Strange Things That Have Happened With Saint West

Strange Things That Have Happened With Saint West

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s son, Saint,
was famous from the start. But along with a diamond-encrusted spoon in
his mouth came odd social media interactions, some funky fakery rumors, and a suggestion
that he’s a baby genius. Here are some strange things that happened
with Saint West. Mom’s a fighter This was not your average pregnancy. Kim Kardashian had enough complications with
Saint to make any mom cringe in empathy. According to People, Kardashian revealed on
her app and website that while pregnant with Saint, her doctors monitored her for, quote,
“complications related to preeclampsia,” which she also dealt with while carrying North. A week before Saint’s birth, Kim reportedly
went into the hospital for a breech reversal surgery, which she described to E! Online
as “more painful than childbirth.” That’s especially remarkable coming from her,
considering she shared on her website how she struggled with extremely painful complications
during North’s birth. It’s completely normal for an older sibling
to have some jealousy issues when a new baby brother or sister comes along, but North West
has apparently taken it to a whole other level. “North just beats him up all day long, and
he’s so doesn’t cry.” North’s issues with Saint first cropped up
during his breastfeeding days. “She was so jealous I had to get a little
milk box and put it in the other bra with a straw, so she would drink, and he would
drink.” More than a year later, North still wasn’t
about that big sister life. “I thought it was a phase, it’s not going
away.” Meanwhile, Saint acts like, well… a total
saint. Baby genius? According to proud mama Kim, Saint is “a genius.” As evidence, she offered up this claim in
a January 2018 tweet: “Guys I have to say my son is a genius! He’s two years old and knows how to spell
gargantuan. Had to brag for a sec!” If this is true, it’s certainly impressive. However, Kardashian’s followers were not so
easily convinced, like one person who replied, “Anyone with a basic understanding of child
development knows this is BS.” It’s hard not to be a bit skeptical of Saint’s
alleged spelling skills. Had she said that he already knew how to snap
the perfect selfie or was already experimenting with “free thought,” then we’d probably be
more on board. As far as whether North is also a genius? “She’s really advanced for her age.” “What does she do?” “She’ll prop him up on the pillow, sometimes.” “That does sound advanced.” Name not spoken Considering you have nine months to think
about what to name your child, everyone thought Kim and Kanye were just being coy about announcing
his name when Baby Boy West was born. It turns out, they couldn’t announce a name
because they allegedly didn’t have a name. An insider told Us Weekly before the birth, “They are asking everyone they know for ideas!” Whether that’s true or not, it took a solid
two days for Kardashian to finally tweet Saint’s name. So, what’s the meaning behind such a divine
designation? E! News reported that sources close to the
superstar parents chose it because, “It’s akin to saying he is ‘a blessing’ [especially
because Kardashian] had such a difficult pregnancy.” Missing aunts When you’re born into a celebrity family,
actually seeing other members of it is, well, a luxury. According to E! News, grandma Kris Jenner
and Aunties Kourtney and Khloe Kardashian were at the hospital in Los Angeles for the
birth, but Aunt Kendall and Aunt Kylie were missing from the scene. Kylie was reportedly in Miami for an art show,
and Kendall hopped a flight out of town to London, presumably to do some modeling work. But it wasn’t a total snub from Kardashian’s
two younger sisters, who definitely put in an appearance at the star-studded baby shower
pajama party that happened about a month before Saint’s arrival, according to Us Weekly. A Twitter prophecy The speculation around the naming of Kim and
Kanye’s second child was intense. Everyone, of course, joked that “South” would
make sense as a name, given the unusual directional moniker of his older sibling, but a Twitter
user accurately predicted the divine child’s name nearly six months ahead of his arrival. The now legendary tweet stated, “Watch kanye name his kid ‘saint or some stupid

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  1. So kim has a kid named saint west. So does this mean we get some new kids named pope west and bishop west? And since she also has another kid named north west, then does this mean she will have future kids named south west and east t west where the t stands for to lol 😂😂😂😂😂

  2. We all know what a liar kiki is. There's also no such surgery to turn the baby. People make a big thing when they see them with the kids because they're not with the kids the majority of the time there with nannies. North always has huge tantrums and she still talks like a baby.

  3. The "divine child" would best be named "Enlightenment." His path is best described as "helping my parents to see how much they'd benefit from enlightenment. " Much love & respect to All Of Us needing Enlightenment.

  4. The mom thinks she has talent or any actual worth and the dad is a dumb individual who is easily manipulated and claims to be the next great white guy like Walt Disney.

  5. I honestly want to be a literal 180° compared to his crazy family…least controversial who helps other people all the time. Like a clean normal boy!

  6. It is a possibility that saint can spell. He is a week older then my daughter .. they both go to montessori private schools and my daughter can read and spell and she is only two . She will b 3 years old December 21st.

  7. BREECH REVERSAL SURGERY??? why isn't this happening more in place of C sectioning breech babies??? There's so much pushing of unnecessary c sections- insurance companies even had medical schools put an end to teaching the methods of delivering breech babies or else they will cut their funding. This is all true look it up or watch "pregnant in america"

  8. When I was young I found the answer key at the back of a booklet and started copying down the answers. My mom was so shook I could spell refrigerator lol. Think that’s probably what happened with Saint.

  9. Honestly saint is my fave tho i dont see him much in the show. Im ok with it tho at least not his whole life is being documented for many people to see cause that WILL BE soooo embarrassing when he grows up and see it

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