Stafford’s Fake Spike & Calvin’s 329-Yard Game | Cowboys vs. Lions (Week 8, 2013) | NFL Full Game

Stafford’s Fake Spike & Calvin’s 329-Yard Game | Cowboys vs. Lions (Week 8, 2013) | NFL Full Game

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  1. 22:35 – Calvin Johnson takes quick Slant Pass 87-yards

    25:38 – Calvin Johnson grabs 2-yard TD pass from Mathew Stafford

    52:06 – Dan Bailey makes 53-yard FG for Cowboys

    1:01:58 – Mathew Stafford is intercepted by Sean Lee who returns for 74-yards

    1:04:55 – Dez Bryant Hauls in 5-yard TD pass from Tony Romo

    1:22:27 – Reggie Bush fumbles, recovered by Cowboys

    1:31:10 – Calvin Johnson fumbles after deep catch, recovered by Cowboys

    1:34:50 – Dan Bailey makes 53-yard FG

    1:43:53 – David Akers makes 20-yard FG

    1:47:15 – Terrance Williams takes short pass 60-yards for TD

    1:54:18 – Lions’ Joique Bell rushes for 1-yard TD

    1:58:08 – Dez Bryant takes quick pass 50-yards for TD

    2:00:32 – Calvin Johnson snags 54-yard pass from Mathew Stafford

    2:04:24 – Reggie Bush bursts through for 1-yard TD

    2:15:20 – Cowboys stop Lions on 4th down

    2:21:00 – Dan Bailey makes 44-yard FG to put Cowboys up 30-24

    2:24:45 – Lions convert back-to-back deep passes to set up game winning score

    2:25:42 – Stafford fakes spike at the goal line and jumps over the line for 1-yard TD

    2:31:45 – Cowboys series of laterals fails, Lions win.

  2. Dez should just put on a tiara with the way he keep acting like a toddler in a beauty pageant. Bilick described it perfectly, "spoiled child" "temper tantrum"

  3. What makes this game an archtypal modern NFL game – Stafford erupted with 488 passing yards yet the Lions STILL busted out 143 yards on the ground (just under five yards per carry)

  4. Best part of the game for me was not the fact that the Lions won but @ 2:28:06: "Dez Bryant pullin' his spoiled child routine again." Lulz.

  5. "And the Lions will suffer a 27-24 loss to the Cowboys" "Two home losses in a row" "Cowboys will have a winning record for the first time"

    That commentary makes me laugh

  6. Detroit Lions the worst team in the NFL bad team NFL no good team in NFL

  7. Detroit Lions that Biggers fullest game ever in the NFL the worst team nobody bet no money on this team is f*** up team

  8. they're always they behind Detroit Lions is not good team don't ever watch this thing as f***-up team

  9. I remember watching this at my cousin's house with me, my cousin and another friend. We went nuts when that final play happened.

  10. I'm a Lions fan and I have to say props to Barry Sanders and Calvin Johnson for not pulling a "Kevin Durant" and staying loyal to their team.

  11. It's funny that they took so long to review the final touchdown, even though Stafford came back down and then ran to the end zone. So if it wasn't a touchdown when he extended, it was when he just walked there,, haha

  12. LMFAO I love how the announcers were going on and on and on about how the Cowboys were going to win and the Lions were going to lose with well over 1 minute remaining still.

  13. How many Total yards (Passing Yards and Rushing Yards Combined) does Matt Stafford have in that game??

  14. Best Lions game i got to see! All the fans that left early are not true lions fans, thats why u stay for your team. Detroit vs Everybody

  15. "To get 500 total yards… But the Lions are going to come off with a 27-24 loss…" Which really means "there's timeouts and 90 seconds left, but I'm just gonna call it now and make myself a fool." Then "I promise you you're gonna hear Jim Schwartz… Two losses at home…" Wow guys. Be giving up like crazy and talking about Dallas winning. Ha. You thought

  16. Thumbs up for having this edited without commercials. Must have taken forever. Watching this reminds me how grateful I should be that my Lions nowadays don’t miss tackles like they used to. For so many years the were the worst tackling team in the league. This video reminds me why Johnson is my favorite player of all time. Unfortunately, he pulled a Barry on us and Troyes WAY too soon. Don’t blame him though. Lions never would have traded him and he didn’t want to add more and more wear and tear on his body for a non playoff team year in and year out. Before this game Cowboys coach said they had the best WR in the league. Johnson put an end to that nonsense real quick. #OnePride

  17. There’s only one thing to do if your Matthew Stafford: Throw To Calvin Johnson Double Coverage: Throw to Calvin Johnson Triple Coverage: Throw to Calvin Johnson

  18. Its hard to believe they think dez bryants 1 catch for a five yard touchdown is equivalent to Calvins when hes all ready over a 100 yard receiving

  19. I had calvin johnson in fantasy that year lmfao whoever played me in week 8 probably raged so hard seeing calvin with like 50 points

  20. One of the best games in lions history hands down calvin Johnson 329 rec yards staffords fake spike the great comeback to win the game

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