Stark’s Saint Mocianne’s Arboretum Tanking Guide // Final Fantasy XIV

Stark’s Saint Mocianne’s Arboretum Tanking Guide // Final Fantasy XIV

Hello tanksters, Stark here and this is the
tanking guide for Saint Mocianne’s Arboretum. This is a level 60 optional dungeon where
you’ll have a chance to relax while petting some very cute Malboros. Well, petting with the sharp end of a sword
that is. Speed-wise, this dungeon is very much like
the Fractal Continnum. This means you can grab every mob and their
mother up to the end of each section and burn the lot down. The first pack may surprise a first-time healer
though, so don’t be afraid to pop your god mode cooldown if you see your health dropping
fast. Don’t worry, it will recharge before you need
it again. The first boss tells you why you must never
interrupt a Malboro when they’re putting their make-up on. Keep Miss Arboretum 2016 in the center of
the arena, as this will make the fight easier for everyone. At different points, the boss will start swiping
the arena with a massive lack of teeth washing attack. Other cute mini Malboros will spawn as well,
just manderville around the whole lot if you need to. After this, some Rose Hip ads will spawn. DPSers must kill these asap before they explode
and deal party damage. As tank, you can safely ignore these on the
first round. However, you can also help smash them on the
second round, when the boss starts rotating again. The second mob segment is a little bit more
interesting. At the end of the first bit you’ll see these
honeycomb barriers you need to destroy. However, as soon as you attack them, tons
of mobs will spawn next to you. This is all fine on the first barrier, but
on the second barrier, some Orn Hornets will spawn as well. If you’ve been around FFXIV for a while, you’ll
know Hornets and Final Sting usually come together. Therefore as soon as you see one, target it
and either block final sting or use your god mode cooldown. The convention I’ve seen for this section
is for the tank and healer to hold their ground with all the mobs, while DPSers focus on the
barrier. As soon as the barrier goes down, rush over
to the boss room, as the mobs won’t be able to follow you in. The second boss is an obvious honey lover,
considering how it decorated its room down here. This is a mandervilling encounter, so get
your dance shoes ready. Tank the boss anywhere to begin with, you
will have to move around soon enough. Apitoxin targets a random player for a permanent
puddle of goo. The boss then summons a swarm of hornets that
fly about at the edge of the arena shooting stings at random players. Assail will make the hornet swarm target a
random player for a series of column AoEs. Avail calls on the swarm to protect the boss
while it deals higher and higher raid damage. Go help bring those hornets down as fast as
possible. After this, bring the boss to the edge of
the arena, as you will need a good view of what’s going on. That’s because Ally will command the hornet
swarm to band together into groups and spam their stings at the party. The swarm will not telegraph the attack so
pay attention to their position and immediately move to a safe spot. Mechanics repeat until either of you wins. The third mob segment is more of the same,
though you may want to take it easy here if you or your healer are on minimum gear. The last boss is the second runner for Miss
Arboretum 2016, who is obviously very annoyed a Malboro with some makeup on took her rightful
spot in the competition. To make things easier, keep miss flower-pot
here in the center of the arena for the entire fight. She starts with Atropine Spore, an eye-type
AoE on the arena. Then comes Soul Vaccum, a party-wide AoE,
you can’t evade this one. The fun starts when the boss summons a number
of cute little bulbs onto the arena. These set up camp at random spots and spawn
debuffing areas around them. Try to move away from these bulbs while keeping
the boss stable in the center the arena. Frond Fatale is a gaze attack that will make
you run like a looney into these bulbs and get debuffed. Look away during the end of the cast to avoid
having your party laughing at you and rightfully so. The boss follows this up with some AoE markers,
try to not overlap these with anyone else if you get one. Now, if your party’s DPS is fairly low you
may end up seeing some extra Lily of the Saint adds eventually spawn. DPSers need to kill those asap to avoid a
wipe. However, with the general overgearing and
high DPS you’ll probably never see this phase anyway. That’s it for Saint Mocianne’s Arboretum. Thanks for watching and feel free to leave
a like if you found this useful. Next, you’ll return to Siren’s old nest to
again enjoy some enchanting music. Until then, happy tanking and see you next

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  1. It's so good to see you back, your guides got me through the levelling process as a tank, and I doubt I would have stuck with it without your help. Keep up the great work!

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