Story of saint vemana – Sadhguru about Power of Devotion.

Story of saint  vemana – Sadhguru about Power of Devotion.

[Questioner] You talk about devotion being
the sweetest way to live but you also talk about how nature doesn’t
reveal itself easily. [Sadhguru] What is this? Nature….? [Participant] …does not reveal itself easily. It takes heart-breaking sadhana to realize
the truth. So my question is, is devotion enough? [Sadhguru] Are you asking this question as
a woman or a banker? [Participant] As a woman. [Sadhguru] If you are woman, devotion is enough. If you are a banker, we need to do head-breaking, heart-breaking
sadhana. I want you to understand how difficult the
spiritual process is going to be for you, is determined by you not by nature and not
by your guru. The nature or the Existence or the Creator
and your guru are seeing how to make it as easy as possible, as simple as possible,
as quick as possible. Because if you take time, it’s not a question
of your life going waste, it’s a question of my life going waste. If you don’t make it, it’s not a question
of you failing, it’s a question of me failing. You see, I don’t like to lose. You can see that? I don’t like to be on the losing side. You can see that. You must see how I drive on the street, I
don’t like to be on the losing side. If you are here as a woman, it’s very simple. But you are so many other things. Foreign banks are difficult to handle. Because there are hidden clauses. In every agreement we sign, there is a hidden
clause. It’s printed in micro print that it takes
a lifetime to read them. So most people sign them without reading them. So wipe out all the hidden clauses. Just be here as a woman, very simple. If you are here just as a man or just as a
woman, that’s it, it takes. It doesn’t take all this talking and nonsense
and rubbish. If I just do this, you should just be there. So devotion is another dimension of intelligence
which unfortunately today’s world has lost out on. Now that little boy who is playing violin,
he is just sixteen years of age. He is not very far between the genius……he
is not very far behind the genius of his father. He is pretty right there. It just takes……it’s going to take very
little time for the boy to catch up. That has come not because of training. That’s come because of simple devotion. You see how he sits? See how he sits next to his father, with great
amount of love and devotion. You look at his eyes, he looks at his father
with that kind of love and devotion. In that, learning happens in a completely
different way. There is a very…, there was a fabulous saint. In Andhra Pradesh, there is no home in Andhra
Pradesh who will not have at least a little book about this saint. His name was Vemanna. His name was something else, they called him
Vemanna. So his name is Vemanna. So he was with his guru and this boy is little
dim. He is a dim companion. He is such a simpleton, can’t get anything
straight. I have lot of them like that and they are
doing great. They can pull off anything. It is the intelligent one, it’s people who
think they are intellectually smart who are getting all tangled up in Isha. Simpletons are doing great. Somebody else may think he is nothing. But just see the result he is creating, it’s
fantastic. So this is a simpleton. Everybody……he’s butt of everybody’s
jokes. One day……But the guru takes kindly to
this boy because he is not smart like others. So one day guru has an important function
or an event to go to. So he goes to the river for bath. And his clothes folded, he tells the boy,
‘You hold the clothes in your hand. Stand here. Don’t keep it down because the ground is
wet and it’ll get soiled. Don’t keep it down. Just hold it, that’s all.’ So the guru went in to take his ritual dip
and wash himself and when he came out the boy had kept it down. The clothes were soiled. And he kept it down because when the guru
looked like this, he thought he needs something and he kept
it down and ran to the guru. He is simple. One thing at a time, he cannot handle two
things at a time. Because these are two things, clothes and
guru. Two is complicated. And the guru looked at this. Now he has to go somewhere. His clothes are soiled. And he told him repeatedly ‘Don’t keep
it down, don’t keep it down’ and he keeps it down. So he gave him a little chalk and he told
him, ‘You fool, there’s nothing else you can do. Sit here and write just ‘Rama, Rama, Rama’
on this rock, nothing else. You can’t do anything better. Just do this. Hope grace will descend on you. Just sit here and write ‘Rama, Rama, Rama,’
just over and over again on the same place.’ The boy felt so ashamed, so pained because
he let down his guru. He told him so many times but somehow he cannot
get it. So he started writing. The guru left in a rush. After the whole day, some event, he came back
in the evening and first thing is he asked for this boy, ‘Where is he?’ Because he was feeling bad for the harshness
with which he spoke to him. He was nowhere to be seen. ‘Oh, then I told him to write ‘Rama’
and we did not give the next instruction. Maybe he is still there.’ And he went. The boy was still writing ‘Rama.’ The chalk had worn out long time ago. His forefinger and thumb had worn out right
up till here, and he was still writing ‘Rama, Rama, Rama,
Rama.’ The guru just took him and embraced him and
this boy – I don’t know how many, somebody who is knowledgeable
about this should say – he wrote hundreds of fabulous poems which
is even today, after a few hundred years, even today there is no Telugu speaking home
where there’ll be no book on Vemanna’s poems. Almost every home will have it. Anybody who can read and write, in their home
there will be. And just about everybody is conversant with
these poems. Brilliant poetry he just poured out, out of
his devotion. So, that’s what devotion can do because
devotion is another dimension of intelligence. Devotion is the intelligence, you understand
as a bigger intelligence and you have learnt to keep your little intellect aside. That is devotion. Devotion does not mean everyday doing pooja,
doing this, doing that. Devotion simply means your involvement with
life is so absolute that even you don’t matter anymore. Your involvement with what you have taken
up is so absolute that who you are does not matter. Then you are a devotee. Devotion means you are devoid of yourself,
that’s devotion.

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  1. 🌤Hi Sunshine, beautiful Story how a Child Teaches a Yogi "Master" about "Devotion". We all see "Meaning" from "Different Angles", enjoy peace an happiness while manifesting the light an love of life…

  2. Vemana wasn't a dumb boy, this is not the story of Vemana's transformation. This 'Vema Reddy' was addicted to Wine and Women and in need of money. He practiced Alchemy, but failed. After several attempts and a heart break with one of the girl friends, he started roaming around aimlessly. The poems are his experience of life, philosophically. Moreover, you will see his poems in atheistic nature. 'Rama, Rama' story was never heard of.

  3. Nothing matters in this world 🌎 devotion no devotion gods no gods. Everything changes all the time. Change is scary. That is why we always look back and feel comfortable about our past because past cannot be changed or pat can be changed as you wish and manipulate past history like we do with our Puranas and kathas and vedas. Anyone who changes past with authority own that as truth! Because past can never be perfectly found !! That why these idiot gurus exploit!

  4. Just teared up!!! I really wish I had such a child-like bhakti. Then nothing in the world wil be problematical. Sadghuru is the true uplifter for all of mankind! We need more luminaries like him!!!

  5. But vemana didnt have US $30 MILLION in his bank account. . How can u have a large amount of Money for urself only n yet talk about ''''devotion''' n power. The title shud hav been ''''power of money''' to make more SENSE. , N EXPOSE ALL THESE FAKE GURUS.

  6. Great to hear about Vemana from Sadhguru… Vemana satakam… 100 poems from Vemana … Simple to recite n understand …

  7. a part of The world has definitly lost upon the sweetness of Devotion. There are those who carry the safety and love of Grace and those who dont. They are worlds biggest losers but in real tough denial. Only redemption will help gain Grace there is no other way

  8. Jai SaiRam Jai GuruDev
    Madhava Mahadeva
    HarHar MAHADEV
    Jai BHOLEnadh
    Jai MahaKALi Jai MahaKAL

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