Super Bowl XLIX: Tom Brady vs. Russell Wilson | Patriots vs. Seahawks | NFL Full Game

Super Bowl XLIX: Tom Brady vs. Russell Wilson | Patriots vs. Seahawks | NFL Full Game

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  1. 18:00 – Tom Brady throws end zone interception to Jeremy Lane

    28:42 – Brady throws 11-yard TD pass to Brandon LaFell

    41:08 – Marshawn Lynch rushes for 3-yard TD

    50:28 – Brady and Gronkowski connect for 22-yard TD

    59:16 – Russel Wilson throws 11-yard TD to Chris Mathews

    1:07:14 – Steven Hauschka makes 27-yard FG to give Seahawks the lead

    1:12:00 – Brady is intercepted by Bobby Wagner

    1:17:54 – Wilson finds Doug Baldwin for 3-yard TD pass

    1:40:17 – Brady slings 4-yard TD pass to Danny Amendola

    1:53:48 – Julian Edelman snags 3-yard TD pass from Brady

    2:01:16 – Jermaine Kearse makes insane catch to put Seahawks in scoring position

    2:04:04 – Malcolm Butler intercepts Russell Wilson at the goal line

  2. Shame the Seahawks didn't win this Super Bowl and became back to back Champions, what were they thinking throwing the Ball instead of just running it in !!!

  3. Crazy end to a super bowl
    Michael Bennett, offside, next play patriots upset with that 20 seconds later full on brawl

  4. Brady had an excellent game! I forgot how well he played despite the interceptions. If not for his early interception the Pats would've blown them out completely.

  5. If Bill Belichick was head coach of the Green Bay Packers in the 60's this trophy would have another name and Brady would not have 6 rings! Belichick IS the Patriots!

  6. G.O.A.T. can only be Thomas "Tom" Brady not montana ~ & Brady is Not finished with career……the 100th anniversary of the NFL is coming this Super bowl ~ Brady & Pats are likely favored to be headed to Las Vegas around the corner……& Julian Francis Edelman signed for another 3 seasons just now this year…..& Eldeman will retire when Brady retires…….believe it !!  Brady The Greatest Of All Time NFL quarterback.

  7. Tom Brady vs Russell Wilson? I never looked at this game like that lol I looked at this game as Tom Brady vs Legion of Boom.

  8. Pete Corroll thought he was smart so he got cute and instead of running the ball like he should. He wanted to call a pass play on the one yard line and the result is what i call football karma. You disrespect the game like that and you get the bad karma. When its all on the line in the biggest game of them all, you dont try and get cute. Run the ball and play the game the smart way. There is not one football coach in north america weather it be pop warner, all the way to the NFL that would have tried to make a moronic call like that with the RB you have and the offensive line you have.

  9. Malcolm butler balled out that game. Had 2 or 3 great deflections (counting the tipped kearse catch) and locked down his receiver for the whole game. Then he got that pick. This was all as an undrafted rookie.

  10. In the NFL rules, can the defender knock the receiver out of the way of a catch before the ball arrives?

  11. Yea… That bullshit Deplorable "deflategate" inbreeder garbage..!!!! You all are nothing but jealous ass nasty ass haters……!!!

  12. There is no vs! Tom Brady is the 🐐! Wilson has had better rb's and defenses and still doesn't have even close to stats or yards or Td's or wins or playoff appearances or Super Bowl appearances or wins.

  13. 1:42:41. Sea Hawk should have challenged this one. He got tripped.
    2:08:11 almost looks like a false start. See how the center bobbed his head up like he was going to snap.

  14. Butler's story in this game, in the last Seattle drive, is one of the best stories in my lifetime. Talk about do your job! Defense is unsung, but not always! If this was Old England, there'd be Butler ballads sung in every tavern for 500 years.

  15. Hey D. Revis (you jack a**). 3 more SB appearances since you claimed NE made it becasue of you. What a fool.

  16. Some people seems to miss the problem
    Seahawk took unnecessary risk to gamble

    Run has less risk of losing the ball than pass!!
    It was in 2nd down, let Mashawn run it this time
    Even if he failed you can gamble at 3rd or 4th down

    Yet they choose the risky gamble

  17. The legion of boom was a bomb defense they should have won and that’s coming from a native mass and diehard pats fan

  18. 1:36:56. This should not have been a 15 yard penalty. It was a clean hit. I can’t say for sure but the pats probably would have won anyways. Seahawks should have challenged.

  19. The only thing sweeter than a Patriots super bowl win is the complete dumpster fire Richard Sherman’s career has been since this game. Long live the empire baby. Go Pats!!!

  20. Russell Wilson is no match for Tom Brady or bill bellichick 🐐🐐🏈🏈🐐🐐🏈🏈🐐🐐

  21. That pass by Russell Wilson at the 1 yard line is the worst call ever made in the history of professional sports.

  22. You can tell this games are Fixed….Once Russell threw that Pass he was like oh well…OH WELL? you just cost the SB…Fixed…Don't believe me Watch how Cam Newton against the Broncos just pretend he was going to pick up that fumble…smh….

  23. It wasnt Russels fault it was pete carrolls play call like wtf ur at the one and u have one of the greatest strong running backs in the legue at that time what a damb idiot of a call that call was.

  24. As a saints fan we can relate. Just like the no call vs. the rams. So we know how it feels to be hit hard in the gut with one play like that. It can really hurt and it´s sad.
    But we will stop Brady…… we will.



  27. After butler got the interception, why did the Seahawks jump off side they could have easily gotten a safety and another chance to win

  28. Im a Patriots fan and this was the second greatest Superbowl ever played. This game was the epitome of a chess game.

    Im probably going to get crucified by other Pats fan for this one but the best Superbowl ever played was the undefeated year against the Giants. I know they lost, it sucks hard they lost but it still doesn't change the fact that that Superbowl was just amazing.

  29. For Seahawks everything went their way after they beat Patriots in 2012 and everything went down hill after they lost to Patriots in the SB
    RIP Legion of Boom (2012-2015) you will be remembered

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