St Tropez – Self Tanning Tips from London Fashion Week the St Tropez Way

St Tropez – Self Tanning Tips from London Fashion Week the St Tropez Way

Self Tanning Tips from London Fashion Week
the St Tropez Way Roksanda Ilincic, Designer
Skin is beautiful. It’s super polished. It looks healthy. It looks glowing. It looks
like the girls were basically taking care of their bodies for the last six months while
I was designing. David Koma, Designer
Working with St. Tropez this season was quite amazing.
Michelle Feeney, CEO – PZ Cussons Beauty At St. Tropez we’ve really worked very hard
on partnerships with designers that we believe are the future.
Nichola Joss, celebrity Self Tanning Expert It’s all about the skin. I’m in love with
the skin. Ellie Goulding
Skin is the foundation of everything with beauty and hair. If you haven’t got good
skin, you have to work on that first. Henry Holland, Designer
We’ve been working with St. Tropez now for three seasons. You get to know more about
the product, and you know what you can achieve a bit better and then sit down with Nichola
and go through what you want to achieve. They’ve always got new products coming out as well,
so it’s good to incorporate them. You can definitely achieve different looks every season
that we’ve been working with them. So it’s been good.
Nichola Joss, celebrity Skin Finishing Expert We’re going to do a how-to. Here’s the
step-by-step guide. First of all we’re going to do a base colour of tan. We’re going
to spray it on really lightly, evening out skin tones and just giving that lovely undercurrent
of a glow to the skin. Now what we’re going to do is we’re going to apply the illuminating
products. We’ve got two. We’re going to use the Rose Illuminator which we’ve had
for a couple of seasons. It’s a pastel, light rose illuminator, but it gives gentle
illumination to the skin. We’ve mixed it with a silver rose, which is a ramped up dewiness.
When we mix two of the products together, we get that perfect sheen that we’re going
to have on the skin. We’re going to do it right down the legs, back and front, same
with the arms and across the shoulder blades, the collar bone. We’re really covering the
skin. Everything that’s on show is going to be illuminated.
Karen Heras-Kelly, head of PR – PZ Cussons Beauty
The inspiration for this show, for Erdem Spring/Summer 2012, is Chloe Sevigny. She is known for her
beautiful, beautiful skin and a very, very naturally polished look.
Erdem, Designer The girl is very much a continuation of our
girl from last season, but I think she’s probably gone on holiday. She’s gone somewhere
hot, which is where St. Tropez comes in. We really worked on the polish of the skin and
the finish of it. She’s going to look really healthy with a wonderful polish and a wonderful
kind of refinement hopefully. Roksanda Ilincic, Designer
Obviously, I love using and incorporating with St. Tropez beautiful products, which
we specially mixed for this season. David Koma, Designer
This season we wanted to do something very focused and very directional. Working with
St. Tropez this season it was quite amazing because the product and the concept linked
so well. From the very first minute of the meeting, we were excited and got a lot of
ideas of what kind of skin tone we wanted and kind of dressing the skin in many different
ways and different layers. Nichola Joss, celebrity Skin Finishing Expert
The references are tribal inspiration. There’s lots of light. There’s lots of iridescence.
We’re using a silver rose and really ramping up the illumination. Because we’re shooting
and there’s lots of daylight here, you can see how it’s going to look at home when
you use the product. Michelle Feeney, CEO – PZ Cussons Beauty
Whether you’re going to a nightclub in Newcastle or you happen to be at the Cannes Film Festival,
you should be able to go into Boots and buy a product that makes you feel a million dollars.
Nichola Joss, celebrity Skin Finishing Expert The girls at home can watch the shows, watch
the TV, see what’s on the catwalk and then go to the shops and pick it up and do it themselves.
It’s really fashionable. It’s modern and we’re a step forward. It’s all about embracing
the skin. If you’ve got really good skin, your clothing looks immaculate. It’s easier
to put on your make up. It’s all about the skin.

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