Super Bowl XXXVII: “The Jon Gruden Bowl” Raiders vs. Buccaneers | NFL Full Game

Super Bowl XXXVII: “The Jon Gruden Bowl” Raiders vs. Buccaneers | NFL Full Game

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  1. 2:14 Charles Woodson Picks Off B. Johnson

    5:38 Rich Gannon Sacked by S. Rice on Third Down

    6:13 Janikowski Makes 40-yard Field Goal

    14:33 Gramatica Makes 31-yard Field Goal

    16:42 Gannon Sacked by Spires on Third Down

    19:38 Dexter Jackson Intercepts Gannon

    36:52 Gramatica Makes 43-yard Field Goal

    38:15 D. Jackson Intercepts Gannon Again

    46:34 Mike Alstott 2-yard TD Run

    1:00:23 B. Johnson 5-yard TD Pass to McCardell

    1:14:43 B. Johnson 33-yard Pass to J. Jurevicius

    1:18:51 B. Johnson 8-yard TD Pass to McCardell

    1:20:35 Dwight Smith Pick Six

    1:29:37 Gannon to Jerry Porter 39-yard TD

    1:40:26 Raiders Block Punt, Recovered for TD

    1:51:06 Buccaneers Fumble Field Goal Attempt

    1:58:06 Jerry Rice 48-yard TD Catch from Gannon

    2:10:12 Warren Sapp Sacks Gannon

    2:11:01 Derrick Brooks Pick Six

    2:16:56 Dwight Smith Second Pick Six of Game

    2:18:50 Buccaneers Celebration

  2. Thank you so much for this!!!  Our video of this great game bit the dust so thanks. Great Superbowl one of the best!

  3. And the Bucs still hold defensive records to this day. Interceptions (5), Dwight Smith with 2 returned for TDs, yards gained by INTs, etc. Top 3 all time.

  4. hinesight 20/20, Raiders didn't have a chance, Gruden knew every play the Raiders had, that's why the picks where so easy.

  5. For some strange reason I had the urge to re-watch this game and the Raiders actually had a huge surge of momentum and a shot at one point late in the 3rd quarter but the refs quickly stamped it out with a barage of horseshit calls. The pass interference penalty on the raiders was absolute bullshit, as well as the non force out on the 2point conversion

  6. Damn this though to watch,this should of never went down in history if in wasn't for Al. At least raiders put up a good fight for a quarter and a half.

  7. i dont understand why the buccaneers ran back the last two interceptions. Especially the last one. It just seems like running up the score

  8. Raiders 'and' Buccaneers in the Super Bowl. I would call it 'The Pirate' Super Bowl, a clash between two groups of pirates.

  9. 2 Super Bowls where the losing coach clearly threw the game – XXXVII – Oakland and LII – New England. Callahan was blatant and unbelievable since TB knew everything Oakland was trying to do. Belichick was a little more subtle but clearly Malcolm Butler's benching materially impacted the game throughout.

  10. "It's almost as if the Bucs know exactly what the Raiders are going to do!" – Al Michaels
    Couldn't have said it better myself. That's exactly what happened.

  11. The Raiders had their chance right here. One season after the tuck rule game. They still can't let it go. I mean, Rich Gannon turned the ball over 5 times. Yet the Raiders blame the tuck game for them not winning a Superbowl.

  12. Lol, Jon gruden was a step ahead of raiders that game, if raiders wouldn’t of Traded him,, Bucs wouldn’t even be there 🤷🏽‍♂️ smh

  13. Bucs defense gave up 31 points in 3 games, all versus top 10 offenses, but it also scored 28 points. So it gave up a net of 1 point per game. That's how good this defense was

    But even that stat is misleading as the special teams gave up an 80 yard kickoff return which setup another TD, plus the Bucs scored another defensive TD that was called back on a post possession away from the play PF call. Count all those together and the Bucs defense would have given up -11 points, again, against all top 10 offenses.

    This was THE best defense ever.

  14. Michael Pittman had a disappointing season that year, but it's pretty cool that he had a good SB game despite it

  15. 1:02:50, that should be illegal! unreal is the NFL letting teams just take some other teams coach in the regular season.

  16. I bought the DVD of that playoffs and the Super Bowl along with the America’s Game episode. But thanks for posting the game here!

  17. Even Raiders receivers wanted the ball ran more. Gannon was MVP for a reason, but he should not have thrown the ball that many times in this game against his former coach.

  18. What's the point of no huddle if you let defense subs run off the field???? Johnson comes to line and then watches Raider dude run off.

  19. The Raiders were 0-3 on 2 point conversions. Had they made all 3 of those they would’ve gotten up to 27 points. Maybe then Gannon would’ve cared more at the end and played a bit better and just maybe thrown a game tying TD pass. In OT who knows what would’ve happened. If the Raiders would’ve won this would be the greatest SB comeback and if the Buccaneers win, well…history stays the same… The Bucs ‘02 defense is very underrated though. I know all that is a long shot, but what if?……..

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