Talk About RELIGION in English – English Vocabulary lesson

Talk About RELIGION in English – English Vocabulary lesson

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  1. I like your lessons so much!
    I do not know English very well but I think there is a difference between a fast and simply not eating.
    A Fast is when you do not eat with the purpose of clearing your mind to reach some spiritual goal, you pray, you listen to God through reading the Holy Word etc.

    When you not eat because of some medical or other reason it is a hunger strike (I could be wrong with a right name)

  2. I am a religious person going to church on daily basis. It gives me a lot of inner calm and happiness. Although, I've never talked about my believes with fellows, as I consider it too private. But there is something that totally reshaped my life hard to keep under my hat. I saw with my own eyes the power of the Eucharist, and what can be achieved by praying the Pompeii Rosary Novena…

    You haven't mentioned an interesting doctrine of purgatory for those who are not so bad to go to hell but still rough around the edges to go to heaven instantly.

  3. First of all, I would like to thank you from the deepest of my heart for your videos and especially for that one about legal terms, because I am a retired judge and that video has helped me a lot. I was born in a Christian country (Brazil), from a Jewish mother and a Christian father. My parents were not religious, but I was educated by Catholic priests and Orthodox rabbis, but I must confess that I dated Hinduism and Buddhism for a very short time during my youth, but still, I have always identified myself as a Jew and with orthodox Judaism. I actually believe and trust in God. In Portuguese, we've got two words to say to "pray" : "orar" and "rezar" >>> ORAR means talking to God openly and from our heart without following a pre-established prayer like Protestants usually do instead of "REZAR" means follows a pre-established prayer like Catholics and Jews usually do. We Jews believe in one and unique G'D, the Almighty, the Creator of the universe and everything; we also believe in the end times with the coming of the Mashiach, the resurrection of the dead for the "Day of the Great Judgement", but we also believe in the reincarnation until that day. We pray three times at the synagogue and several times a day (especially before and after eating, for instance), but I also and often like to talk to God, opening my heart to Him, begging for His love, forgiveness, misery, guidance and leading. Well, God may not exist, but the fact that I believe in Him makes me so well, that I prefer to continue believing and trusting in Him. Besides this, when I die, if God does not exist, I will not lose anything for having believed in Him, but if God really exists, I will have lost a lot for not having believed in Him. Finally, I'd like to say that nowadays I face RELIGION also as a national roots, cultural identity and values ​rather than faith, for even among followers of a same religion and whithin a nation, you will find people with more faith or less faith. God bless us all !

  4. Hi
    I appreciate the topic and the way you refer to all beliefs. I’m a Seventh Day Adventist (Christian,follower of Christ) I believe in the BIBLE(Basics Instructions Before Living Earth)as the word of God creator of all Universe. I believe we don’t have a Soul we are a Soul. I also believe when we die we are in a deep sleep,our thoughts perish,waiting for Jesus return and resurrect us to take us to a perfect righteous world and destroy sin wickedness unrighteousness once and for all …
    I respect all people and beliefs!
    Thank you for allowing me to share my beliefs with you 💛

  5. We officially pray 5 times a days but we do remembrance of God many times in different ways like zikr and reciting Quran ..we fast in the month of ramadan..lying backbiting, mistreating others are sins..modesty for men and women is liked in our religion..and there is so much importance and emphasize on the rights of parents specially mother, neighbours, wife and husband daughters and relatives..i am a Muslim

  6. Any atheists here? 🤓🤓🤓
    Let's take some pop corn and read some comments! 🤣🤣🤣 respect y'all! Much love and take care! 😊

  7. hi Ally. I'm Zahra from Iran. I've just found your great videos and fantastic and useful lessons.thank u soooo much. I've already watched several including this interesting one about religion. in the forth minute you say "…a believer … " I'd never heard " a " with the sound of "a" in "cat" !!!! I checked dics and ask my friends BUT got nothing except schwa and /eI/ for "a" . can u plz help me

  8. we have along with fasting and pray what so called Zakat, which means that you must pay a particular money every year to poor deprived people, this is mandatory as pilgrim also.
    Thanks ever so much for this topic

  9. Hy! I used to be a Catholic, but when I grew I wasn't really going to church or anything, just went to the mass sometimes..(used to say I was a "non-praticant" – is that a word?) . So I began to say I was someone who believes in God and Jesus but didn't really had a religion… Since last year I began to go to – what we call it- Spirit Center which is the place you go when you follow the Spiritism, the spirit doctrine (not the nature type)
    I'm sorry if I'm saying these wrong, but it wasn't on your video and I'm not completely sure about how to say it and the translators out there aren't good for Portuguese…

  10. I used to believe in God. But now, I think that Religions cause only wars. And the best way to manage people is Religions. Ofcourse I respect all believes and Religions.

  11. I'm spiritual. I believe in Love which is everywhere… We are all connected made of one big love 😀 I'm fasting from time to time because it helps me to clear my mind.

  12. G-d is divided in our emanations. If G-d is immortal, either we are.Then after death starts reincarnation as a soul/emanation wishes

  13. O my God when the fake lightning strike your head, the sound is like real through my headphone :D. got me shocked

  14. Ali, your lessons rule! Taboo on talking about religion (or sex, or death, or politics) in english classes is an ostrich policy that misses so much opportunity to learn something new. As for me, i'm an atheist, so i csn't tell anything about churches, spirituality, afterlife and so on. But I'm OK with folks who actually believe in all this stuff. Much love from Russia!

  15. no haunted house but, I´m live with a witch, by the way when i die i'll become part of the force

  16. Hello! I was an orthodox but I converted to Krishna conciousness, and I love Papa English. It is iresistible. Hare Krishna!

  17. In my religion we pray five times in a day. when I am thinking about (funny or not funny)sins, There is not different too much ( dont lie, dont kill, dont be unfair….) but pork is forbidden. Of course there is a reason for that. I am muslim. we believe in God ( ALLAH ) our prophet is MUHHAMMED (s.a.v.). Love, peace, RESPECT ect. are the most important things in our religion. Beauty in everything comes from God. We believe in afterlife so we live today to get ready for afterlife. and we believe in ghots, sprits and soul 🙂 and last If you go to mosque, you must take off your shoes. we never put on shoes at home.

  18. I used to go to church but now I prefer to pray at home or anywhere else… I don't know if I'm religion or spiritual… 🤔

  19. we Muslims pray 5 times a day, the prays must be in the mosque cuz we need to pray together as muslims, but it's okey if u r too busy u can pray the place where u are, we believe in afterlife, we believe that there is heaven that is waiting for all of us, but we should do the good things for entering it.. being kind..not hurting other people despite their religion, their colour, or their country.. being kind to every creature that can breath.. animals/plants/humans.. respecting others, especially ur parents.. all this will be our passport to enter heaven. there is hell too but this place was only made for the bad people, those monsters who hurt ppl, commit crimes, those prisedents who causes the death of millions children, those who steal others's money and life.. and so on and so forth..

  20. please, don't call a synagogue a temple. these things are absolutely different. nowadays the jewish temple doesn't exist. it was ruined 2000 years ago. only one wall left. it's in Jerusalem. temple is more for service. synagogue is more for learning. it is literally translated as the learning house (beta kneset)

  21. I am religious. Here in Ukraine, we have some weird issues. I and many others like me – we were told that our Belief – is not patriotic! And we constantly hear those hints about we are wrong (we are Orthodocsals!). And that we are not Ukrainian Christians, and that we are the enemies for Ukraine! Some strong guys may now come and take out our Cathedrals, our churches… We go to Europian Union, we stated it politically… Still, I doubt whether those kinds of issues may annoy your western societies… Those problems may seem strange for you… Even my comment may seem strange… Thanks to all of you! And l hope that we, Ukrainians, at least will remember that strongest state that we are friendly to each other by nature!

  22. i am beliver , i believe in god, christian orthodox, anyone should do good deeds in live in order to meet the good and go to hevean, otherwise they will meet the satan. we go to church to pray

  23. its god to see many people from different religious backgrounds gather here. we need to live a life in peace and harmony.

  24. I‘m Muslim and I believe that our life is a short time to train ourselves and gain the abilities needed to live in heaven. God guided us to find and grow these talents. if we waste this opportunity, we would not be able to live in heaven, then we would be very unhappy and regretful, feel like being in hell.

  25. Alhamdullilah…i believe in one God(Allah)….and i testify that there is no God but Allah…

  26. According to the Bible Luke 16:19-31, after we die we all will be in the Hades. A gulf that divides Hades into two sections; the pleasant section, where Abraham, Lazarus, and all the saved saints are, and the section of torment where the rich man and all the perished sinners are. The two sections are cut off from each other and have no bridge between them for passage. Yet those in the two sections can see and even talk to one another. The poor man was saved not because he was poor but because he heard the word of God.(John 5:24, Eph 1:13). The rich man perished not because he was rich but because he rejected the word of God.(Act 13:46). God loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that everyone who believes into Him would not perish, but would have eternal life. May God have mercy and grace upon you. Praise the Lord!

  27. Hi, I am an Eastern Orthodox Christian. Born and raised a southern Baptist, converted to Roman Catholicism in college in finally came to the end of my journey and entered into communion with the Orthodox Church in my early thirties. The Orthodox expression of Christianity allows me to hear God most clearly.but I believe that God speaks to different people in different ways hence, maybe one reason why there are so many expressions of Christianity as well as other religious expressions outside of Christianity. I accidentally came across your YouTube videos and find them both entertaining and informative and I am a native English speaker! That is if you consider an American can be speak a native form of the queen's English! (Best not get into that I suppose) thank you for urging openness and tolerance among all peoples of Faith as well as those of no faith. We have many things in common and so many things in this world and in this life that need work. We may not be able to pray together but we can pray For each other and work together. God bless you and keep up your excellent, excellent work! You are a real

  28. I'm a Muslim woman, I believe in God, with no partners nor any equals. I do the fast and I respect all other religions. Thanks for your efforts you are the best!

  29. 😂the funniest and the least "irritating" way of teaching religion related vocab!!! Thank you!!! Shared your vid with all my advanced level students.

  30. Catholics are not Christians? That's a pretty nice thing to say! Also, you forgot about confess and confession; absolve and absolution and sacrilege as well.

  31. What happens after you die?
    Nothing,you came from ashes and you back to there
    how many time do you pray?
    If you know the number it is because you don't pray enough,GOD is your friend and want to hear about your problem and he promises listen
    Do you believe in reencarnation?
    No(I dont try be rude,i just no believe)
    How do you call you temple?
    Kingdon hall

    My inglish is a working in progress,i try my best without consulting google translate

  32. I am an Orthodox Christian.
    We pray in the evening and in the morning. From the prayer book. But we also pray whenever we want during the day but it is by memorised short prayer"Our Lord, Jesus Christos, Son of God, forgive our sins".
    We have four lents. 2 long ones, and 2 short ones. One is 6,the other is 7, the 3rd is 3 or 5, and forth is 2 weeks long.
    We also go to church in Sundays and holidays.
    Fan fact is that we celebrate our Christmas in January 7th.
    We love our God and we have a big goal to be as perfect as Him.
    In the past, but even now, too, we have problem with muslims, but also Catholics.
    The first one hate us, burn our churches, and take our land. The second ones want to convert us to their religion.
    I wish this was a better world where everyone can be free and happy, believing in what ever they want.
    But for not it is not possible.
    Love you Ali. God bless. This was fun lesson

  33. India 🇮🇳 is a secular country,we don’t have any official religion,which I am very proud of.
    We are united under our differences.
    Indians are religious people but I am a spiritual person(I follow Hinduism 🕉)and can pray in temple, mosque and church ,it doesn’t matter to me. Religion is a man made thing , so believe in humanity first then your religion.

  34. Aly, first of all: I love you channel. You really rock! Well, would you please distinguish "phantom" from the other spirit words? Is it the same of ghost? Cheers from Brazil!

  35. I'm Muslim, I believe in God deep from my heart . I pray five times every day and sometimes I enjoy praying at night while people sleeping . I fast for one month every year. I don't believe in ghost but in the same time I feel afraid of dark places. The funniest thing about ethics in my country is they don't believe in God not because that what they sure about, no, it's a kind of insurgency. They want to just provoke their parents or drow attention but anyway they are free to believe in what they want

  36. I am religious and i don’t believe in reincornation.. how about you? Aly. I Wonder 🙂 could you mention a little bit?

  37. I am a muslim and I believe in God, and Mohamed ( peace be upon him) is the last prophet. Muslims pray 05 times a day , fast one month a year, zakat from money once a year, pilgrimage once a life.

  38. whats correct??

    do you not believe in god ?
    dont you believe in god ??

    The question way i mean…

  39. Well,thank you for the inspiring video!

    I'm Indonesian and Muslim. As a Muslim, I do believe in God. And as you said that surely I'm monotheist, coz I take syahadat it means there's no God Except Allah SWT and Mohammad is messenger of God.

    I do believe in afterlife there's Heaven and also Hell. And the choice is yours. If you choose heaven you following the good and leaves the bad. You're responsible for your sins, for what you do in your whole life, and however human is not perfect. Respect!

    I do believe Satan or devil, but not worshipping them tho!

    I've prayed five times a day, fasting in ramdhan and go to mosque every day specially for Friday.

    Islam is the religion of peace, trust me. Don't believe the propaganda on media or bla bla bla. You don't know if you're not seeing yourself.

    Islam teached me to respecting non Muslim (All Religions), peace, not drinking alcohol, eating halal food, love your neighbors even a stranger, caring each other, love each other coz every Muslim is brothers and sisters and it's US so you're never gonna be Alone. Etc.

    If you want to know about Islam, please go to mosque ask us don't be shy.
    I don't mean to ask you or everyone else to convert or whatever.
    I just proud to be Muslim 😊
    Thank you for all those questions.
    Love you papa
    Love you all brothers and sisters.
    May Allah be upon you!

  40. im Muslim and i belive one god, and thank you so much Aly, youre the best teacher, You give me motivation to learn English, i enjoyed every videos.. I hope I can meet you when I become a Sailor in cruise ship, i will try my best to learn English😊

  41. I want to add something too! If you "convert" from another belief to Islam, we call it "reverting". As in Islam it is believed that every child is born upon Allah's religion but in life, as they grow up, they may choose different paths. And if they become Muslim "again", it's reverting.

  42. I'm jew, but being jew is not only about believing in God, it's about belonging to God. If jew stop believing in God, he doesn't stop being a jew, he still belongs to God, if he wants to or not. He may betray his Lord and Lord will punish him for this, but also forgive and return him to himself. There's no way to be out of religion for jew, even if he consider himself to be out it. so here is all that optimistic.

  43. Amazing teacher really
    I'm a Muslim I wish all of you read about Islam it's the catalogue that make your life go perfectly

  44. I don't believe in ghosts… i think the soul goes back to the god above who created it as Quran says … then it goes to Heaven or Hell… I'm a proud muslim and I love you all ❤❤ much respect

  45. Hello, I am a Roman Catholic, I believe in God, heaven and hell. I go to church every Sunday 🙂 and I pray everyday.

  46. I believe in ONE GOD, Believe in MUHAMMAD, Yesus, Moses, Abraham, Isaac, Ismael, David, Nuh, Adam, Jacoob, Yousef, Solomon, Selah , all PROPHETS, QORAN, also believe in Satan , Ghost, Jinn, Devil, heaven and hell, and yes we have SOUL .
    Mr. Aly, i do not write english well, i learn from u lately, thanks

  47. I am learning English and laughing at the same time … Luv your videos, you're an awesome teacher ❤️👍

  48. Thank you for religion words, I am a Muslim I believe in God, females don`t go to a mosque, we pray at home 5 times a day and fast once a year. The Muslim religion is a young religion among other religions, we believe in heaven and hell. Good luck to everybody!!!!!

  49. I am a Muslim too, first essential thing for us not to believe in any gods but Allah. I much much love my religion and it makes me happy and strong in the life. Also Islam's meaning is peace, so respect to all people. I invite everybody to Islam.🇹🇷☪️🕋🕌

  50. Protestan . Catholic and the other religion which believe in Trinity God. Are called CHRISTIAN
    CHRISTIAN is mean follower Jesus Christ.
    Believe Jesus Christ as saviour and God.
    I'm Christian.
    Jesus Christ blessing you Teacher

  51. This is the best class I've ever seen!

    I really love your creativity and the fact that you make me smile during your classes. Everything look easier. Thanks for your awesome job, dear Papa. 😀

  52. I'm a Muslim and in my religion we do believe that Heavens are created just for us and the rest of the humanity will be burned forever in Hell!!! this is crazy i know 😁😁😁

  53. সত্যি আপনি সেরা শিক্ষক।। translet it… 😍😍😍.i'm a monotheist. believe in Allah

  54. Wow! This video is certainly a lot of work! Good job! I wonder how much time you've spent to make this 13-minute video!

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