St. Peter’s Basilica | Meet the POPE | Vatican | Malayalam Travel Video | English Subtitles

St. Peter’s Basilica | Meet the POPE | Vatican | Malayalam Travel Video | English Subtitles

Hi All…. Welcome back…. First of all Wish you all a Happy and Prosperous New Year As some of you have guessed, we are in Vatican The smallest country in the world We are going to visit the World’s largest church The Saint Peter’s Basilica The entry point to Saint Peter’s square is on the sides of these pillars. The entrance is equipped with scanners, it’s similar to that in the airport. Infront of you is the Saint Peter’s Basilica The chairs are set for public mass Unfortunately today there is no public mass This basilica bears the name Peter, one of the 12 apostles of Jesus Christ. It was at this site Peter was martyred in 64 AD Basilica stands above the tomb of Saint Peter In 1506 construction of this basilica as you see today began They feared the old basilica which stood here may collapse and so a new basilica was constructed in 1626. This is the third version of the original basilica which stood here As its Sunday today, there is holy mass inside the basilica. Today it’s the papal mass. It’s very crowded inside the basilica Towards each of the arch there is a small chapel or a statue craved out of marble. Michelangelo’s famous work Pieta is kept in this basilica This basilica is huge. It can accommodate around 60,000 people at a time. You can see a sentence written in golden letters on the top. The letter on the wall comes from chapter 16 verse 18,19 of the book of Mathew (Holy Bible) The art works inside the Basilica which appears to be painting are actually carved out of marble or mosaic None of it is actually painting On the sides are the statues of Pope’s It is time for the Papal mass If you wish to participate in Holy mass, you need to take a pass from the Swiss guards office outside the Saint Peter’s square. The office is near to the entrance point The pass can be obtained free of cost Only people with pass are allowed to be seated for the mass This is the main altar of the Basilica It is 96 feet tall and made out of solid bronze It is designed by Bernini, an Italian sculptor The dome of this Basilica is designed by Michelangelo It is the tallest dome in the world There are many statues, most of them are of Pope’s who passed away. And near to the statues you can find their tomb We are now outside Saint Peter’s Basilica, in the Saint Peter’s Square People are waiting for the Papal blessing Pope will appear in the top window marked by a red carpet. Thousands of people have gathered for the papal blessing and prayer. Saint Peter’s square and Saint Peter’s Basilica is open all through out the year From April to September it’s open 7am-7pm From October to November it’s open from 7am-6pm Papal mass and Papal blessings are on Wednesday and Sunday You can check the official website to know the mass timing and dates. Papal public mass are on few selected days. So make sure to check the dates on the website before planning the trip. Vatican museum including the Sistine Chapel is on the other end of the Vatican city. So if you are planning to visit both, you can opt for a combined pass. Book the pass online to avoid long waiting queues. If you have a pre-booked pass who can easily access the museum and Basilica without waiting for long hours through the speed-entry track Vatican ends at the end of the road infront of you The smallest country with Pope as it’s head Hope you all enjoyed watching this video Please SUBSCRIBE & LIKE See you all in another video Until then Bye & Take Care

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  1. It is really wonderful video. Thank you leisure time diaries… Looking forward to see more and more Vlogs..

  2. It's a beautiful place to visit! We were there in December 2018, loved every moment of it. Spent the whole day at St Peter's Square, we have a video in our channel. Love this update of yours! Great going!

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