Surface Pro 6 | NFL Teammates & Cupcake Shop Owners – Brian Orakpo & Michael Griffin

Surface Pro 6 | NFL Teammates & Cupcake Shop Owners – Brian Orakpo & Michael Griffin

Sweat. Dedication. Cupcakes. I’m Michael Griffin. I’m Brian Orakpo. We played football together for the Titans. Now, we own a cupcake shop. We bake, we decorate. I love this new Surface Pro. It’s light, it’s sleek, it’s fast. I’m able to draw what color frosting we want. We deal a lot with social media. We have funny videos that we do in the bakery [laughs]. There’s nothing that you can’t do on this device. Cupcakes are a great business. Oh yeah, as long as you don’t eat the profits.

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  1. Surface Pro is something more than emotions …'s beauty is something that can't be replaced in this worlds …It's blossoming like a flowers every year with upgrading version… Loved it a lot! " Surface Pro – It comes with " Invisible Feelings and Infinite thoughts ". ❤️❤️❤️

  2. Dear Microsoft,
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  3. Best commercial I've ever seen in my entire life. And this new Surface is amazing too, especially in black <3 I wish I could have one, but there are none available here…. I'll still support them and I hope I will soon get one. Keep it up with this great stuff!

  4. I like The Change-Up and scenery and all and it's cute and stuff for the women and the kids but let's be real here LOL as professional athletes we don't want to promote obesity which is the opposite of what we are.. but I can respect what you're doing just not supporting the product.

  5. Idk what Id do if I walked into a cupcake store and had two sexy men like this serving me❤❤❤

    Microsoft, I like this❤❤❤

  6. I love how he is really serious from 0:00 to 0:04 and then his seriousness vanished faster than the headphone jack on the iPhone 7.

  7. So Gigi’s Cupcakes allowed them to invest and become coowners knowing they were going to file bankruptcy days later? Gigi’s is on a whole other level of petty

  8. Oh yes so much meme value mmm yes I can taste it oh yeah baby yeeeeesssssssss…

    Oh hi there how long have you been here?

  9. Sweat…dedication…cupcakes! lol..that was funny. At first when I saw this commercial I thought they were referring to football. as soon as they said cupcakes I laugh my a** off.

  10. My 3-yr-old wants to know if someday when we have money, can we go to "profits" and see some football and maybe have a little snack.

  11. Have black men lost their dam minds! these big black bucks with money can't see through the B.S.
    1. These brothers are promoted on NATIONAL TV all over the United (self-infected) not because of the cupcake's and unhealthy it is but how emasculated /stupid they look, why not have the women folk do this.
    2. Where are the commercials of two black men starting an organization to combat police brutality, or promote young black wanna doctors?

  12. I’m an old sixty-nine year old white lady, and you two big strong men in pink aprons making cupcakes is about the sexyist thing I’ve ever seen. If you add a baby and a puppy, I may swoon!!!

  13. I laughed because I thought they were talking about football. Instead they said cupcakes. Sweat. Dedication. Cupcakes. LMAO

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