Stories From Saint Helena’s Past

Wine Country Inn – Escape to the heart of the Napa Valley Stories From Saint Helena’s Past Spring Mountain Vineyard Wine Caves Tirburcio Parrot – This property was built for him in 1885 A lot of stories about Tirburcio. One of my favorites involves this cave. Just before the actual winery – one of the pillars has “Los Hermanos” carved in the top of it. That was the name Tiburcio gave the Beringer brothers. In return, actually Beringer once produced a “Tres Hermanos” in honor of Tiburcio. So, very good friends, and one of the stories about these caves involves the Beringers and Tiburcio. So the Beringer brothers were at Miravalle, where we’re headed this (the wine caves) had just finished construction by the Chinese Immigrants and it was all beautiful and new, it was only two years old. Tiburcio bet while he was drunk with the Beringers that his caves were strong enough to withstand dynamite he lost that bet So two years after the construction of the cave, Tiburcio blew up his own cave system the only thing remains is this little section so these are newer into the 1970’s. Built in 1885 for Tiburcio Parrot, he called it his “Owl House” because he thought it looked like an owl to him but its actually his carriage house. Everything in here is original to the Miravalle mansion. That we’re going to go to next, you see up there. very similar to what we saw at Chevalier but these are for Tiburcio Parrot. These are his wine bottles that he never used in the 1800’s. His chemical bottles, there’s a seltzer up there from someone I don’t know who. And these are his original carriages, this is a produce carriage so this is what the servants would have used to run into town to get flour, eggs or anything else. If you’re a car buff, notice our brake pads here – Trees, so what they used to do is cut down a tree every-time they ran through a tree, they’d just cut down another one as a brake pad. What you’re looking at back here is the original wine carriage. So, we went up those roads in that truck, the horses used to pull those carriages up the mountainside but you can see up here, beautiful pictures, but there’s no tractors that can make most of this property. That said – this is Tiburcio’s carriage Wine Country Inn – 1152 Lodi Lane Saint Helena , CA 94574 – –

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