Simon’s Cat Pop Time – Guide To Friends!

Simon’s Cat ‘Pop Time’ – Guide to Friends The Smart One The Disappearing One The Partner in Crime The Wise One The Disaster Magnet The Hoarder The Airead The Slimy One The Clueless One The Creative One The Reckless One The One That Always Digs Themselves a Hole! The Pranksters The Romantic One The Hero!

Jesus Culture – My One My All ft. Chris McClarney (Audio)

Just one touch and everything changes, everything changes With one word the world rearranges, the world rearranges By one life death was defeated, death was defeated And this one love has paid for my freedom, paid for my freedom No other hope No other love My one, my all Jesus No other god No one…

Happy Holidays from Saint Vic and the PreSonus Family!

“Jolly noise” Well Happy Holidays boys and girls I’m Saint Vic and you might as well be a big ‘ol shiny bell of holly because I’m about to deck your halls You want to know what makes this the most wonderful time of the year? Well I’ll tell you the gift of giving yule tide…

JESUS, (English), Jesus’ Transfiguration

Then Jesus took John and James and Peter with Him and went up the hill to pray. And while He was praying, His face changed its appearance and His clothes became shining white. Suddenly two men were talking with Him. They were Moses and Elijah, who appeared in heavenly glory. You will fulfill God’s purpose….

Saint-P. drift xo4y_b – дрифт у Исаакиевского собора (полное видео в оригинальном качестве)

In St. Petersburg, the police are inspecting a video posted in one of the social networks. This video is a computer graphics product. All the characters in it are fictitious and any coincidence with people who actually live or ever lived by chance. (but it is not exactly) Record is made from a drone. On…

Mary Poppins – 3 Booms in Mr Banks’s House

Post Everyone Four Three Two One Fire! -Katie Nanna, I do beseech you– -My wages, if you please. Coo! Theres a fair queue of nannies outside, sir. Shall I showmin? Ellen, I said 8:00 a Clock. and 8:00 a Clock it shall jolly well be. You see? Twelve seconds to go. Ten Nine EIght, Post…

Mother Teresa | A Heart for the Poor

(keyboard clicking) (film reel rolling) – [Martin Luther King Kr.] I have dream. – [John F. Kennedy] Ask not what your country can do for you. – [Nelson Mandela] The time to build is upon us. – [Pope John Paul II] All the nations shall find blessing. – [Albert Einstein] The common language of science….