Gregory Orfalea, “Journey to the Sun” | Talks at Google

SHANNON: All right. Welcome. Well today, I am pleased to introduce, on behalf of the Talks at Google program, author Gregory Orfalea. Greg was born and raised in Los Angeles and educated at Georgetown University and the University of Alaska. He is the author or editor of eight books– I guess nine now, including “The…

Saint Patrick’s Day Parade 2014 San Francisco

San Francisco Police Mounted Unit U.S. Park Police Mounted Unit [Cameraman conversing with policewoman on horseback] What’s your horse’s name? [Police] This is Bubba. [Cameraman] Bubba? Hey, Bubba, how are you doing? [Cameraman] Does Bubba like parades? [Police] He does like parades, he’s really good, once we get going. [Police] He gets tired of waiting….