Stand Up Paddleboarding on the FREEZING Saint Lawrence River! // Sea Shack // HI Canada

Hello. I am in Sainte-Anne-des-Monts
here in Canada and currently
I am at the Sea Shack. They are going to take us out into
the St. Lawrence River to go paddleboarding. Let’s see how this goes. Really cold right now. Here are our boards,
here are our paddles. And there is the river. It is 30 degrees. What are you doing? It’s all for the glam. We can still go make a hike,
we can do something else. There is always things to do. That’s like a slow boarding? Let’s go, YOLO. I probably need the children’s size. -There you go.
-Yeah. That looks about right. I’m ready to go up there. It’s happening.
It’s happening. You guys are gonna wear
your beanies out there? Yes. It’s very, very cold. I’m going like this,
now my board is going to go left. It’s totally not cool. Nasir, say hi. Oh yeah, he’s already standing up. OK. Aaah! Sorry. I keep touching everybody. Oh, no! Wow! that was a close one. At the end! Aah. It actually feels really nice,
it feels like I could stay here. It wasn’t the cold that bothered me,
it was the taste of the water. That was actually pretty fun, like…
Yeah, yeah. And it wasn’t, I mean, it was cold
but it wasn’t like freezing cold, I actually should have
stayed there for longer, it’s just that the waves, like there started
to pick up some waves and it was getting hard to paddle. We were out there
for like 30 minutes. Yeah, pretty much
taking a shower. And that is it for this video. This was a really amazing experience. And if you ever
have the opportunity to do this then you should definitely do it, because even though it seems
like it’s gonna be cold and scary and whatever. It was an experience. And I felt really great. Once I was in the water
I just felt at ease, like it was really nice,
it was kind of relaxing until the waves started to pick up
then it wasn’t quite so relaxing. And then when I fell in the water
at the very last second, my body was already warm because of
all the paddling that I was doing. So, once I hit the water,
it wasn’t actually cold, it was just, it tasted really bad. Anyway I hope that you enjoyed it, and if you did
then please give me a thumbs up, and subscribe if you want
to see me do more stuff like this. Hostelling International Canada
has been awesome so far with coming up
with these really unique activities and things
to do here in Canada. So, I’m really grateful
that I’m able to be on this trip, and extremely grateful that I am able
to share this experience with all of you. For now I’m gonna go,
I need to go shower, get ready, because we got a whole lot
of other stuff to do today. So, I will see you when I see you, bye! This video was made possible by my patrons
over at PATREON.COM/REDROMINA If you like what I do, become a patron
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