Stephen Sommers: A Tour of Saint John’s

Stephen Sommers: A Tour of Saint John’s

First of all, I had a blast. I lived on third floor Mary freshman year. It was always freezing cold. Man, it was hard to get to the Refectory over here, the cafeteria. I don’t know if you guys know but when I got married we had our wedding reception in “Rat” (Guild) Hall. It didn’t look like “Rat” Hall, trust me. We put all kinds of tents in there. We had like, 200 people And I’m still with the same gal 25 years later. I started as an English major and became a minor only because I spent my sophomore year over in Spain. It was an insanely immersive program so I ended up being a Spanish major and and English minor. Being foreign exchange student opened up my eyes to the whole world. When I was at St. John’s, started doing things like getting involved in the theater, which I would never have done before. Geography–I was always in to history, loved history, took a lot of history classes here– but geography just wasn’t my thing. Now suddenly I had to learn everything about all the countries. It hasn’t changed that much, except for this building. I’m always hot. I never wear a sweater in L.A. I miss the weather here. I don’t care how cold it gets. I love the four seasons. This time of year is fantastic. Tomorrow we’re going to the football game. I come to St. John’s at least once a year. I take walks out to the old chapel all the time. I think I’ve brought all my dogs. My youngest says she wants to St. Ben’s because she loves the Gorecki Center so much. That’s her whole thing. When I was going to St. John’s it just didn’t occur to me that I would be a movie director because those possibilities weren’t open. By the way when I was here there was one VHS deck at the entire university and that was at the library. Remember there were no cell phones there was no way to make a movie. Now, in the Sommers’ Center there’s plenty of stuff.

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  1. I've always really loved Stephen Sommers' films.  He's one of the few directors who really understands how to make big, loud, fun sweeping adventures that also have a lot of heart and humor.  His films were actually a big part of what got me through High School as someone who suffers from an Autism Spectrum disorder, and never was able to really "fit in."  I always knew I could pop on "Deep Rising", "The Mummy", "Van Helsing", etc. and brighten up my day.  And they're a big part of what inspired me to study video and film production in my last few years of High School and during my brief stint in college.  It's great to see how he seems like such a cool, laid back guy who still remembers his roots.  Thanks for the great films, Mr. Sommers!

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