ST PETERSBURG, RUSSIA tour: the most famous attractions (Vlog 2)

ST PETERSBURG, RUSSIA tour: the most famous attractions (Vlog 2)

I’m in St. Petersburg, Russia and I’m bringing you on a tour We’re starting at Palace square, one of the most famous places in St. Petersburg And there’s much more coming up Good morning! Breakfast with everything I deserve because today we’re planning to walk a lot You know something very interesting about this restaurant here? It opened its doors in the beginning of 20th century And it was super modern
and tecnologically advanced for that time For you to have an idea: it was the only establishment with eletric lights in St. Petersburg, even before the Royal Palace No wonder it became a meeting point for artists,
and the rich and famous Nevsky Prospekt is the main avenue here in St. Petersburg And the main advantage of staying nearby is that you can walk to all major attractions here in the Historical Center The only challenge here, sometimes, is that you arrive at places and people don’t speak English and several attractions have multiple options for tickets, so it can be quite confusing sometimes So, I discovered a card here called Petersburg Card that you pay per day, you decided how many days you wanna use it and you have free access
to over 60 attractions, boat tours, hop on, hop off buses and boats and so on So it’s perfect if you don’t have a lot of time and if you wanna do a lot of things Almost everything we’ll do here will be with that card [Counter Woman] So, you can use this already And you should… take your books with you I purchased mine online about 20 minutes ago, on my phone, it was super easy And already picked it up here at the
Tourist Information Office They give you a card and a booklet, you must carry both because every time you go to an attraction they rip off the page for that attraction [Renata] Say hello!
[Guy] What- what is it? That is YouTube [Guy] Ah! Hello!
[Renata] Hello! That’s all I know So, I’ll take the chance to board the Hop on, Hop off bus as I wanna have a general overview of the city and I’ll stay in the first place I wanna visit That’s where we’re staying I always like to start a visit in a new city
with a guided tour Because, you know, there are some things you only learn with someone local, especially in Russia So, we’re taking one of those free tours that in the end, if you like, you tip the guide [Anastasia] All revolutions happened in this city The October Revolution and the February one Everything That’s why this city was more important for our revolutionary movement That’s why it was called Leningrad for almost the whole 20th century Until the Soviet Union collapsed which was in 1991, not a long time ago And then there was an opinion poll organized, our city got the original name back And now it’s again Sankt-Peterburg
or in English, Saint Petersburg For two centuries, St. Petersburg was the capital of Russia And about 100 years ago it even had a third name It was a homage to the founder, Peter the Great [Anastasia] Petrograd, because we were on opposite sides during the first World War [Anastasia] It was a big anti-German program, so, and they decided [Anastasia] Well, that’s not the best idea to have a capital city with a German sounding name [Anastasia] that’s why it became Petrograd We’re starting at Palace Square, one of the most famous places in St. Petersburg Here you’ll find several important monuments like the Alexander Column and several buildings of the Hermitage Museum,
like the Winter Palace This was the official residency for the Russian Tsars and the monarchy between 1700’s and the 1917 Revolution when Russia became socialist This Column celebrates the Russian victory in the war against Napoleon And can you believe it has no foundation? It’s a single piece of granite with no attachment to the base and it counts on it’s weight alone to remain standing When they put here several people were afraid of it actually, today they forgot about this detail When you hear Hermitage Museum a lot of people think of one building But it’s actually all this here.
We’ll come back another day [Anastasia] Why they chose such a strange name for the museum of fine arts? [Anastasia] Because it was a private collection [Anastasia] The museum remained private for almost 100 years [Anastasia] Only in 1852 they built the fifth and the last building [Anastasia] included in all this Hermitage Museum [Anastasia] This one and they thought: “it’s the newest, let’s called it the New Hermitage” [Anastasia] and they called it the New Hermitage Russians have a supersticion here They believe you should touch the toe of one of these statues, make three wishes All of them bring luck but one is even more special [Anastasia] During the Second World War, our city, which was called Leningrad [Anastasia] It was sieged for almost three years,
872 days of the siege [Anastasia] Which means the city was circled by Hitler’s army and people, its 3 million citizens [Anastasia] They were trapped, they got stuck in Leningrad [Anastasia] and they couldn’t leave, they couldn’t get food [Anastasia] Around three thousand buildings were damaged, not completely destroyed [Anastasia] What you see in the city center is authentic, there was one corner missing [Anastasia] One floor or two floors missing, and then they were all renovated [Anastasia] Of course they were buildings that were completely destroyed [Anastasia] This building nothing happened, just one statue suffered [Anastasia] There was a bomb that exploded not far and because of shrapnel one of them was wounded [Anastasia] A statue got wounded and its torso was damaged [Anastasia] but the statue still could do its job, to hold up the portico [Anastasia] The statue survived the Second World War, that’s why it’s a hero So, the hero… Now I’ll show you
Finally And now we’re gonna find out
who’s the luckiest among us Who picked this? Anyone? I got the wrong one [Anastasia] Please don’t tell anyone what you wished for, so keep it a secret until it comes true [Anastasia] So here it’s 100% it will become true, if you didn’t make it here [Anastasia] Please don’t be disapointed, the rest of the statues, 99.99% [Anastasia] So, almost the same But 100 is still better and it’s here [Anastasia] The coolest places, the best ones, they are in the city center [Anastasia] If your place is not in the city center, no one will go So we meet up here The other side of the Winter Palace faces the Neva River From here you can see the famous
Peter and Paul Fortress [Anastasia] It was never used as a military fortress [Anastasia] It never battled, never participated in any real battle [Anastasia] The fortress was used as a prison for political prisoners only [Anastasia] Trotsky, Dostoevsky, the provisional government that was arrested in the Winter Palace [Anastasia] Lenin’s brother, Aleksandr [Anastasia] and many more famous revolutionaries, famous in our country, were kept in that prison And I’ll tell you all about it in one of the upcoming videos Let’s get back to the bus and see some other famous landmarks in St. Petersburg If you wanna do the whole tour without leaving the bus, it takes about one and a half hour Our original idea was to stop in at least other two places but the day was so beautiful that we decided just continuing on the bus simply to photograph You know, days like this are actually rare in St. Petersburg. It tends to be cloudy here So, as the hop on hop off ticket is good for three days, really, three days So, we’ll definitely come back tomorrow, you know, when it’s supposed to rain I loved it, it was awesome! It’s 10 PM right now, look at this! A little bit of the midnight sun already, look at that During the summer it’s even stronger But guys, it’s almost one in the morning For more about the White Nights in St. Petersburg check out my previous video And if you like this one consider subscribing I create travel guides packed with information

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    You seem to have enjoyed the meal thoroughly which looked very palatable.
    Can't wait for the "upcoming videos" as promised.
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  16. You had perfect waether in St.Peterburg. I had 5 cold & cloudy days and only 2 sunny days last year in July.
    You see all important things in St.P. but next time my recommendation is to visit Krondstat (20 min from St.P), biggest european lake Ladoga and to taste tee from samovar, vodka and russian banya (spa, wellnes) with swimming in cold wather. Realy cool if you mix all 3 things (tee, vodka and banya 🙂 but improve health….

  17. Thanks for the video! Great job! I am Russian and I was born here, in St. Petersburg! Now I work as a travel guide in St.Peterdburg in cemetery of Necropole and I want to invite you next time when you gonna be here to take film about Necropol. This is government museum and here is link to that government site and they have English language page too!

    More information:
    Tikhvin Cemetery is located at the Alexander Nevsky Monastery, in Saint Petersburg, Russia. By the beginning of the 19th century, the Lazarevskoye Cemetery of the Alexander Nevsky Lavra was overcrowded, and it was decided to allocate a new site for burial. The cemetery, originally called Novo-Lazarevsky, was laid in 1823. In 1869-1871 in the northern part of the Novo-Lazarevsky cemetery a church-tomb was built, consecrated in the name of the miraculous icon of the Tikhvin Mother of God. The money for the construction of the church in the Byzantine-Russian style was donated by the merchants Polezhaev, for whose family members 20 places with 13 graves were allocated in the tomb. In 1876, the New Lazarevskoye cemetery was renamed Tikhvin. The church was closed in 1931 and remade by post office. The grave of Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky. Established in 1823, some of the notables buried here are: Fyodor Dostoyevsky – (1821-1881)

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  28. You were lucky to have a full day of blue sky to shoot this video. When I was there for 4 days mid-June and 3 days at the start of July (during the World Cup), we did enjoy blue skies for 3-4 hours, then the weather would change to grey skies and some drizzle, then back to clear skies. We truly enjoyed the white nights, sun touching the horizon when setting at midnight, and it was back up again at 3am.
    Great tip to look for the free tours and the hop-on/hop-off buses. Must do, when i make it back one day.

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    Запомните, в России 95% населения имеет высшее оброзование. Говоря такие не уместные тосты в обществе вы только себя унижаете как человек, который, приехал не подготовленым к поездке, и смотря на это все с высока.

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