Super Bowl XXIII: “Montana & Rice’s Legendary Performance” | Bengals vs. 49ers | NFL Full Game

Super Bowl XXIII: “Montana & Rice’s Legendary Performance” | Bengals vs. 49ers | NFL Full Game

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  1. 4:16 Montana Fumbles Snap

    16:24 Cofer 41-yard Field Goal

    23:00 Jerry Rice 30-yard Catch

    26:06 Cofer Misses 19-yard Field Goal

    29:26 Taylor Long Punt Return

    31:58 Craig Fumbles, Bengals recover

    35:30 Boomer Esiason Sacked on Third Down

    42:47 Boomer 18-yard Pass

    46:00 Breech 34-yard Field Goal

    55:02 Boomer to Collinsworth for 23 yards

    57:30 Boomer 20-yard Pass

    1:04:41 Breech 43-yard Field Goal

    1:11:07 Boomer Picked Off by Romanowski

    1:14:04 Cofer 32-yard Field Goal

    1:14:24 Jennings 93-yard Kick Return TD

    1:16:59 Rice 31-yard Catch

    1:17:46 Montana 40-yard Pass

    1:19:15 Montana to Rice 14-yard TD

    1:24:56 Montana to Rice for 44 yards

    1:27:45 Cofer Misses 49-yard Field Goal

    1:36:34 Breech 40-yard Field Goal

    1:38:25 Start of Montana Game-Winning Drive

    1:43:22 Montana to Rice for 27 yards

    1:44:46 Montana to Taylor for Game-Winning TD

    1:48:18 Final Play of Game

  2. If Montana played in today's game he would absolutely carve up teams. Remember. In today's game your not allowed to play defense anymore. If you just breathe on a qb wrong they throw a flag. Also Joe would have never lost 2 super bowls against the giants. And he certainly wouldn't have lost one to a backup quarterback

  3. R.i p to the legendary coach Bill Walsh he was the beat coach the 49ers have ever had. He gave us the G.o.a.t Montana the best WR in Rice and he also gave us the amazing Young. He will never be forgotten.

  4. Quick observations from this video:
    1. Amazing open field tackling
    2. Running the ball on 3rd & 3 (and getting the 1st down)
    3. Unbridled intensity (and the refs let it happen)
    4. Montana= G.O.A.T
    5. Ronnie Lott was a human sledgehammer!!! I wish they let the game be played like this today!!

  5. You know Steve Young was juicing! He was as big as hell then, but looks as if he never touched a gym or ran around the block before!

  6. I dont think Brady would last for a second in the NFL of the 80s. That, and you take away Bill Bellichick, I doubt Brady has any titles.

  7. This is the first Super Bowl I remember watching as a kid. I wanted the Bengals to win just because I liked their uniforms.

  8. Marino and Montana best QB's Brady is great but a big part of that is the system he has and talent besides. Put Marino in today's Patriots they'd be undeafeated and he would still own all the records

  9. Hey guys I like football but here is the REAL reality:

    Jesus Christ died on a cross to save people from their sin, according to the bible. You and I broke God's law but Jesus paid our fine. Then Jesus rose from the dead, 3 days later, thus defeating death. Anyone who believes this will not perish but will have eternal life.

  10. 1:43:37 Looks like the Bengals were robbed 21 seconds off the clock by the referees. Joe Montana calls for time out and does not get it. Bengals would have had 50 seconds to score rather than 29 after San Francisco's last touchdown.

  11. You knew the Bengals we're DEAD as soon as they showed that stat on the screen. The one that said teams are 18 out of 22 when leading after the 3 rd quarter. HEE HAW !!! oh, and by the way in today's football alot of those catches would of been reviewed and been called incomplete.

  12. Teams that did not score an offensive TD in Super Bowl: Dolphins in SB VI vs Cowboys, Redskins in SB VII vs Dolphins, Vikings in SB IX vs Steelers, Bengals in SB XXIII vs 49ers, Giants in SB XXXV vs Ravens. All those teams except Dolphins in VI scored a TD on special teams.

  13. Minus the final drive, this is one of the most boring Super Bowls to watch. Definitely the most boring Niner SB for sure. Don't want to sound like a bummer but I got to call it as I see it.

  14. Fly Eagles Fly! Nik 'TheDick' Foles out performed Brady when it mattered the most. The undeniable truth can never be disputed.

  15. Bengals were actually good!! If not for the fourth quarter comeback they actually had this going for them. Kinda hard for anyone not to let a close game slip when facing montana and rice. Much respect to both teams

  16. We truly don’t know who’s the goat it’s debatable we can’t tell that. But what we all can say for sure is Montana was the best when it mattered the most. He was the true comeback kid and the most clutch qb I’ve ever seen in the biggest moments.

  17. The last play call by Walsh was genius. Everyone was assuming that it would be going to Rice so he used  he used  him as a decoy by sending him in motion.  A few guys followed Jerry leaving single coverage on Taylor and Montana makes a perfect pass.

  18. Shoutout to my uncle Ickey Woods's teammate and fellow 1988 Bengals rookie, Rickey Dixon. The Bengals former first round pick is battling Lou Gehrig's Disease that his family thinks was brought on in part by concussions that were undiagnosed and/or misdiagnosed. Congrats Rickey on making the College Football Hall of Fame and to his wife Lorraine, you're an angel. Remember, as much as we love the game, it does take a toll on the men who play it and the families that love and support them.

  19. The 49ers' simply deserved to win this one. Compare the game statistics of Montana vs. Boomer. The Bengals were lucky to be within striking distance before that final drive.

  20. brady won 5. made it to 9. montana only 4-0 becuz he kept losing in playoffs. MEANING brady wins more. its not like montana only played 4 years in won went to superbowl 4 times straight in won. NO. he lost most of his career


  22. The Final drive after Cincinnati went ahead with just over 3 minutes to play I ABSOLUTELY KNEW Joe was going to pull out a miracle. When he hit Taylor in the endzone my cousin's apartment in San Francisco went berserk. We headed downtown and the whole city was partying. I high fived so many people riding limos up and down Columbus Street. I got punched in the gut by a young man. We almost got hit by a baton wielding riot cop. It was one of the greatest nights of my young life. I could not talk for a week my voice was so sore.That was just over 30 years ago. I"all never forget it.😀

  23. Cincy was lucky to be in the game, let alone in a position to win it. The Niners all game were going up and down the field and were just playing with the bengals like a kid with a slinky string. The Bengals offense could only manage 9 points.

  24. Man what a lousy game for Boomer Esiason, he totally blew it for his team. The Bengals had the better team, but a sub par quarterback.

  25. Damn the planes or blimps or whatever's making all of that noise in the background is just impossible to ignore, for me anyway…. SHUT UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. Coaches that call that seifert second guessed himself don't ever do that he had a big strong fullback for one yard he made a bad call and if he didn't make it look at the field position the opposing them came away with and his defense playing perfectly bad call

  27. They won but seifert could have finished them with that 4th and 1 which no doubt San Diego couldn't stop it

  28. The wicked hit Lott puts on Woods at 19:07 is a game changer in so many ways. I remember worrying about Woods going into that game because he was such a force. Woods was starting to warm up and the Bengals gaining momentum and confidence through the running game. When that hit came the reaction we had was the same as Keena Turner's and you could literally feel the momentum shift. Without that play Woods would have went on to a huge game but instead was never the same after the hit. When you go back and watch the game now, it is even more apparent. Woods did not want to be lit up by Lott like that again and could you blame him even with the 30lb advantage?

    PS Actually this play and the TD by John Taylor are the two plays that stick out in my mind the most from this game.

  29. Kind of hard to remember that at this time, Rice and Montana were well known, but not legends. Not quite yet. This night would cement the Niners as one of the all time elite teams. Odd to watch after all these years and know that the Bengals had had a great season and thought they were going to win.

  30. Aw, poor Bengals…they put up a hard fight against the 49ers and made their best season ever, but couldn't stop Montana on his last drive as time ran out…they deserved better than that. It's a shame nobody ever talks about how loaded they were in 1981 and 1988.

  31. Super Bowl for the ages. Patriots vs 49ers Joe Montana has the ball with 1 minute and 30 seconds left ,he throws deep to Jerry Rice TOUCHDOWN!! Pats win 38-17

  32. Taylor sold cars in the offseason? Do ANY players – even the bench-warmers – today have to work day jobs in the offseason now?

  33. For all those STILL saying Joe Montana is the greatest QB of all time CLEARLY stopped watching football after 2000 hit.

    Have you heart of Tom Brady?

  34. As a Bengals fan, I was 13 then, the sad part is that that is the best Bengals team of all time. #1 Rushing offense, MVP QB, an opportunistic D that turned teams over and it wasn't enough to beat the 49ers. I remember how sad I was but now at 43, I'm proud to say that I saw this team in the moment and appreciate fully how good they were. The 49ers deserved to win, they were the better team. It was a great game and hopefully, I'll see the Bengals win one of these before I die.

  35. George Seifert's Elephant defense (which has been emulated in Seattle under Pete Carroll), NEVER got enough credit for his impact on that 49ers dynasty. After he became the d-coordinator in 1983, the 49ers were top 5 in defense EVERY YEAR except THIS year, when they dropped all the way to…eighth. And then only allowed one offensive TD in the entire playoffs.

  36. There was a touch down pass from Montana to Wilson that was over turned in this Super Bowl. Why remove that play?

  37. I remember loving Boomer Esiason's name while I was a kid. Also that's the happiest head ref I've ever seen. He looks absolutely delighted to be doing the motions for a penalty.

  38. If Craig didn't fumble so much & if Coffer could make field goals, the 49ers would have won 2 or 3 more Super Bowls

  39. @15:31 The 49ers went from their own 33 yard line to the Bengals 24, with some static on the screen. OOPS! Someone done messed it up. LOL.

  40. I taped this game on VHS. I was 9 years old. Had the tape for years. I can recite every call by Enberg in my mind

  41. Peak Bengals…before the dark times…before Mike inherited the team from his dad…

    But both of these teams are equally great in my opinion.

  42. Fun to watch the genesis of the no huddle offense that every NFL team now uses. Brilliant creation by Sam Wyche.

  43. “John Taylor, who sells cars in the off season…” Geez, I’d say professional athletes have done a little better in the last 30yrs.

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