Ready, Willing & Able | Action | HD | Full Length | Thriller Film

(woman vocalizing) (dramatic music) – You’ll arrive at the pickup point in approximately five minutes. Our agents in the Caribbean are depending on you, so remember to handle the package with extreme care. Wilson, you and Martin will make your way through the front, Beckett, you will cover the back. – Yes, sir. – All…

Taking a ride with…Gregory Porter

I always wanted to sing. I didn’t know that I could have a career. Doesn’t seem like something from the stratosphere for me… I was like, you know… people go and a thousand people there are waiting for… …some person to come and sing on stage. That happens. And you can do that all over…

Mark Lowry – Dogs Go To Heaven (Comedy/Live)

Now let us pause for a profoundand poignant theological expositionpresented by Mark Lowry.– Hey! Are you all having a good time at the Dove Awards tonight? [cheers and applause] Are you ready for some good news? – Yes! – Dogs go to heaven. It’s in the Bible. Psalm 36:6. Read it when you get home….

If Classical Musicians Were Modern Day Pop Stars

Awesome take, man. Alright, just give me one sec. Let me autotune it and it’s gonna be good. Here, check it out. Sounds good. 6.3 million. Uh… Hot pot and bubble tea. About 40,000 people. And the craziest was when we had a Ferrari… Just flying over the crowd. Yeah, I get recognized a lot….

I SUDDENLY HATE THIS B O Y | God Of War – Part 8

top’o the mornin to ya laddies my name is Jacksepticeye and welcome back of course to Dad Of Boy™ , so we just did the trial in here to get the black rune something happened with Trey Trey’s arms which i just remembered now after that happened that he has a bunch of tattoos all…