolerance and love -.-

  9. i know someone who was a test tube baby and she also has lesbian moms sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo yeah i mean i do know someone lol. And its not as weird as people would think from talking to people who actually went through that.

  10. I thought she was lovely and intelligent. He seemed a bit sheltered, and I understand how debilitating and isolating depression can be, therefore there’s nothing wrong with turning to religion, if that’s what helped him recover. I just don’t think it should give him agency on what rights one should have. They both seemed open to hearing each other’s point of view, even if they didn’t agree, which is refreshing.

  11. I think at first he would have been attracted to her but….their was a lack of openeness on her part and some defensiveness which soured the sweet soul he could sense

  12. It was a good convo as far as context but the way it flowed, or I should say didn't, was the issue. The way she brought up topics and then interrogated him was too much. The way she looked at him and the sounds she made plus she did actually make assumptions. She seems like she's still navigating the space, particularly with her sibling and may be projecting. While he and I have very differing views and beliefs, I at least appreciate and respect the way he expressed himself. Plus he is a cutie.

  13. At least he gave an eloquent reason to chuck the bible out. The bible says marriage should be between a man and a woman. Mmmhmm it does… as well as genocide, rape, slavery rules, not eating pork or shellfish… I could go on. I haven't seen the end but I'm picking she will be a would/would not, and he… not sure if he would at the start, but would not at the end. Uh uh these two are not gonna work. Edit: Called it!

  14. Considering she said ‘we’ll talk about that’ she really didn’t have a developed answer (or at least one that was shown) for her beliefs on gender. She seemed defensive, whilst he seemed very open.

  15. He showed clearly with many of his answers that he is still a naive child, in a sence. She absolutely does deserve better and I am glad she came to the conclusion that dating him would be a very bad chiuce. She is simply too good for him.

  16. I liked him, but I dont think they are suited to each other. She’s a know-it-all who knows nothing, typical liberal.

  17. Did he say he didn't want to date her because of his physical preferences, after all those things they disagreed on? Damn, that's disappointing.

  18. Departing was awkward. Both seem so closed minded to me. It's likely that they won't accept anyone not like them, not wanting to go outside of comfort zone. She will continue to avoid the beach even though she could erect an umbrella for shade. He seems to have a mindset which may narrow his experiences to stay in the rut. He's likely a gun carrying country boy and she hates guns. Impasse.

  19. The comments are mean to her, she is way to smarter than him and she knows what she want, confident and well put together

  20. He is the perfect example of what a good man is. God first, family , and great morals. It doesn’t hurt that he’s absolutely drop dead gorgeous. Omg! That face and smile were breathtaking, and a manly, masculine body with an accent that would melt the ice off any snow queen. 12 on a scale of 1-10.

  21. Oh my… I feel so bad but I clicked because I saw the thumbnail. And I couldn't believe they set channing Tatum up with the school's librarian.

  22. Scientifically speaking, she said she has twin siblings and one is transgender. From a purely objective standpoint and assuming they are identical, they are a test case for helping determine the cause of transgenderism. Seriously, there is no better condition than her siblings for these tests. I'm not saying this should happen, but my scientific brain is going nuts about this situation.

    Side bar. He's way out of her league. Also good for him for voicing his honest opinions when she engaged further.

  23. I really like both of them they're both very respectful and even though I don't agree completely with his opinions he says them very politely and has reasons for his beliefs

  24. She is just not attractive and he is super attractive . he is southerner and she is a northener .
    She needs to date a nerd and he a pretty girl ..

  25. Damn.. I kinda don’t like the comment section. She was so damn beautiful dude like wtf. I get having different taste is a thing, but come on she’s not ugly. And I agree with most of what she said. I liked her a lot

  26. Ya like he would EVER date her. Too bad ppl are shallow. Looks fade fast. Building character takes a lifetime, and that is what relationships thrive on, and make them outlast others. Chemistry is great, but that's not the same thing as a person being hot. I've met 1000 hot dickheads, and 10,000 average or unattractive ppl that are wonderful human beings and that's a turn on to me. I didn't like either of these 2. He loves himself only. She's too pushy and opinionated. Know it all that she said at beginning she Hates the most in ppl. Too funny.

  27. Whilst I do hold a lot of her opinions, I think her jumping to conclusions based on his accent and where he's from was really uncool, bc he didn't do any of that. I think the idea gender being non-binary is very hard to support and instead of diverting the question, she should've actually tried to answer it. Instead, she admitted she doesn't know and that it's just based on a personal situation. However, I think her defending of same-sex marriage was valid, and he struggled to support himself there. But to then jump the gun (quite literally, haha) and say she's totally against guns whilst assuming he isn't and that he's held one before was really rude and irrelevant to her point… She was definitely getting defensive and just making assumptions at that point, which is supposedly something she's against…? I dunno, the irony was quite comical. It's definitely clear that she THINKS she's more open-minded than she actually is, and I find that really upsetting. Bc she's not, and someone should tell her that.

  28. Well this guy might look well but i felt that he was conservative as hell…..somewhere i feel that he's super against LGBTQ….i liked that she rejected him …she totally deserves soo much better….

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