Taking Spirituality to the Next Level

Taking Spirituality to the Next Level

So today I want to talk about, in one respect,
we could call it true and false spirituality. In another respect, we could just say it’s
sort of like taking spirituality to the next level. So in a way we could say that there’s groups
of people on earth obviously, there’s humanity, and no matter where you think you are in race,
gender, and whatever else, that that’s not what’s important spiritually. We could say
that all the human race divides into just a few groups. There are those… You could
say are unbelievers, atheist, agnostic, whatever they happen to be, just not into spirituality.
Then there are those who are into spirituality. Now, that sort of splits into two groups:
Those that are in to spirituality, there’s religious people and then there’s spiritual
path people, each thinking that they’re completely right and the other’s wrong, but they’re both
in the same group, which they don’t realize they’re like twins. They’re just, they’re
identical twins. They just sound different, but they’re the same. Religion and those who
think they’re on the spiritual path. Now, those who think they’re on the spiritual
path are most of the people even watching a program like this, kind of open-minded spiritual,
New Age yoga practitioners and all that. It’s very cool. I always say, there’s an easy way
and a hard way to waking up, but in fact there’s three, there’s the easy way, there’s the hard
way, the easier and then the easy way I simplify and say the easy way or the hard way. But
really, the hard way, those awaiting the christening of the Holy to by for… It’s just like non-believers
they don’t believe in it, it’s all just a joke, they don’t, they think it is silly and
they will have their awakening in some way. Then, there those, the easi-er way, which are the
people, maybe religious, they believe in something something. They do believe in prayer and so on, and even
more liberal, religious people, the spiritual people, and in the illusion of this world,
it’s kind of cool that there is a progression from non-believing to religion to spirituality,
spirituality religion being part of the same second group. There’s an easy way though on
the spiritual path or in life’s path. Hard Way, easi-er. And then the easy way, the difference
between the easier way and the easy way easier way is still us trying to control it. You know, I used to be doing things the hard
way, but now now I’m into this and I’m into that and I do this and I do that kind of cool,
but I’m still in charge. And people on the spiritual path, don’t realize that they’re
still secretly trying to control the third group. The easy way is when you learn to let
God do these things through you. Like Osho would say, “You know, God, I’m like a flute,
and God plays through me,.” Whether you call it this teacher, that teacher, this
teaching that teaching, it’s the ones that reminds you to come back to God. Spirituality
almost makes us think in religion, they think that their religion is God. So, in spirituality,
we’re like, “Oh God, that’s so old school.” So controlling and yet you think you’re God,
’cause most people on the spiritual path still try to control what’s happening and not realize
it. We still think… Oh, well, you know, if I just do a little of this or that that
will fix that in health, which is normal thinking if we think through ourselves, you know, “Mercury
is going retrograde today, I’m gonna not call anybody for three weeks and then that will
neutralize that.” It’s still… You trying to manage in this
world now, no mind you, it’s better than being a victim of it. You’re stepping up, saying
I’m going to take responsibility for my life, but at some point you go, from being out of
control, victim being in control, control freak to letting go of control and being guided.
That is a minority huge, huge minority. The numbers of people doing that. Third group
are in the thousands on this planet, not tens of thousands, thousands. It’s not that many.
A lot of us are on the verge of it, but to be truly cross the line and get to that group,
it means learning to say things that… That second group of spiritual people don’t wanna
do, they don’t wanna say words like, God or Jesus or cry. Oh, that’s old school. I don’t
really use the Jesus’c word that’s old school. Seeing that secretly an attempt to not go
to the third group which is spiritually awake truly, truly becoming awakened. You can’t
take the final step on your own. Of Course in Miracle says You can only become so spiritual.
And at some point it’s like, uh, uh… And at some point, you can’t go any further on
your own, you have to say, I don’t know. And let spirit come and pick you up. No, no, I am spirit. I am affirming now that
I am pickup, and I am home and I’m on with all beings out a mosquito. You’re not… You still leave the prince in
the mud when you walk through in the snow when you want, you’re still here, you’re not
home, you cannot send yourself. Oh, haven’t you heard the special powder,
you can buy and then you ascend really leave me or shoes, you will be needing him. I guess guys, it’s ego, arrogance secretly
disguising itself as spiritual prowess spiritual magnificence. I know all the cool things I
wear all the right colors, I know all the right mantras, but you’re still the difference
between the easy, your way and the easy way is that in the easier way of waking up, you’re
still doing something chanting pray whatever. You’re still doing something at some point
to get to the third group. There’s a point of, I don’t know, show me, guide me, come
back to God, come back because the last shall be first, come back to, I don’t know, show
me say those naughty words, Holy Spirit, Divine Mother, God, Jesus Christ, they’re all representatives
of the divine. Don’t just channel your deceased grandmother asked to be the presence of the
Holy Spirit embodied. And don’t just channel beings, become whatever you channel unless
it’s freaky then say, good-bye to it. Why channel something if it’s freaky scary, confusing,
only the best only the best right here. And now, for me, only God choose God to spirit
who’s the Holy Spirit. There are people in the spirituality community, ’cause it’s false
spiritual better than not believing in anything I I get that, but in the false spirituality
community guys, they’re all over the place, they walk around. Oh, I don’t wear it crosses
’cause that’s old school and I don’t tell you to wear a cross. Jesus, don’t wear them, so don’t wear, but
I’m not saying don’t want the cruise. The crucifix, the cross is a sacred symbol,
but I don’t need a crucified Jesus on the cross. So I personally would think twice about
it. He does so he’s like… No, I been there done
that. I wasn’t on the first time I don’t. Okay, so we look at this and say, “Well what
do I do here? I do these people say I’m not into the Jesus thing. What what you, in to… Oh, well, I just believe
in being… It’s so brilliant, because that means I’m being non-committal, I can just
hang out believing in everything because you can tell the second group, the second group
is starting with the first half of the second group is religious people. The second half
of the second group are the spiritual people, and you know them because they’re gonna say,
I own her all pads. And I know as some of us here, so no or I honor all paths and I
don’t really believe in listening to a teacher any more or any particular teaching, ’cause
I’m just so open-minded. I know it sounds good. They also say things like, There’s no destination,
it’s only the journey that matters, I love that because you’re right for you. There is
no destination, you’re not getting anywhere. So brilliant. So it is there’s no destination correct? Apparently,
’cause you’re not getting anywhere, you’re just hanging out in spirituality. I honor
all groups know you don’t… Not truly… You just wanna make it look that way. You walk around with your male beats, but
you don’t follow the ways of Buddha. Oh yes, I believe in Buddha, because I believe in
peace, you believe in your opinion of what peace is. Because Bud also said Get up and
move, when there’s something to get done. You know, he also said, your smile to bring
people to God, he didn’t say just hide away from your body, whatever gifts you have, smile
included gift of speech, use them, but to bring people to God, instead of hooking them
to you is, where that term hooker comes from someone, it is someone that’s using energy
to hook someone in, but what politician is in a hooker everybody’s got an agent and they’re
trying to hope somebody, towards their thing. What religion isn’t looking just at… We
detach that term in one direction, only but really it’s all the same. Stop hooking people
instead, share and invite by being… Not being worthless, by being the presence. So
someone says, “You know, you always seem so happy you can say, you know, thank you, that
means a lot to me ’cause I’m not always, but I do my best. And they go, God, look at that
honesty. And yet, it works. What do you do, where forgiveness really? Well, I’ve tried
forgiveness, and they ask questions and… Well, there’s no perfect answer, but it’s
along these lines. You have casual about it, you don’t preach and you say you know. Yeah,
sometimes I have trouble for giving to and, but I do know this, even times when I’m having
trouble forgiving there’s a certain formula that works, no matter what, which is even
if I don’t wanna forgive I’m gonna put the words out of my mouth that I forgive, not
because I’m lying to myself for falling myself, I’m moving myself in the right direction,
because tomorrow I might be a few steps closer to it instead of hopelessness. So the folks
you know, The Mall of beads. And then oh yeah, they’re like how cool I
am. They have t-shirt on, you know, the one really…
Oh, that’s just so spiritual. Geez, you put… We don’t even have to eat anymore because
you have one on your t-shirt. Do you have any idea what it means? Oh, well, it’s a sensor here means on… And
there’s no history, there’s no substance to what it means. Do you recite one? Well, you know, I have
my own way of doing that, something like that. And if they even do recite home, what do you
do when you do that? What are you, changing for… What are you asking for, “what are
you affirming when you say… Oh, do they really all all the people do they really understand
it, it’s just strange, the whole spiritual thing and they typically cannot say words
like Jesus or Christ or Holy Spirit because they’re Christian or they’re thinking that
their religious terms, and they’re not, they’re God terms. God had him before, religion did.
We’ve gotta watch, because when religion screw something up, it makes us still disheartened.
Han we don’t use them, but guess who won that fight? The ego sets us up, gets us to twist
the use of words like Christ in Christianity, and it isn’t. Jesus had so little to do, has
so little to do with Christianity, it’s not even funny, Christ consciousness, cannot be
contained in a religion and even Buda, and even Mohamed and so on, it’s on what became
of a religion-based supposedly on their words. I have very little to do with whatever they
ever taught originally, even Buda Sutras and “tantras and mantras all these different things
and lions and tigers and bears. Oh my, but I said, “Oh when I said, “Oh my…
So all these things to worry about and recite and yet nobody even remembers them anyway. You just have to sometimes just strip it down,
even if you’re in your home and in your ROI throw off your clothes to a symbolic… I
don’t know, sometimes just do that no more words or mantras. Here I am and bow just bow
the forehead to the ground. I don’t know, I don’t have to… Like you think you know
on your knees when you pray at your side of your bed. Oh, I remember, people don’t go. Yeah, I do that. Rigel go. I remember that
because you think that’s what children do. I still do it once in the right moment. There’s
moments. I think I was in my office the other day and as soon as it hit me, I’m not gonna
question it. I have a couch in my office, kneel, forehead to the couch. You know, somebody
could walk up and postman, or whatever, up to the door, look at and go, “Man, he’s either
nuts, or he’s fanatically religious,” and it has nothing to do with any of that. It’s
a spiritual inspiration. It’s not how I pray every day, and I don’t pray every day on the
couch like that, but follow the moment of right now, I feel like standing with my arms
extend, it to the sky, and gratitude right now I’m in and I don’t know, with IT, whatever,
just… But following spirit to know to trust something so beautiful. It’s not old school
to call on the Holy Spirit to call on the divine mother, you know, so you hear me talk
about all these traditions and… And a lot of people originally attracted to Unity, some
of you included come because it’s amazing. He’ll talk about Moses’ today and he’ll compare
Moses and Buddha. They, nobody usually ties them together… And then one other time,
Jesus and he’ll talk about Jesus and his next door neighbor. It’s so cool, it’s so many
things. And then what they do is sometimes fall in love with that level of spirituality
that’s very embracing, but listen carefully. Because I don’t stop there, I go to the next
step too which is back to God. It’s not cool just to be able to cross-reference names mantras
tunes in this and that. Any other people, teachers, and whatever, that’s just to sort
of create substance for us to sit in and connect with underneath what I say when I’m speaking
there’s a spiritual presence and I’m not boasting, it, I give thanks to step into it, but there’s
a feeling there’s a presence you’ll hear me say consistently. God, some of our songs that
we played before we start the service listen to how spiritual they are even if they seem
fun, playful, songs spirit, the sky. It still, it has a spiritual… Something
that earthen a fire serpentine fire is still has a spiritual substance there and you say
Well, all old spiritual centers play religious music. Yeah, stuff like was me know. Oh, you know what, a wretch, I am. Oh, looks
very traditional “Amazing Grace, which I think is a very spiritual tone, but it’s been twisted
into a very shame-based home people standing around singing Amazing Grace and they almost
affirm a to save a wretch like me, ’cause they’re thinking that we’re just worms, man,
we are low lives instead of we should change the words of amazing grace, isn’t Grace amazing
because it restores us to being gods and goddesses rather than… Oh, I hope I get some of that
grace ’cause I am such a wretch, but I think it’s a great song ’cause it was written by
a slave runner, you know, and he came close to death and he realized what I’m doing is
wrong, I think that’s great. I can sing that song and not go. This is old
school, I’ll sing it. I think it’s great because I’m singing a song that was written by a man
who found his dark night of the soul, and said something we’re doing is wrong. See,
in saving human beings, he still learned the hard way ’cause it was a near death experience.
We were getting to the place where we can learn the easy way, which is just, I just
know what’s right, not just “I need to be told what’s wrong, I just start following
what’s right. And he could have done that, he could have said no. No, I don’t think I do that. Why… As I like
to do what’s right, that’s not loving. So now, instead of having to come to near-death
about what’s wrong, you say what I’m saying there. So that’s how we can learn to live
in this world now, instead of everything having to blow up literally and figuratively in our
lives. To come to a place of saying, “You know what, I’m just gonna let the Holy Spirit
which is synonymous with the Divine Mother, the holy spirit might be my guide, and my
teacher, my healer be all that I’m looking for, and I’ll hang out with people. I won’t
say. Well, I don’t need a teacher hang out with a teacher to talk about that. I don’t
need a spiritual center of group, hang out in groups that do that and I don’t need you
know this and that. And the other attracts friends and partners
that believe along those same lines, built an energy build that grips for the mill drawing
in get stuff to create substance in your life be careful not to stay in that second group
going. Oh, I’m really spiritual. How much closer are you to God? Well, I just believe that God is everywhere
a very casual, such a great disguise… ’cause in the casual-ness, no commitment. We’re doing
an online course right now on revelation of the divine self and in there, it’s great,
because we’re translating all the wear dark symbols into what they’re really meant to
be. And one of those, there’s several I’ve already referenced without people even knowing
it, but just because there are architects but the idea that we’ve forgotten our first
love, that’s in there that we have forgotten or first of back to God getting our priorities
straight here, there are recovering addicts. It still fill the cravings and they still
grinding their teeth, over their addiction and the more they’re further on closer to
that third group. Of God connection, then so-called spiritual people because they have
humility. I’m not saying they’re always humble, because it’s egotistical to be an addict,
they know that it’s self-serving, it’s all about myself, I want what I want, whatever
the addiction is, people or whatever, but they see it, they own it, to get to the third
group. It’s interesting because the other groups, there’s a first group and two halves
of the second group, but each of them is separate from one another the non-believers, the believers
pseudo-believers, but believers and of those believers have a religious in half or spiritual.
But those groups are kind of separate. This third group is ironic, because they’re sort
of made up of the other groups a way. How could you be made up of atheist there
at the bottom? If I turn it this way, they’re down in atheist non-believers and then there’s
the religious people, they’re just hopeless, shaming and blaming people all the time and
try to convert to to their religions, they can grow their religion and make more money,
you know the judgments we can have on them. And spiritual pseudo-spiritual people, they,
they all horizontal. It could be a non-believer or believer. You’re
still horizontal ’cause you’re not getting anywhere, you’re still part of this world,
the cross, the cross bar of across this world and your beliefs are still crucify you to
get ascended you need the vertical part of the cross something that takes you to God.
Well, I don’t really know about that ’cause I’m hanging out in a being. Yes you are, you’re
just being part of the problem. No, I’m spiritual. You’re the spiritual part of the problem.
I’m religious yes, you’re the religious part of the problem. I’m in at your the atheistic
part of you’re all still part of the cross piece. You wanna get home, everybody wants
to get home. And what’s cool is that even an atheist not believing in God at all. Let’s say agnostic, not sure. And the addict,
wherever they are in any of those places, they’re as close to God because if they just
choose humility they’re home, they’re in that third group that’s going home rather than
just hanging out. So the person that thinks they’re the academic, the person that thinks
that they’re the religious, a follower, the person that thinks their kind of a cool hang
out spirituality, the arrogance in any one of them keeps you from spirit, the humility
takes you home. So, it isn’t that I go from being atheistic to religious and then to spiritual
and then I grow home. There’s a little bit of truth to that, that that’s sort of an evolution.
Hopefully speaking, it looks like it’s an evolution I’m exposing today that there are
really… They’re all horizontal. That other works a little bit, but mostly everybody just
make excuses to hang out horizontally thinking they’re more evolved than the other. The religious people think the spiritual people
are all screwed up, those new angers you, know in the new age, and the religious people,
they look at the academics and the atheists they’re just caught up in intellectualism
and they don’t know the humility to surrender to God, they all still blame each other. The
third group says everyone’s welcome but you cannot enter this group while still in control
of everything. Just surrender. Just, you know, surrender find humility, let go, let God,
and that’s how we get there. It’s kind of cool, because if you think about it, it’s
it’s a minority at this point on this planet, but only because people don’t realize what
I’m saying here, the religious people think they’ve got it and the others, the academics
or whatever you can be academic and spiritual. I’m just saying the intellectuals of the world,
they think. Oh, you poor souls, you just die and leave you’re just making something up
you’re just doing this to you, you’re having to some sort of spiritual aspirin for the
ACES of your insides, you’re gonna die, you’re gonna be gone, you’re making up a God, so
you don’t isolate about it who it’s kind of harsh, but that’s what they think they think
religious spiritual people are more on think. And so the other things… Well that’s why…
Because you’re going to help. They’re all in hell, they’re all in now ’cause
you’re in their horizon, all you’re doing is changing your clothing. Look at me, I’m
an atheist. Look at me, I’m religion. They’re just clothing, you put on, everyone
has to get to the same place we’ve got to surrender and say, Okay, I got it. God, be
my teacher, my healer Holy Spirit. Let go of the fear of using the terms where
the maladies… It’s fine, it’s fine. Where the Buddhist bracelets, the New Age crystal
where all of it have a crystal ball on the desk of your, you know, office, do all the
cool stuff but not in replacement of a relationship with God. Let God come through you and your
hero cards, let God come through you and your surgeries. Anything you experience? One thing
is not better than another, like we think it is horizontally speaking, they’re all the
same, not how do we get back to God just back to the humility and it’s the, I don’t know,
factor. So all of a sudden I’m just an addict who says I need to call upon you, God, I need
help, I clearly don’t know how to deal with my life. I tried to control my life, and I
don’t know how here I am, you see what I’m saying, and it’s like you’re now you’re gonna
zip from that’s that horizon. You could be way out of the outer most portion
of that cross piece of the cross. You’re gonna go right to the center and start moving upwards,
just because of a simple thing called humility. What we need is sincerity. When I say humility
I’m talking about Simplicity responsibility honesty with oneself. I don’t know, here I
am, and the last shall be first. So in my, I don’t know, affirmation, I start to be filled
with what does now, it’s quite beautiful, the guys, please to be somebody that’s willing
to change the stuff of this world be willing to be one of the people that doesn’t have
the… That’s afraid to say you can change the word a little if you must. Holy spirit,
divine Mother, God just stay in the ball park and it’s a very least know what you’re talking
about, don’t say, “Well God, is everywhere. So I know I don’t like to use the word Christ,
’cause that’s traditions religious. No, it isn’t, you’re making an excuse to hide
as always see the humans that make excuses. They dress it up as spirituality but it’s
just excuses again and I love it. That the work we do here in the work that I do here
with you folks, I love the feedback that I get online and in person here that people
say God this is… You’re giving permission for me to come back to God or to Christ…
Christ is a soul that remembered divinity. That’s all it’s perfect. I say That’s all
it’s capital A, all it’s all… And it’s okay, but I don’t think you need to walk around
town saying… Well, guess what, unit, I said. Oh, I’m converted now. And I believe it’s
Christ for me. And you can do that ’cause if it’s true for you, great, but I’m not saying
you have to walk around doing that talk about God talk about God call it Holy Spirit or
to bind mother to talk about God if you have a lot of courage to then even go so far as
to say Christ, but bring God back into your dialogues. Don’t preach but bring it back.
You know, here I am, for the grip by the grace of God. You know, here I go right by the grace
of God. A person in the Latin community, “Adios, see you later.” It means go with God, start
bringing God into your language. Is this particular language, Spanish, you can say, “Adios” and
nobody blinks, but you’re saying “Go with God.” Why don’t you to say it in English?
“Oh, then they’re gonna think I’m a weirdo.” Really. It sounds like you need healing, it sounds
like you need some… You have some issues around that, about around what being associated
with God. You don’t wanna be seen too close, you know what that’s called, it’s betrayal
and denial. The apostles who said No, I don’t know him, he won’t you one of his for no pieces
who, this is the guy who hours before I said I would never turn my back on you, I would
never deny knowing you. You know, Jesus is like Peter, I’m telling you you’re gonna do
this. “No, I would not.” “Peter, three times. You’re
gonna do this, not once, three times so that you can’t deny that you did it” “But I would
never… ” and, you know, look in the scriptures, you’ll read and you’ll read ’cause then the
original Aramaic Peter says, Talk to the hand. No, he doesn’t. But Jesus, says “Talk to the
hand,” but that’s kind of what he says in our modern silly terminology. “Peter, talk to the hand. You’re lying to
yourself.” I would never… And then he does it. So, watch guys. There is no outside world,
it’s a reflection of the inside. So in the outside world when you seem apprehensive about
owning your beliefs in God, not just your beliefs and hanging out spiritually… Let’s
all go down to you and have a circle. There’s one happening down one near the Red Rocks
tonight. No, oh we’re just being… I fill the Red
Rock energy, and that’s mental illness. Matt’s that’s not on… No, I’m exaggerating,
but that whole thing… Why are you doing that? Don’t tell me about the actual mineral changing
your life. The Red Rocks, what is the Red Rock? It’s a mineral. So you’re telling me
you a god, goddess, in this universe, your life is being transformed from the densest
of substances on this planet. No, how are you ever gonna remember your divinity when
you still think you need to sit on a Red Rock to not… Can I use this for ads for Sedona
right? And am I saying Don’t do it? No, I’m saying
do with God, “Do everything with God, you sit on the red rocks and say… Let me feel
your presence let God in the Red Rock infuse you not the rock in a relationship. People
can’t actually make you feel complete, like they say in the movies. Do You complete me?
That’s completely screwed up, but you know, complete but you know what does seeing the
divinity? And you, reminds me of my own. Thank you, now, we’re both blessing out. It’s
what’s in it, it’s not the rock, it’s what’s in it. So, can people go back and you know in your
circles don’t be too afraid, man, to say We’re having a circle, there’s a sacred ceremony.
If you’re the conductor of those ceremonies you don’t have to use words, I’m saying, but
something along the lines… Let’s call in the divine mother. Oh, you mean the earth, mother? No, you’re saying earth mother, ’cause you’re
afraid to say divine mother, the earth mother is just one article of the earth mother the
whole universe is or the divine mother, the whole universe is the divine mother there
are, it’s just one body of her one manifestation. Here’s a clock, she pushes her finger through
and it becomes a planet she… That’s not her totally, that’s one expression. So don’t
just try to hide behind earth mother, but if that’s all you can do with your group,
find you need to know when you say earth mother, you know, in your intention, I mean the Divine
Mother. And it’ll intensify the energy on the quality of your experience is that making
sense in everything you do, the crystals you where it’s not just the crystal call for the
divine light in the Crystal access the divine in all things, it you could say it’s the intent
but it’s even greater than the intent behind things. All the things you do, be with me
and help me decide what clothes I’m gonna wear today. Father-Mother God, God guide me,
show me, show me what people to meet the set him up for me. Which one you want to run into
what to say? And not to say everything in my being to be
guided, but no longer dress it up with the horizontal spirituality. That we just do another
drum circle, where we’re not allowed to mention God ’cause that’s tradition and we want to
hang out in to the drumming because it’s so casual, and open-minded, looking embracing
all traditions you’re lying. Because even the cultures of the past, didn’t do it the
way you’re doing it. They understood that underneath they’re calling on great spirit.
A lot of money. I’ll use that term a once again in but know
what it means. Don’t say that to avoid using the other God,
great spirit God. Okay, let’s take a few centering breaths,
let’s open our minds and hearts first, we open our minds. What did we hear today is
there’s something we don’t like, we’ll be careful. It’s not just ego resistance but
just have an open mind, that there’s even possibility of any ego resistance. Don’t call
it right or wrong. Just, let’s just set it aside if there is such… And with our open
minds, let’s listen more deeply to what we were really hearing today back to God back
to God. Can I do that in my courageous enough back to God? You might have been more spiritual,
when you were three, if at that time you were willing to talk to God to believe, in God
from your heart, instead of the countries of the head. I am apologizing for ever letting
my head rule my soul forever, letting myself think that I could not best or figure out
what’s best for me, I choose to surrender all beliefs that I know best, I may have learned
to speak louder, seem more confident but the more I did the smaller I became without realizing
it. So, I am surrendering into the great… I don’t know… Father-Mother God, I don’t
know. And I mean that in a glorious way, it means that this consciousness that God is
is so huge. I don’t know how to contain it and I’m gonna stop trying. I tried to contain
it in my vernacular, trough my little boxes to put this in, but it can’t be contained.
It’s intimidating to my ego to imagine that I deserve this level of goodness, but today
I’m gonna risk it and we let all the veils fall apart, let them all just part ways, and
fall into the Earth here. I am no longer false gods of my head, but
I call upon you Father-Mother God, the absolute the creator of all that is, real all of it
is love creator of the only that which is worthy of me. I choose only that which is
truly good. Fill me with your presence. I don’t settle any more for a person, place,
thing, to try to fill me even an opinion. No, instead, God is and just imagine the light
of God, the glorious light of God, pouring into your own heart, bringing you a form of
healthy true conversion to having your own relationship with God, having your own relationship
with God, how perfect it is this Holy Breath this Holy Spirit, it’s in your hands, Brother
that became Christ, it’s in your hands Divine Mother holy Shaina Holy Spirit shine your
glorious light into my heart and soul Quicken me awaken me to a new path of oneness with
God. There is a goal the journey is what’s unreal. It’s an illusion. I’ll do the journey,
but I don’t make that. My emphasis it just is the goal in God is what I choose to day
feel that presence. And when the children of God choose to remember their oneness with
God, miracles have to happen so miracle start to fill us surround us, be in us be through
us breathe into that and believe in it, breathe
in a deep breath, believing I’m being filled with the presence of God and then a nice calm.
Exhale, here, the sound of that Excel again in deep breath, entering the presence of God
love Excel once more in the presence of God. No settling
and on the exhale the presence good. We’re sharing it with the room through an
exhale now and on the exhale a slight hump like sound that represents the feeling. Oh good, good, good. The next time it’ll be louder and will continue
it even if you have to take breaths and keep doing it. We’re now going to simply go into
a chant just an on kind of a sound let it be the natural sounds and good, keep going,
keep going, keep going, don’t lose sight of what you’re centered in the sound like a rock
is worthless if you don’t fill it with spirit, fill that sound fill it with God’s presence
chant into the world good send it all dimensions all the reaches of the universe, outermost
reaches all people throughout all time people that have struggled with abuses slavers hurts
confusions send them the sound send them this, “love the presence of God, the perfect sound
representing the presence of God, open your mouth, let the sound come out more almost
done, keep going, keep going hearts, opening almost at a louder to every bird every creature
the sound of God and rest imagine of vibrating imagine that The earth
herself is reaching up to draw energy from this room and infuse. Herself with that vibration,
imagine, is that it brings a higher energy to the rocks, the red rocks, the trees the
creatures in the streams. Everything starts to vibrate more it’s God, not the stream,
the fish the rock, the god frequency in all things, makes them sacred and holy and to
all people who have ever made this, their priority there are atheists that have reached
out not knowing what to reach for. They were closer than those who think they know just
because the sincerity gets you there faster and closer. There are people in religion,
people that are in spirituality and people that are non-believers, that are some of what
makes up that third group. Just because there’s a part of them saying, “I don’t know, help
me. And so, it is it’s.

17 Replies to “Taking Spirituality to the Next Level”

  1. So funny. People don't like strong ego bashing teaching. Proves that many are called and few elect. We haven't conquered death yet..

  2. Umm oh no ..owm …or it om? To let go of the past as it never was. To not be driven into the future by my relentless brain. To see the flowers ..to be the bird on the limb on the tree outside looking in. Looking at the people inside. Not making judgmental comments. Just looking at the people not understanding what the people are saying. Just a bird in a limb on a tree looking in.
    To just be awake in present. What a place to be.

  3. There are over six thousand languages. Is it no wonder we cant communicate? Crazy people everywhere i go. Im crazy too but at least i know im crazy. Most people have no clue. Clueless and crazy. This world is nuts. I think i heard someone say forgive them lord for they know not what they do. I work on myself. I cant help anyone if im crazy. God help me to see….God help me to know…God make me whole.

  4. Wonderful as alwaysπŸ™πŸΌ sending Peace, love, benevolent light and gratitude to u Michael πŸ™πŸΌβœŒπŸΌβœ¨πŸ’•

  5. Thank you for this message. It was confirmation of what the Holy Spirit was dealing with my heart about today. My Goal now is not to talk about God so much but live it. I want some Integrity and Character in my life. I have been through and experienced all the deep flakiness in the name of Spirituality. Right now I am desiring a Simple Intimate Relationship with the Holy Spirit. I am daily growing and learning and asking God to let His Love, Light, Joy, be seen in me and be a reflection of Him to myself and others. Michael, Thank you for your Service.

  6. Just to add on to what you talked about from a different angle, Jung came to similar ideas with regards to necessity of western conceptions of religion (God, Christ, Holy Spirit, etc.) to be used by people existing within western culture.

    In summary of Jung: If you live within a western civilization and have a family history from here, you have to be able to learn from western ideas of God and Christ in order to develop spiritually. There is metaphysical reasons for that like everything, but it can also be described with mainstream psychological reasons. Our society arose from the teachings of Christ. It is implicitly embedded within our psyche and culture. You can't just ignore it. It is there and is effecting us whether you choose to understand and integrate it or not.

    The way of life in the east is formed around different ideas. Trying to take those eastern ideas on while living in a western civilization's paradigm and neglecting Jesus and his teachings is not practical. Our way of life does not make going all in exclusively on eastern philosophies effective. That's what you see with a lot of the New Age movement in the west. It is just can't be the same thing as it is in the East because the culture does not support it in the same way. You can't replicate it here successfully because the environment is so different. You can use, but don't forget western spirituality while you are at it. We are implicitly impacted by our culture and we are working against it if we neglect God/Christ.

    So…it makes logical sense that it is especially important to include the teachings of Christ, for spiritual development and general mental health when living in western civilization on many levels. As humanity moves towards some kind of union of western and eastern ideas in the formation of something new in this awakening, we can't neglect are roots and remain centered Basically, we need to integrate eastern philosophy into our western philosophies. Not jump ship to eastern ideas.

  7. It is the Essence ✑️ I really appreciate the cosmic humour you bring to spiritual teachings. I would highly recommend dry fasting for anyone that wishes to strengthen one’s personal connection to the Divine and allow Grace to heal our lives as we are ONE πŸ’–πŸ’Ž love the drum circle cosmic humour thank you for genuine laughter in our Oneness 🌹 blessings of love and Grace to All 🌈

  8. Thank you so much for your beautiful, humble truthful teachings.I was one who stopped saying God to my peers for fear of scaring people away. Thank you. xx

  9. I thank God for guiding me to this video. I was in the group of the spiritual who didn't like to embrace terms of God. But you lifted that veil and helped heal me through your words I am no longer ashamed of anything that is Divine. I was getting to this point already but your video was the catalyst I needed. Thank you so much!

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