ST PETERSBURG, Russia White Nights: the BEST TIME to travel! 2017 (Vlog 1)

Midnight in Saint Petersburg and look at the sky! It’s amazing! This is the best time to visit Saint Petersburg, Russia Hello, Russia! Here I am Geographically speaking, Russia is the biggest country in the world And on this trip I’m going to visit Saint Petersburg and Moscow, the two main cities here This is Saint Petersburg, Russia’s
artistic and cultural center For most of the 20th century, Saint Petersburg was called Leningrad, it was a homage to Vladimir Lenin a revolutionary and the first leader of the Soviet Union.
It became Saint Petersburg again in 1991 And I remember that! Saint Petersburg is famous for Palace Square, the Hermitage Museum, the various historic buildings, the canals and I’ll show you all that in the next videos Right now it’s about 6:00 PM and
we’ll get ready for the evening Tonight we’re staying up until very late to find out
why so many people fall in love with this city Keep watching, you won’t believe it. We’re so
excited! But let’s settle in first Architecture here is amazing, very European,
very historical, take our hotel for example Wow! Look at this view! That’s the Russian Museum and
over there, the Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood Grand Hotel Europe represents all the cultural
and historical beauty of Saint Petersburg The building itself is from the 1820’s
and the hotel is from 1875 It was a combination of the surrounding buildings here So century after century it just maintains the glamour But the hotel also had some difficult
moments during World War 2 Saint Petersburg was sieged and one third
of the city was destroyed by bombs Here they were even kinda lucky, just
part of the hotel was destroyed And as there was no tourism during the war, the hotel became a hospital This room here was the operating room During Soviet times, Grand Hotel Europe was
the meeting point for artists, musicians the elite in general here in Russia. Sometimes
they used to come here even for their meals So, we’re going to try one of these meals and
we chose the new restaurant Azia Is this here what I think it is? Is this gold? Already my favorite [Waiter] “Soap… you’ll taste it” Asian fusion dinner. We tried Japanese cuisine,
Chinese cuisine, Indian… Everything is so delicious! This is the chef Larisa, she was the one who prepared everything, all the delicious dishes we’ve just tried Thank you so much, Larisa! That was amazing!
Truly amazing! [Larisa] Thank you for your attention!
Thank you for your visit! Larisa] I’m very happy to meet you! I know something in Russian “Spasibo” It’s my first time here in Saint Petersburg and I think
I chose the best time of the year to come here I’m here during June. It’s because at this
time there is something called White Nights What it means exactly? Well, Saint Petersburg is
located very north on Earth, you know, in latitude it’s equivalent to Alaska. So, at this time of the
year the sun never disappears 100% in the horizon Hence, it doesn’t get 100% dark. Everybody stays out
so let’s go celebrate We’re doing a boat tour to see the famous White Nights,
but it’s not only for the White Nights There’s a reason they happen really, really late.
They never leave before midnight It’s because around one in the morning it’s when
the bridges get open so that big vessels can cross and it’s a big deal here, it’s a big attraction White Nights, that’s the reason The color of the sky is at this time of the night!
It’s amazing! No kidding, there are like 50 boats here circulating in
between the three main bridges along the Neva river Everybody waiting for the big moment The highlight of this phenomenon happens in the end of June, right now we’re in the beginning of the month So it’s going to become even brighter.
Imagine this in a couple of weeks! After this you cannot cross anymore
from one side to the other because at this time the subway is not working anymore and there are no boats, so,
you’ll have to stay where you are If you talk to Russians they’ll tell you actually that
several relationships here start like that Let’s say you are in party on one of the sides
and then you don’t have how to go back home And “can I stay at your place?” And the rest is history Bye!
“Proshchay” It was very cool, thousands of people on the boats and on both sides of the river But go ready for the cold, you know? You guys saw how I started the tour, Look at how I’m finishing! Tomorrow we are going to visit some of the top attractions in town Did you like the video? Then subscribe to my channel so that you don’t miss the rest

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