Pop Goes the Weasel | Mother Goose Club Phonics Songs

Sing a song, we’ll all sing along with the Mother Goose Club! The Mother Goose Club! Tap, tap, tap, pow! Tap, tap, tap, bam! Tap, tap, tap, pop goes the weasel! I’ll be the monkey. And I’ll be the weasel. [giggling] [piano riff] [ding] [music plays] Squawk! [laughter] [squawking] [music plays]

Mary Poppins for Adults

– What do you guys want to do for lunch? – I don’t know, candy? (Mary Poppins theme music) – Good morning, I’m the new nanny. – Mary Poppins you came! – Indeed, now where are my charges? – Duh, we’re right here! – Oh, I’m sorry, I thought that I would be looking after…