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  1. After watching the documentaries "Trek Nation" by Eugene Roddenberry and "Chaos on the Bridge" by William Shatner, it's easy to see so much of Gene Roddenberry's humanism in the creation of the first two series–which really bothers me. Thankfully, the creators were able to start injecting spirituality into Star Trek. I'm just sorry that it wasn't until after he passed away.

  2. Just starting to watch Deep space nine again. Haven't watched it since the late 90s with my mum. I like the way they address the religious absurdities that exist in our society. I never realized how good this series is.

  3. Ben and Jake should look at Galileo's trial with a little dispassionate historical criticism. The case of Galileo’s trial is often raised as evidence that religions and science are diametrically opposed. It is erroneously thought that the heliocentric model itself was condemned by the Church as contrary to the Faith. Copernicus, himself a Church Cannon, had proposed the heliocentric model almost a century earlier and caused no scandal. As C.S. Lewis describes it, “The real reason why Copernicus raised no ripple and Galileo raised a storm, may well be that whereas the one offered a new supposal about celestial motions, the other insisted on treating this supposal as fact.” Heliocentric theory had not yet passed the rigorous set of criteria that a scientific theory must be subject to before it can be declared factual. Galileo had previously been called to answer for this presumption, where he agreed under contract that he would not publish any assertions of the heliocentric theory without sufficient evidence. It was his breach of this contract that brought him to trial. He was sentenced to house arrest and held in apartment of an official of the Inquisition for twenty-two days, after which he was permitted to serve his sentence at various friends’ houses as he liked. His lenient sentence may have been the result of his old friendship with Cardinal Barberini, now Pope Urban VIII. Galileo was never excommunicated, remained a devout Catholic throughout his life, and continued to practice science after his trial without incident, publishing his greatest work on mechanics, Discourse Concerning Two New Sciences, five years later.

  4. Except the prophets aren't gods, and the prophets don't go around telling the Bajorans to burn witches, tell them that their planet is 6000 years old, enslave others, and order them to commit genocide in their name.

    Religion and science are simply incompatible, for the most part. Science is about discovering what is false and not false by observation, research, and repeated experimentation. Religion tells you to accept things on faith and faith alone, trusting what holy texts tell you and not what others say.

    Science has every right to criticize religion because religion is just a collection of folk tales and myths that keeps people ignorant of reality as a way of false consolation and comfort. Religion is a quick, instantly-gratifying answer to every question that provides no explanations.

  5. Religion is a myth. Nothing in the Bible has been proven in 2000 years. Apparently everything in the Bible has either been destroyed in a flood, fire, earthquake, a riot. Scientist do believe that Jesus was put on a X not a cross.

  6. What utter shit. In the fictional Star Trek Universe, gods and magic are REAL. Telepathic powers appear on medical scans, so magic is part of science. Superhuman spirit beings live outside the Captain's fucking WINDOW, and the screenwriters have the nerve to falsely equivocate between science and religion in a world where they really are the same thing, unlike our REAL world, where there is no evidence gods and magic exist, where any such evidence is totally absent because it contradicts the laws of nature, and the people who claim such things are either deluded, mentally-ill, or lying.

  7. I think Sisko’s point here is that regardless of your beliefs, there’s no reason to be a dick about it. Personally, I’m big on science, but unless someone comes at me and tells me that I’m a horrible person for doing such, I’m not gonna say Jack unless they’re harming other people.

  8. This is why this my favorite show. I don't see why science and religion can't co-exist. "Science is all about facts, religion is just make-believe…" and blah, blah, blah. Do you guys how famous scientists believed in God? Did you guys know that the Vatican has it's own science labs? Maybe you should consider that science is apart of God's tools, because nobody here will every truly know.

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