Super Bowl XI | Raiders vs. Vikings | NFL Full Game

Super Bowl XI | Raiders vs. Vikings | NFL Full Game

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  1. I love Fred Belitnokof but I wouldn't have given him MVP. Snake called all the plays and played great, I would have given it to snake just for his awesome play calling. but I might be biased because snake is my favorite qb of all time. and can somebody please get Branch and Villapiano in the HoF?

  2. Raiders only real weakness was the kicking game. 3 missed kicks (1 FG and 2 PAT) plus a blocked punt and a running into the punter call that allowed the Vikings to score.

  3. Fran looked tentative and unsure what to do in this game and that was surprising since he had played in 2 SB games already . It is still hard to grasp how all these Viking teams got so manhandled on both sides of the line every SB they played . I feel they were coached and playing not to lose instead of trying to win .

  4. Already Tarkenton is struggling in this game. Gifford starts to say " wide open" ….you can see the ball is under thrown and to the wrong side. SMH 16:37

  5. Man I loved this Raider squad. Casper, Villapiano, Van Eighen, Hendrix, Tatum, and my all-time hero, Kenny Stabler. Finally in the HOF. Love ya and miss ya Kenny. RIP my hero.

  6. Par for the course for us Vikings fans, Stu Voigt scores a meaningless fourth quarter touchdown and we can't even see it because some guy's head is in the way.

  7. This was back in the day when I would know every starter on all the good teams. There were sometimes a player or two that were replacements for injured guys that I didn’t know. For the most part there was much less turnover in player personnel over the years that gave the league continuity.

  8. 19:56 – 20:08 the moment when Vikes fans thought "This is a good omen! This could finally gonna be our year!"
    21:32 the moment Vikes fans thought "omg, they're gonna blow it again."

  9. This was the last time that the Vikings ever made it to the super bowl….
    The Vikings Are The Ones That Really Should’ve Won a Super Bowl -Patriot fan

  10. Who would have known that 10 months after this SB the greatest southern rock band in history would lose its heart and soul in a plane crash…

  11. This was the first time I saw Football game back in 1975; ever since than I got hooked to watch the Raiders Games every Season. I didn't understood NFL then, but it sure feels good when your team wins…..

  12. Bud Grant's late-'60s and '70s Vikings had the misfortune of being an excellent team that had to go up against great teams in their Super Bowls – the '69 Chiefs, '73 Dolphins, Steel Curtain, and '76 Raiders.

  13. MANDELA EFFECT – My memory of this game was the Raiders scoring forty-something points and Van-Eeghen was the MVP.

  14. Vikings' fourth Super Bowl loss in eight years.   Not only did they lose those four games, they never even held the lead in any of them.

  15. Wow that ‘76 Raider team was loaded. Top to bottom. The depth in running back alone is remarkable. Once the momentum shifted to the Raiders they imposed their will.

  16. One thing you will never see again: A Super Bowl that starts at 2:00pm on the east coast or 12:00pm on the west coast.

  17. Jesus, I'm getting sick of waiting for the Vikings to get back to the Super Bowl. The game today is almost unrecognizable compared to how it was played and broadcast in 1977.

  18. even the refs were better …a lot better back then…and they got paid squat compared to the idiots working the game today…ref jim tunney was probably the best

  19. I think the Vikings Deff did a good job just no help from the offence . In the SB Vikings did so poor on offence just sucked

  20. This was 1st, 5 Super Bowl games played in Pasadena, Calif.'s famous Rose Bowl stadium/1st one played in City/L.A., Calif. Metro. area since 1972-1973 N.F.L. season's Super Bowl, VII game bet. Dolphins/Redskins in L.A. Mem. Coliseum played in January, 1973

  21. January 9, 1977 (Sun.) was earliest date that Super Bowl game was played on. Super Bowl, XI bet. Raiders/Vikings in Pasadena, Calif.'s Rose Bowl Bowl stadium. Reg. portion, N.F.L.'s 1976-1977 season got underway on September 12, 1976 (Sun.), wk. earlier than traditional 3rd Sun. in September so they could avoid playing playoff games on Christmas Day (December 25) itself after that X-Mas Day fiasco, 5 seasons prior (1971-1972) which latter, 2 div. playoff games played on December 25, 1971 (Sat.-Christmas Day) went to II OTs before it was decided/caused havoc on Christmas Day dinners nationwide

  22. Vikings lost this game when they failed to take advantage of a blocked punt down on Oakland's three yard line in the first quarter. Football is about momentum.

  23. You listen to Don Meridith, and you realize how GREAT Al Derogatis was as Curt Gowdy's partner in the booth all those years.

  24. This is it Curtis! Yeah!! Snake and company finally brought the title to Oakland during the 76 NFL season. Greatness.

  25. 19:57 – Fred McNeill does what was thought to be impossible – block a Ray Guy punt. And the Viking offense couldn't take advantage of this miracle gift.

  26. Raiders kicker Errol Mann couldn't have kicked a ball into the ocean while standing on the edge of the pier in this game.

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  28. 5:38 – Lucky for the Raiders that this game didn't come down to a last minute field goal. Why they kept Errol Mann for another season is beyond me.

  29. Skip Thomas & Jack Tatum should had switched names ! The Man called Tatum should be Dr Death 💀, better yet, he should be called ( in regards of his zodiac sign, Scoripo 🦂) Death Dealer ! And Thomas is The assassin ( which was Tatum's name)

  30. Nice to have video evidence that the quality of television images of the past are a little better than some older YouTube videos would have you believe.

  31. 45:43 – That dropped pass was actually one of the key plays of the game. The Vikes could have easily gotten a field goal (and gained some necessary momentum) if the receiver had simply caught the ball. But he didn't, and so they were shut out offensively in the first half for the third Super Bowl in a row.

  32. i miss the way they used to decorate the end zone with the helmets and team emblems and the conference emblams,and the team name, it seems that the super bowl doesn't feel the same since they done away with those colorful Fields, I hope they go back to that when my Cowboys get there.

  33. Patriots were robbed in divisional playoffs. Hard to believe 1976 was last time Vikings were near a Superbowl.

  34. That raiders offensive line was the greatest of all time .Art shell, Gene Upshaw and Jim Otto all HOFers but Jim Otto had all ready retired.

  35. This game is a perfect example of why the Vikings lost all four Super Bowls they played in. Bud Grant was out coached in all four games, predictable play calling did them in, running right repeatedly when the defense knows it's coming is easy to defend. Constantly going to Chuck Foreman while ignoring White, Rashad, and Voight was a major mistake. Add in the missed chances and it was a disaster.

  36. Minnesota had a very good team but the Dolphins, Steelers, and Raiders were three of greatest teams in the history of the NFL. They have nothing to be ashamed of.

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