Brick by Brick: The Forty Niner Way (Season 3, Episode 5)

The depth of this team has really improved and that’s been a long process and that should lead to tougher decisions. When someone looks you in the eye and tells you hey here’s what we’re doing and here’s why we’re doing it. That helps you. I think you can at least know okay I gave…

Flores supports Kenny Stills’ protest, plays Jay-Z at practice to help deal with the controversy

Totally unrelated.>>Yeah. >>Issue. Was it a concidence that there was eight consecutive Jay-Z songs at practice?>>Yeah, I figured I would get this question, so.>>[LAUGH] >>Once this playlist was done. What you guys don’t know is I walked up to Kenny, in front of the entire group, and said [BLANK_AUDIO] This is a challenge to you….