starkid’s weird relationship with god and religion

starkid’s weird relationship with god and religion

He is Lord, Duck is Lord, he is Lord Lord Lord, the duck is lord Thank you Ducker. Listen- (All) He is lord, the duck is lord, he is lord, lord, lord, the duck is lord And I saw the empirical proof that science killed God It’s comforting to know that he was once alive though. I like to think that when he died he went to heaven there. Your god is a feal scaAAm! So, you are God. Oh, there is no god 😛 And then there’s that thing about his religion, oh you can’t talk about that. Even so it is curious, isn’t it? It has something to do with, with, with Kyber crystals? Is that right? It’s not very Christian. (Everyone: No.) God save the queen. Oh, great. Lucky for me.. God is dead. When you see him in hell, tell him Junior sent you. Sometimes things just happen and sometimes God Is a vicious two-faced prick Maybe we should go to a church No no no no no no no, Charlotte We are all from different denominations, all right? We cannot split up. I am a presbyterian. I’m not gonna die in your dirty ass Methodist Church, all right? Well, you can tell that Annie that she can go and get her gun Because she has insulted my religion and now I will kill her with my sword We’re poor. Our farm burned down. God did it to us, damn him to hell! He created the universe! And he is a jealous duck. Let us pray! We humble ourselves before the Duck And offer it a clean and pleasing worship (Quack) The duck is pleased!

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  1. 0 dislikes?

    t h a n k d u c k

    edit:35 mins after I wrote this comment, duck is still protecting us
    edit 2, 2 hours later: ONE DISLIKE WOW THANKS JAFAR
    Edit three: 21 hours, god disliked it twice, damn him to hell

  2. I sang duck is lord yesterday a little too loudly in class and a girl next to me said “ did you just say duck is lord? “ and I didn’t know what to say so I stayed silent then said “ he is lord so… “

    I can never show my face again at school

  3. “we’re poor. god did it to us, damn him to hell”

    “well if god keeps goofing off like this – i’m gonna murder god, and i’m gonna chop him up into tiny little pieces and feed him to my starving children”

  4. Also during the last 5 seconds of the TGWDLM commentary, Lauren quickly says "hail Satan" which is something they do in their Livestreams. Also during Firebringer they would say "Satan is a real man" during rehearsals and the behind the scenes.

  5. And I shall teach my kids these sentences and it'll be a glorious day at church tomorrow… And by kids I mean the little ones that I watch while the parents are in service. ⛪🙏

  6. This is probably why everyone thinks we're a cult.
    Personally my favorite god reference is in AVPS when Harry gets his firebolt and Ron says that it's so fast that not even wizard god can follow it

  7. woahhh i did a super similar video a few weeks ago! great minds, man. 🙂 great video tho you remembered some great clips i forgot.

  8. A good one from Twisted: after Aladdin’s little monologue and Jafar goes “Jesus Christ I have no idea what’s going on”

  9. I wonder how many religious people are offended by Starkid because they couldn't take a joke. (not all religious people are like this, just some of them pls don't kill me)

  10. I goddamn (joke intended) love how weirdly specific all the Starkid videos have become.
    Like, we're all really just looking for different video titles and categories to excuse watching the same brilliant moments over and over and over and over and over again and i am HERE FOR IT

  11. i told my very very very very christian dad about the dirty ass methodist church this and he thought it was HILARIOUS

  12. I have an idea for a new video, hope you haven't done it before: Starkid musicals' best transitions (like the magic carpet, the meteor, the chairs and piano…) I WOULD LIKE TO SEE IT

  13. how could you forget that video of all of them backstage going "satan is a real man" and joey talking about sacrificing goats in the dressing room

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