Super Cup Highlights | Penalty-hero Adrian secures Reds’ win in Istanbul | Liverpool vs Chelsea

Super Cup Highlights | Penalty-hero Adrian secures Reds’ win in Istanbul | Liverpool vs Chelsea

Pedro. Away from Matip, who couldn’t get there,
and Pedro’s shot! Well, it beat Adrian but it cannons back
off the woodwork. Kante’s having a lot of joy
at the moment through midfield, and here’s Pulisic, on for Giroud,
who’s in here – and Olivier Giroud, 1-0 for Chelsea. Comes off Kovacic, Fabinho helps it forward. Oh, Firmino’s there, Mane’s there! And will score for Liverpool. It comes to Gini Wijnaldum, and here’s Mohamed Salah! Super save by the goalkeeper,
and then saved again! Stunning save by Kepa. Mane, on towards Firmino. Flag stays down, Mane! That’s absolutely glorious! And Adrian is coming. And Abraham goes down – penalty given! Jorginho against Adrian. Oh, that’s a very cool spot kick,
it’s 2-2. He has to score now. Elaborate run-up. Oh, brilliant. Absolutely brilliant. Was there ever a doubt? This is the last of the initial ten. Against Adrian. And saved! He is the hero that helps Liverpool
to win the UEFA Super Cup. It’s Liverpool, on penalties,
in Istanbul again, and this time it’s for the UEFA Super Cup.

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  1. Im so getting used to this..Seeing the Lads holding Trophies..Lets hope we'll finally get our hands on the League Trophy this season❤

  2. I have a feeling that we're going to struggle against ARSENAL and I have that feeling for a good reason they have three players that can make trouble for VVD

  3. You cheated because your goalkeeper was of his line when Tammy Abraham was about to shoot.
    I say CHEALSEA WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. This video could have had more views if this video was posted earlier. Loads of youtubers already posted the highlights.

  5. honestly as a lfc fan i feel bad for tammy abraham he did all that hard work and ended up getting his penalty saved but hey things happen…

  6. Both teams played well and Liverpool still won but I still feel like Chelsea didn’t deserve that penalty

  7. I love how as soon as Adrian saves the pen he picks up his towel lol
    Getting used to seeing the reds lift silverware now.

  8. funny how people feeling about a goalkeeper makes enormous difference…people didn't like Min/kari so they were bad keepers…Adrian comes in makes like 2-3 goal errors in two games (conceding pen – I know it wasn't a pen, but what is he doing there?, almost passing it twice into his own net against sou) everybody is chill, he's good goalkeeper, not only, that he's a hero…based on what? Abraham hit him with his pen? To be fair, Klopp was 100% behind all his keepers in the past, so he's consistent…but it only shows how bad of a judgement the general population has…well, we were loosing, bad bad keepers, we are winning well it's okay, he's good, when the only difference is the team's performance in front and luck…if anything Adrian producing 1,5 goal chance for opposition per game is at the front as the worst goalkeeper we had…

  9. Arguably, Adrian was at fault that the game went to penalties after conceding the Penalty. We all know it wasn't a Penalty but then Adrian got his revenge by saving the penalty. Overall, Liverpool deserved the win but it was tough to watch after seeing how well we played, how well we defended at the end of last season.

  10. Free transfer goalkeeper vs world's expensive goalkeeper in world
    One has won more Uefa Super Cup medal than other.

  11. congrats liverpool. but one of our football players were recently facing racism in our football world. Help me to get the racism to end

  12. Hi LFC, please I'm Priceless Bawa, i actually used "Si Senor Bobby Firmino Song after Champions League Final "as my first upload on YouTube which you have copyright on. I'm sorry and I'm pleading to kindly retract the copyright claim on the video. Thank you for your consideration

  13. Legendary game!
    Always has been the case. No surprises there.
    Thanks to all the Galatasaray fans standing with Liverpool. You rocked!!!

  14. Chelsea were by far the better side but for me VAR is incomplete in its development Adrian's goal should not have stood but hey Chelsea targeted by fifa once again

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