Stationery (Erlwin and Carol’s Life Story) | Maalaala Mo Kaya Recap (With Eng Subs)

Stationery (Erlwin and Carol’s Life Story) | Maalaala Mo Kaya Recap (With Eng Subs)

Dear Charo.. My heart was racing
during those moments and it felt like time
slowed down around me. It’s as if a melody was
playing in my ears… I’m Erl. Carol. They say that through music, you can express things
that you can’t usually say. And I believe that. Because music is
the language of the soul and the language of the heart. That’s when I knew that I fell in love
at first sight with Erl. Shane, write down
your address here So I can still write to you
even if we’re not together. Are you done? You’re unfair. Aren’t you going to
get my address too? You just got here! I know. I’ll just get your address. Can I do that? I believe in the
>teachings of our church… That we all have
an eternal companion that we’re destined to meet. And regardless of the time
and distance between you… destiny will find a way
to make you meet again. I believe in that. – Erlwin Abanggan?
– Yes, that’s me. Thank you. How are you there? I’m pretty busy with
my studies here. College life is hard. But I’m adjusting pretty well. I know you got that, Carol. I believe in you. I’m busy helping
my family here. We sort of have
some problems. You know how it is.
Problems always come and go. can you just look
at the sky tonight? What’s the brightest|
star you can see? I’m looking at it too. Then close your eyes… And imagine that
I’m beside you. I went to Vigan to work
and help my family. Dear, I’m sorry. I know you’re short
in cash too, but your Papa wasn’t
able to send enough and I couldn’t earn enough from
making ID laces and diplomas. Your siblings need to
pay their tuition fees. I’ll send you money
once I get my salary, Ma. Thank you so much, dear. I’m really sorry too. It’s alright, Ma.
I understand our situation. I have to go, Ma.
I have so much work here. You have some letters– Do you have something for me? No, sir. Thank you. My life revolved around work. I had to provide
for my family. That was my only priority,
so I stopped writing to Erl. Do you remember Erl,
your pen pal from Cebu? He went as a speaker at
the school near our place. He’s already done
with his mission. He called me and
he was asking about you. I told him you’re
busy with work. And he gave me his number. You might want to
reconnect with him. Hello. Erl? Who is this? Erl, it’s me, Carol. Carol? I thought you’ve forgotten
about me already. You stopped writing to me. Sorry about that. I’m just happy that I can
talk to you again. Me too, Erl. Sorry, I’ve just been
busy lately. Your mother told me about it. I understand. Imagine?
It’s been six years already. I know, right? Can we see each other, Erl? I was going to ask you
the same thing. Let’s see each other. You’ll be here on
Saturday, right? I’ll see you on Saturday,
three o’clock. Saturday,
three in the afternoon. Along Calle Crisologo. Will that be alright? I’ll be there. Wait for me. The subscriber
cannot be reached. Please try again later. From that day on, I forced myself to
forget about Erl. I told myself again and again that whatever we had
is all over now and I have to move on Eric, son, this is Carol,
Sister Sally’s daughter. Carol, this is Eric. Hi. Hi. Eric was not hard to like. He courted me and
my family every day. Carol. I’m not sure if he’s
still in your heart. But I’m hoping that you will
give me a chance, Carol Let me into your heart too. Does this mean you’re
my girlfriend now? – You’re my girlfriend now?
– Yes. Love… I told you that I will
handle everything, right? I’ll provide for you. I will always take care of you. I want to spend the rest
of my life with you. So please say yes. – Say yes!
– Say yes! Congrats, Carol? You found the love of your life. Your eternal companion. Eternity is a very,
very long way. I hope you made
the right decision. Let’s meet, Carol.
For the last time. Erl… I was there. I came at exactly 3 PM.
I waited for you. You didn’t show up. I was there. I was there, Carol. Erl. Let’s just come back
tomorrow. We’re doing deliveries, and we’re running
on a tight schedule. Let’s go. Pa, can’t we wait for
15 more minutes? Please. We can’t wait that long. Our family’s business
is at stake here. Let’s go. Carol, I went back to Vigan
several times. I asked around for you.
I even showed your picture. I asked them if they knew
a certain Carol Gutierrez. I need to clear my mind. I have to be worthy of
someone’s love, and I can only do that by
being honest with myself What were you
thinking, Carol?! You know everything’s all set
for the wedding! This wedding will push through
whether you like it or not! You will not bring shame
to this family! We treated you
and loved you as family. I just don’t understand
why this is happening. How could you do this? How could you do this
to Eric? I don’t think we deserve this! – That’s enough, Ma.
– No! She can’t do this! How could she hurt
you like this after everything
we’ve done for her?! I said that’s enough, Ma! If you change your mind,
Carol… ..I’ll be right here waiting. Choosing between
what we ought to do and what our heart
tells us is not easy. It never is. The answer lies
in your heart, dear. Even then,
you’ll have to choose. Will you choose the man
who deserves to be loved… …or the man you’ve always
loved since? Choosing between
the one who loves you and the one you truly love
can be painful. Even so,
the heart never lies. And I found true love Erl and I are now
happily married, and are just as happy
raising our four kids. Eric himself has found happiness
with a family of his own. In the end
love conquers all. All we have to do
is take that chance. Yours truly, Carol

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    Sana mabasa mo 'to.

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