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St. Paul The Apostle | New Testament I Animated Children’s Bible Stories | Holy Tales Bible Stories

Hello there everyone I am Tubby I live here in this awesome library I love to eat. I have two best friends who live here with me. And very wise bookworm called Holy Who lives with us too – she tells us wonderful stories from the Bible But she sleeps a lot. Anyway let me introduce you to Gumbo and Freckles Gumbo, Freckles. Hi everyone! Hi Kids I was just thinking about you so how have you been Well I have been having a really bad day. First I got lost in an encyclopedia. Then I will lost my cap and Then Freckles pull the hair and Tubbys ate my sandwich. Blah Blah Blah you’re wasting time Gumbo it’s story time Cheer up! Yes Yes Gumbo cheer up Now gather around and pay attention Because you know What comes at the end of the story Yes Yes we know a questions very good All right listen long time ago in Damascus There lived a man called Ananias Ananias was a follower of Jesus One day he had a dream In which Jesus told him to go to the house of Judas and ask for a man called Saul He told Ananias that he must give Saul back his sight Ananias had heard about Saul and all the bad things that had done to the people Who were faithful to Jesus. He asked Jesus soul comes to Damascus with the Purpose of arresting all who are your followers. Why should I go and see him. Jesus replied you must as I have chosen him To bring my name to the people of all nations. Do to not worry he will see how much he has to suffer for me. When he woke up Ananias went to meet Saul. As he entered the house Saul was staying in he saw Saul praying. He laid his hands on Saul And told him that he was sent by Jesus to heal him And to fill him with the Holy Spirit. Saying that he blessed him and Saul could see again He also baptized Saul and gave him some food and water. After staying for some days in Damascus Saul changed his name to Paul. And started teaching about Jesus. So did you like the story kids. Oh we loved it good good now listen to my Question What did Saul change his name to? This is easy he changed his name to Paul Yes Yes your right Freckle, Well done. Hi Holy we have come for our story could you tell us one Ofcourse I will but you have to answer a question at the end, Sure All right now listen. Now Paul and a few other prisoners were on their way to Rome A Centurion called Julius was in charge of that Along with Paul there were two other men one was a man called Luke Who was a doctor he had become one of the followers in Troas Later wrote all about Paul’s travels during their journey they stopped at the port of Sidon Then they sailed towards Cyprus it took them two weeks to reach the port of Myra As the wind kept blowing against them the captain had a cargo Of grains which they were carrying to Italy The wind forced them to change their route And go towards the Island of Crete They finally reached the Bay of fair Heavens Which became their shelter from the bad weather for several days to come Their journey have been long and now it was late September There was a discussion between Julius and the captain but whether they should head to the port of Phoenix or not. The port was further around the coast and the journey could prove dangerous to the ship cargo And the lives of people on board. Paul warned them not to continue their journey But in the end it was decided that they would sail towards Phoenix As they started the journey a warm southerly breeze came up which gave them Hope that things might turn out all right They sailed closer to the shore As they continued sailing suddenly a hurricane swept on them Ship was tossed around by the winds The grain got soaked in water which proved to be another danger As the weak could swell up and burst the ship God will poor Paul’s troubles never stop Holy That was so scary it was scary but you know God always looks upon us even during the worst of times Anyway my question What was the name of the doctor who made the journey with Paul and later wrote about Paul’s travels? I know I know his name was Luke Yes that is right. Now I can start my story. This story is about the Storm at sea Paul was imprisoned and sailing to Rome for a meeting with Caesar He was on a ship with two other people. Now Paul had warns the captain of the ship Not to continue the journey to the port of Phoenix. They say the closer to the shore as they continued sailing a harken swept upon them The winds were very strong. Paul and the rest of the people in the ship What tossed in the water helplessly. Since they could not turn the ship Against the wind. They decided to give him and let the storm take them wherever it pleased. They were swept towards the shore of an island. Once they were close to the shore They let the anchor down so that they could prevent the ship from being driven ashore They also managed to strengthen the ship and passing heavy cables around it. The second day of the storm was worse. The sailers have to try some of the cargo to make the ship lighter On the third day the crew had to throw off the gear of the ship Storm continued for days sky remained black the days and nights Seemed same. It seemed hide hopeless and scary Oh it sure was scary. True so how did you like the story kids It was nice Holy but the sea so scary I hope they were saying no need to be scared Gumbo Now answer my questions let’s see if you can What did the sailors have to throw away some up to beat the ship lighter? I know high goods. I am impressed Well done Gumbo. Hi Holy we’re here to listen to a story again I will tell you a story but you had to answer a question at the end. All right kids Today’s story is Paul gives hope Now Paul was at sea he was on his way to Rome A storm had hit and the ship was in trouble Everybody had lost hope it had already been two weeks And they were still drifting. So Paul decided to talk to them. He said I had warned you not to sail to Phoenix but he did not listen to me Now we are in this mess but you must not lose hope None of our lives are in danger They might lose the ship but none will die Last night I saw an angel in my dreams It told me that I must not fear all of us here are meant to be presented before Caesar And because of this God will keep us safe. This gave the mens some hope It was dark so they kept checking the depth to prevent the ship from running into the ground. Some sailors was so scared that they tried to escape in a boat. Paul told Julius not to stop them so he let them go. Soon Dom came and told assured all the men that their survival was in no doubt They were all hungry so Paul took out a crust of bread from his bed He thanked the Lord and told others to eat it as well All 276 passengers and crew ate as much as they wanted from that piece of bread The light was enough for them to see that they had drifted towards a rocky creek With a small beach but they could keep the ship. Wow! 276 people eat just from one crust of bread. That so awesome I know Paul was truly blessed. Now if you are ready I will ask a question What gave people on the ship hope. Hi he told them that an angel told him Nothing bad would happen to them. Well done Right answer Today’s story is about the Shipwreck All the men who were on the ship with Paul had eaten food blessed by Paul I’m feeling assured and confident In the dim light of the stormy morning they saw a small island The sailor throughout all the cargo from the ship and cut away the anchors We then made preparations to dock the ship near ground on the beach His ship had become light because they have thrown all the grain that was in the carbon. So it caught the wind and is pushed towards the shore But the sailors Did not know that there were strong cross currents in the coastal water there Ship got caught in the currents, and got carry towards a bunch of sharp rocks As the waves pounded on its sights the ship crushed against the rocks The sailor said that is right to leave the ship The Roman soldiers on board wanted to kill all the prisoners they could not escape alive Thankfully Julius one of the Roman centurions on board Stopped them as he wanted to deliver Paul to Rome safely Julius told the passengers and crew to jump and swim towards the shore. All the passengers reach the shore safely, just as Paul had promised. They had reached the Island of Malta between Sicily and South Africa Wow! That was quiet and adventure just like a movie It was wasn’t it ya may be I grow up and become a sailor Not me, I would hate water. Be whatever you want dear just believe in God always. Now for my question Which Island did the sailors and crew reach? Malta Isn’t that right, Yes! you are right Tubby. Hello Freckles will you tell us one please please well of course I will but you have to listen carefully Because at the end I’m going to ask a question If you answer correctly then I will sing along with you Wow! that’s sounds fine Alright kids in this story Paul reaches Rome After living in a Malta for a couple of years The Apostle Paul and his friends sail from Malta to Syracuse And stayed there for three days Then they filled up the coast of region on the tip of Italy. The ship soon picked up a suddenly wind. And sail took pootie Olli but Paul and his friends stayed for a week After leaving pootie Olli they went along the Appian Way to Rome The news of Paul’s arrival had reached the Christian community in Rome They gathered there to greet him with a warm Welcome In Rome Paul was kept under house arrest for two years But during that time he met many visitors who came from far and near You kept in touch with all the churches he had helped set up He advised as many friends and wrote all about his journeys and long letters to different churches Some of them have survived till now and can be seen in the New Testament. Wow! that sounded like a lesson on Geography. I was totally confused with all these names. Haha and don’t worry I hope you learned something from it. I did, Now Ask us the question. We want you to sing with us. All right my question is How many years was Paul under Housed arrest? One Two ,Two,Two yes yes yes you were right Tubby. All that names of places confused me. Let’s begin then Paul the Apostle had been sent to Rome to meet Caesar He had been enrolled for only three days he called all the Senior Jews to where he was staying Spoke to the group that had gathered Friends I have called you here to tell you why I’m here I have done nothing that is camp to choose religion And yet I was arrested in Jerusalem and handed to the Romans to be killed They themselves can find any case against me And they could not set him free But because the Jewish people din’t agree I was forced to appeal to Caesar Right now I want to make it clear to everyone That I am a prisoner for the wrong reasons People replied they did not get any letters from Judea They would like to hear it personally from him About the path he followed So it could decide for themselves whether he was right or wrong So the next day they met again. This time the people had increased in number Paul began by telling them why he had chosen to follow Christianity He told them all about Jesus The elders discussed and argued about him all day Finally it was time to leave Some believed Paul but most still didn’t As they were leaving Paul said to them I only wish that you could understand Then God will send a salvation to the painters And I’m sure they will accept it I can’t wait to hear what happens next All in good time for now answer the question What the people want from Paul? Wait I think I know they wanted to hear everything from Paul himself And then decide whether he was right or wrong Wow! What a smart girl I have a nice story ready Hope you enjoy it And also you have to answer a question at the end That’s great let me begin then today’s story is about the runaway slave During his stay in Rome Paul met a runaway slave During those day Rich Romans would usually keep many slaves for small jobs in the house And if they ran away as a punishment they could be injured branded or even killed To save him from this Paul kept the poor scared slave with him His name was Anossemis he would help Paul with many things And Paul taught him all about Jesus Soon Anossemis became a Christian Anossemis had been living the pole for a long time But he knew he had to go back and face the punishment one day. If so happened that Paul knew his master His name was Philemon and he had been converted to Christianity by Paul. As soon as Paul got to know this he wrote a letter to Philemon Saying, Dear Philemon I have recently met someone he happens to be your slave You might have thought him a useless one but I assure you he’s not I request you to welcome him back like you would welcome me Though I would like to keep him I wait for your answer Meanwhile accept him as a brother as he is a Christian now and I will pay back any money he owes you. As he ended his letter he silently hoped that once his prison stay ended he could visit Philemon again Oh Paul is so sweet I like almost as much as Peter yes he was So did you like the story we loved it. Wait now for the question What was the name of the master of the runaway slave? No it was Philemon I am sure. Very good Tubby. Long time ago in the city of Ephesus was a magnificent temple Dedicated to the Goddess Diana The Goddess had many followers So many people would often buy silver miniature replicas Of the temple Or the Goddess. So the business of the Silversmiths had become very prosperous Paul had come to Ephesus to teach the people about Jesus and his faith Since the time Paul had come to Ephesus he had been preaching about the one and only true God In his teachings he would often say that Idols were not Gods and they should not be worshipped As Paul began to gather followers at Ephesus people buying the silver replicas became less and less This made the Silversmiths extremely angry. They started going to the people asking What was happening this angered the people And they started driving. They took the Christians to the amphitheater After some time the town club managed to calm down the crowd And said to the people that there is no need to behave in such a way and if the Roman authorities Got to know what was Happening there would be trouble He also said that if the Silversmiths had a problem he should take it to the court Meanwhile Paul knew it was time to move on he knew that the anger directed at The innocent Christians was actually for him But before he left he said to the Christians Don’t lose hope God will always be there It is time for me to leave. After that Paul left for vising new Holy What is this after theatre? They are open air thearters that the romans used to build A place for entertainment. Wow! I have not seen any ample theatre I am sure you will one day. So What was the name of the Goddess Who had a huge temples in the city of Ephesus? Princess Diana well almost correct , it was the Goddess Diana I have thought about just a story to tell you today Let’s not waste anymore time Story story story hold your horses Gumbo one story coming right up Paul had been trained in the art of tent making Paul came from a town called Tarsus Which was well known for goats Goats hair would be used to make strong cloth and tied to make leather goods Now over time the Jews who were against Jesus and his teachings Were getting stronger and stronger in Corinth Paul Had been living with the Jew called Aquila And his wife Priscilla. Both of them were tent maker So Paul earns his stay by helping making tents with them One day some Jews got together and captured Paul They took him to Galio the Roman administrator. They complain very Angrily against Paul one of the men said “This man dares to teach people to worship the Lord In the way that breaks the Jewish law.” Galio was angry at people with wasting his time at bringing such small issues to him. He did not care about the breaking of Jewish laws. Jews were very angry that they beat up their leader for the failure of their plan To punish Paul. Paul realized that it was finally time to move somewhere else So he left for Syria his friends Aquila and Priscilla went with him To Ephesus where they stayed with Paul for a few days Their house became the new meeting place for all Christians in Ephesus I am glad that the Roman guy did not do anything to Paul. I am glad too. Now it is time for the Question What was the name of the man and his wife with whom Paul lived? I remember One. The wife name was Priscilla. Yes and What about her husband’s name? I know the answer his name was Aquila. Oh yes I forgot sorry Holy. Nevermind Sweetheart Hi Holy do tell us another story from Bible. Ofcourse today I will tell you the Story about the deep but police for Jerusalem from truth But you do know that you have to answer a question when I am done with my story Right yes sure. Paul once went to a small town called truest And gathered as many followers as he could After staying there for a few days decided to leave for Jerusalem as soon as possible He did not want to go back to Ephesus and so he arranged a meeting For all the elders of a church port hall Mitylene As his ship reached the port he stepped down from the ship And addressed the people who had gathered there He said in a serious voice You all must have seen I have Worked to spread the good news of Jesus Amongst the Jews and Greeks I wanted them to believe in Jesus In spite of all difficulty and problems they have caused me Now as I leave my spirit is like a prisoner. I do not know what fate awaits me Safe for What the Holy Spirit has prepared me for I know I have pain an imprisonment ahead of me But I have no regrets Paul further said to the people that he just hoped to continue doing all that Jesus had asked him to do He also advised the people but since he would not be meeting Them any more. They should all be on their guard They should not be stopped by any one from believing or spreading the divine message of God Once Paul finished speaking all his followers knelt down and prayed to God Many of them were crying because they were sad that Paul had to leave All the people gathered there bid him goodbye Paul that got on the ship again to set sail for Jerusalem Now let me see if you listen to the story carefully Where did Paul decide not to go back after leaving Troilus? He did not want to go back to your Ephesus when he went to Jerusalem Excellent! I wouldn’t have been able to answer that one day Gumbo So today’s story is about how Paul spread the word of Jesus in Athens Now Paul knew that his life was in danger from the Jews so he escaped to Athens As he roamed around the city he saw many statues of Mythical Gods This made him very angry so he went to the house of God of Athens And discussed this with the people over there Many of them simply laughed it off. But some really listened to him So they invited Paul to talk to the council In the council Paul said, people of Athens I’m here to tell you about the Lord Who has made everything this Lord has given us everything even life itself. He is the creator of everything saying this he paused and tried to read the faces of the people Who were gathered there. They were listening to him very carefully. So he continued with his speech. He said but the Lord is the God of heavens So he does not stay in temples also that he gives his people Everything without asking for anything in return. All mentioned in his speech to the people that he walked around the city And he saw the many Gods that these people worship. Paul said we are all his truth and it is not necessary that We make Idols that supposedly look like him. The Lord loves us and sent his son in human form to lead us to salvation And when we began losing faith in Him he raised his son to life from death People started laughing. He could not believe in the God that Paul was talking about Some However did believe and many of them became followers of Christ So now that I’m done telling my story who wants to answer my question I will I will please Ofcourse. So tell me What did Paul see as he roamed around the city of Athens? He saw many many statues of mythical Gods. Absolutely Gumbo well done. Alright kids this story is about A Roman soldier. Now Paul the Apostle would often give examples from his daily life To explain to his fellow Christians how to lead a better life Once when he wrote to the Church of athesis about growing strong in the Lord Tewkesbury owl he gave the example of the Roman soldiers. He wrote that one often saw a Roman soldier dressed in his Armor and Helmet Carrying a short sword or a shield or both Whenever the Romans took over any place they brought law and order and peace to it The Roman soldiers helped to maintain that peace and order. Paul explained that We must be like those highly disciplined and trained soldiers. We should put on God’s armor to protect ourselves from attacks from our enemies We must stand our ground with the truth as a waist belt honesty as a best plate Our shoes must represent our willingness to spread the message of God And we must always carry the shield of faith to protect ourselves from the arrows of the evil one The Helmet was the salvation of God and the sword a gift off the world of God from the Holy Spirit. He ended by saying that we must always pray for the things we need. I also like the elevator, and the sword and the shield And look so cool. Nice we learnt so much from the story Yes we did ask us a question I am glade you would all liked it. The question is What does Paul say that he should be like to grow strong in the Lord? Well like soldiers, right you are. Well done Freckles. So today’s story is about how Paul is saved Long time ago Paul was sent to prison by the Jews. Who were strict followers of the law of Moses For spreading the words and teachings of Jesus. During his night in prison the Lord came to him and told him not to be afraid. The Lord told him that he had spoken for him in Jerusalem And now he had to do the same in Rome. Meanwhile the Jews were getting impatient and wanted to kill Paul They promised not to eat or drink till the time Paul was dead. The next day they all went to their leader to tell him about their plan They had decided that they would send a message to the commander of the jail The Jewish leaders had called Paul to ask more questions While Paul would be on his way a group of Jews would attack Paul and kill him As they were discussing their plan they were overheard by little boy He was the son of Paul’s sister he went running to the commander of the jail And told him everything Commander was a nice man and he assured the boy that his uncle would be safe The commander sent a letter to the governor of Caesarea about Paul and the conspiracy against him. That night Paul was taken to Caesarea escorted by hundred soldiers This is How the Lord saved Paul Now Gumbo answer my question Where was Paul sent to in order to protect him from being killed? I know the answer He was sent to Caesarea with hundread soldiers Excellent Gumbo see I told you, You just need to pay a little bit more attention You are not as naughty as we think your, I know. This story is about Paul in Caesarea Long ago Paul was kept as a prisoner in Caesarea for two years By the Roman governor Felix. Who was not very honest During this time Paul’s friends were allowed to visit him So he got whatever he needed Felix would call Paul to Pardon any times to hear What Paul had to say But the truth was that Felix had been hoping that Paul would bribe him for freedom However this did not happen Felix’s place was soon taken by another new governor Called Festus. Festus wanted to maintain peace and friendship with the Jews So he kept Paul a prisoner. The chief priests were called from Jerusalem To state their case against Paul. Although the priests blamed him for many things they did not have the evidence Needed to prove the charges against Paul To protect himself Paul said that he did not commit any offense against the Jewish law The temple are even Caesar Being a Roman citizen. Paul had some advantages He could plead his innocence to Caesar himself. So when the governor asked him Paul if you’re innocent as you claim can you face these charges before me in Jerusalem Paul said since I have not done anything wrong therefore being a part of Rome I would like to appeal to Caesar Discussed this with his advisors and they agreed to send Paul To appeal to Caesar himself Did you kids enjoy the story. Yes we did Paul was good man wasn’t he Holy Deep down everyone is good records Dear Now for my question Who became the governor of Rome after Felix? Fes No no Festus. I was going to say that if your silly. Right you are Tubby but you must not fight. Great let us start with the story. Paul visited Ephesus and stayed there for quite a few months After his work was done there he left from Ephesus And travelled to Macedonia and Greece. Finally stopped in the town of Troas. We stayed in Troas for a few days. Before it was time for him to leave Paul arranged a supper in which many followers came to the house Where it was held. Since in those days there were no churches the Followers tried to meet each other wherever they could. Paul held a Supper in one of the upper rooms of the house There were many candles lit and many followers have gathered to hear Paul preach The room had become warm and the sermon went on too late in the night A boy sitting near at the windowsill was feeling sleepy He fell asleep and suddenly fell out of the window Three stories down to the ground People immediately came down and gathered around him and saw that he was not moving. They declared that he was dead. Paul then came down and held the boy’s hand and said to the people gathered around Fear not he is still alive immediately the boy woke up. He was then taken back to his home Paul and his followers went back to the room Where he continued to preach till dawn I am so glad the boy din’t die paul saved him. I am glad too Freckles. Now my question for today is Where did Paul organized the supper for his followers? I know this one, I know this one go on it was on the upper room of the house. Which is were he fell Ofcourse it was. I ask nothing would happened to the little boy. Yes very Good Gumbo. All right kids. So Today’s Story is about Paul in Malta After a storm the ship Paul was on was Shipwrecked close to an Island All the passengers of the wrecked ship reached the shore and made a huge bonfire It was cold and raining some local people who found them there Helped them in finding wood and food as Paul was putting some sticks of wood into the fire Poisonous snake crawls onto his hand and bit him People were really worried because they expected Paul to fall down and pain But nothing happened to Paul. He just shook off the snake And went on working. As if Nothing had happened The people gathered thought that Paul was God dressed as a man Soon Paul was invited to the house of the governor of the town His name was Publius and his father had been very ill with fever Publius welcomed Paul and his two friends warmly into his house Paul saw Publius’s father and went to his room And sat down beside him. He prayed to the Lord and placed his hands on Publius father He was immediately healed. Publius parent Paul for healing his father on the news of this miracle Spread quickly in the whole Island People started going to Paul to get healed and hear him preach Stayed in Malta for three months at the end of his stay As he got ready for his journey towards Rome The people of Malta brought all the need of things on board And bit their final goodbyes. Paul sailed once more in Alexandria and merchant ship A snake biten and nothing happened Wow! I realy like the story. I am glad you liked it but you have to answer a question now Who did Paul Heal? An old man, Publius’s father I remembered I am genious. Genious no no no need to rumble you two Better luck next time. Let’s start with the story Long time ago the good man called Paul used to go from place to place to tell people about Jesus Once Paul left please called Troma’s and decided to travel back to Jerusalem Because he did not want to go back to Ephasis As Paul reached the city of Jerusalem. He was welcomed warmly by his friends and fellow followers He was immediatly warned and he had made many enemies amongst the Jews So the next day Paul decided to visit the Jewish Temple in Jerusalem As soon as he stepped inside the temple people immediately recognized him They were very angry with him. All of them were strict Jews. Who had been extremely upset about Paul spreading the message Which was against the law of Moses They immediately shouted here is the man who dared to break the law of Moses Now he goes around preaching about Jews and his good news Hearing this many people went inside the temple and caught hold of Paul They started to beat him up very badly As things started to beat him up some Roman officers hearing a lot of noise Came to the temple. The soldiers managed to calm down the crowd But Paul was chained and taken to meet the Jewish Council. Oh that was such a sad story Holy. I know dear but I promise you that next story Would be a Happy one. Anyway Today’s question is Who was angry with Paul? I know the strict Jewish people were angry with paul Because he was spreading the word of Jesus. Excellent Freckles. Gumbo you need to pay more attention I do pay attention Holy Believe me I was just thinking Oh Dear it’s all right I’m sure next time you will answer my question quickly. come on Gumbo Paul stayed in persons for a long time and made many people the followers of Christ After he left Athens, he went to a place called Corinth. Corinth was a very important city. Corinth was also the capital off the Roman province of Akhiya And the home of the Roman administrator galio Many Jewish families who had been exiled from Rome lived there. As soon as Silas and Timothy two of Paul’s companions reach corinth Paul started teaching at the house of God with them. His teachings meet some people gathered they’re very angry and they openly Deny Paul’s preaching. Paul just shook his head and told them that he had tried his best. However there were many believers of Jesus in the city. Most of the people of Corinth were pleased to see them And treated them very well. Paul had even baptized the president Of the house of God of Corinth and his entire family. One night the Lord appeared in Paul’s dream and said to him Paul my child do not lose hope I am with you. Do not let anyone stop you from speaking of me no one will hurt you So Paul decided to stay on in Corinth for the next 18 months. I also wanted to cornith. We never go anywhere. I am sure they have awesome food Tubby we love food. I am sure that you will travel someday Now let’s see if you have been listening to my story carefully For How long did Paul stay in Corinth? He stayed there for 18 long months with his friends Timothy and Silas very good Holy please please please tell us another story for the Bible Ofcourse I will there once lived a Jewish man called Saul. He was very angry with Jesus and His disciples but talking about God In a way that was different from the old Jewish customs. One day Saul was travelling to Damascus And suddenly a bright light shone from the sky It was Jesus who had come to speak to him. Saul trembled with fear for three days he could not eat or drink It was then that he realized the power of Jesus and his teachings He got himself baptized and became a Christian and changed his name to Paul. Soon Paul started preaching about Jesus This caused great confusion in the Jewish society This man who was against Jesus was now telling the people to follow the same Messiah That was indeed very strange however Paul’s power grew Many Jews converted to Christianity. When the chief priests of Jerusalem heard about this they were very angry They decided to take Paul to prison. They guarded the city gates so that they could not escape One of the disciples overheard this plan of the priests So with the help of the other followers Paul was helped to climb over the city walls And then in into a basket which could be lowered to a safe place. Paul soon escapes to Jerusalem but he was not safe either The Christians over there was still afraid of him So one of the disciples called Barnabas Took Paul to Caesarea from where Paul traveled back to his home in Tarasus That was little confusing Saul chose Christian becomes Paul Escapes and finaly goes home Yes well Freckles I am glad you listen carefully. Because I will ask a question now What was the name of the town where Paul lived? I know this one he lived in a town called Tarasus. Yes That is correct Gumbo. Holy it’s story time, Yes I know first promise me that you will listen to the story very carefully Answer my question at the end Yes we promise. Long time ago two of Jesus’s disciples called Paul and Barnabas Had become good friends. Together they were teaching people about Jesus in the city of Antioch
After much praying they set off for their journey to reach a town called Lystra It was the third large city in the Roman Empire One day they both went to Asia Minor to preach about Jesus People there believed in monological Gods of the Greeks In Lystra Paul and Barnabas visited many places to preach about Jesus He came across a triple a beggar. They saw him listening to them So they looked at him and said stand up. At once a man stood up and walked People gathered there thought that. Paul and Barnabas but Gods in human form They called them Hermes and seals the messengers of God When the local priests heard this they brought an OX decorated with flower garlands To offer as a sacrifice to the two men. Paul and Barnabas were horrified Paul said What are you doing we are not gods we are humans like you We have come here to spread the good news of the one true God who has made the Sun Shine The flowers, the trees and everything that we see around us. Finalists requested them to give up worshipping Idols and worship Jesus Though that angred the people of Lystra many among them turned to Christianity I loved that story Holy Oh Freckles I am glad you liked it I love telling your children’s stories Now my question is What were the names of the two disciples of Jesus who preached their masters teachings? They were Paul and Barnabas they were also very good friends. Just like us. Absolutely Tubby! Excellent! I am so happy that you children listened to my story so carefully Now please please tell us another story from Bible Ofcourse I will, I just love telling stories alright Today’s story is about A man called mark Mark was a young man who was the nephew of Barnabas Barnabas was one of Jesus’s very good disciples Barnabas took mark along with him and Paul on the first journey Paul was a Jewish man whose name was Saul He was against Jesus and his teachings but when he realized the power of Jesus He converted to Christianity and God Himself baptized He also changed his name to Paul from Saul After he became a Christian. But like many young man Mark could not handle the strain of the long journey So he only went as far as Ben philia and then returned to Jerusalem However Barnabas wanted to take mark for another journey But Paul did not agree he did not want to take anyone Who had deserted them on the first journey. So Paul went to Syria with another disciple Called Silas While Barnabas took mark with him to Cyprus mark made up for his early failures By working very sincerely alongside Barnabas. Barnabas praise mark In this letter to Colossians and Timothy which he wrote while he was imprisoned in Roman Jail Mark also helped Peter in his work also Peter was like a father to mark Who taught him the art of preaching Jesus’s teachings Peter often called mark his son mark was the first to write the gospel about Jesus For the later generations to read. Throughout his life mark remained a good helper He helped his masters in their work towards the path of Jesus and his teachings. So children my question is What was the name of the disciple Who went along with Paul for his journey? I remember his name was Silas I am right Holy Ofcourse my Dear Now for today’s story. A long time ago Paul and Silas his follower went to Philippi. In Philippi they helped many People and spread the words of Jesus there. Everything was fine until Paul cured a servant girl. The girl was raving mad and her master made money using her madness To tell fortunes. Once the girl was cured Her master was very angry He took Paul and Silas to the court. The judges found both of them guilty So Paul and Silas were put in jail and was chainned to the wall Guard was ordered to keep a watch on them At night Paul and Silas started singing praises to the Lord As they were singing suddenly the earth started to tremble The entire jail shook and the chains fell off from all the prisoners And the prison gates opened The guard was very scared he knew that if the prisoners escaped He would be punished. So he took his sword and rushed inside Paul pulled out his name and said to him stop look we are still here the guard looked at them and fell at their feet He asked them what he could do to repent his sins. Paul replied Believe in Jesus and everything will be fine That night the guards took them to his house But they celebrated and his whole family was baptized in the name of Jesus The next day Paul and Silas were freed by the order of the court. Hey, I am so glad that paul and silas got out of jail They were good people. So Holy what is the question you have for us today. What was the name of the place where Paul and Silas went to spread their word? I know this one they went to a place called Philippi Yes you are correct Gumbo Now I will tell you the story. Story is about Paul and King Agrippa Long time ago the King Herod Agrippa was visiting Caesarea with his mother Baroness He was told all about Paul and decided to meet Paul himself Hence Paul was called before the king and asked to present his case to him Paul said that he was extremely honored that King Agrippa had decided to meet him He started by saying the King Agrippa was a good judge of what is fair In Jewish matters. He then started telling his story Starting from his early life when he first became a Christian and everything that happened with him. He also told King Agrippa all about Jesus Festus the Roman governor is getting angrier by the minute Stop at once What are you saying The man is clearly lieing. Paul said calmly that he never lied And that he knew King Agrippa believed him King Agrippa said the man is innocent we could have freed him But since he has appealed to Caesar then it is to him he shall go Wow this getting realy intresting. What happens next All in good time I’m glad you like the story I did we all did, now ask us the question Ok, Who did King Herod Agrippa visit caesaria with? With his mother, her name was Baroness. Yes both of you are correct well done. Thanks Holy you can sleep now. Today I will tell the story about a woman called Lydia in Cydonia Long time ago Paul one of Jesus’s disciples travelled to Macedonia with his companions Silas and Timothy. He traveled from the port of Tros to the city of Philippi Philipi was the largest city in Macedonia. Since there was no special house of God In the city people would often gather around the river Flowing outside the city gates for the Sabbath. As Paul sat there talking to the people about Jesus he met a lady called Lydia She wasn’t a Christian but worshipped the God of the Jews She was a very rich lady and had a very successful business making and selling purple dye In those days only the very rich and powerful and kings and queens used to wear clothes made of the purple dye It was very expensive to make this color. As Lydia sat listening to Paul she opened her heart to the idea of Jesus And believed in him and his teachings. When Paul saw this he was happy and Immediately baptized her and her entire family Lydia insisted that Paul and his companions should stay in their house From that on her house became not only a home for tired travelers but also the First meeting place for Christians In Macedonia. This is How Paul spread Christianity in Macedonia after he had his vision Lidia is such a nice name. From tomorrow I will only wear purple Because I want to be Richard powerful my Socks are purple and I am not rich or powerful My hat is purple children it’s more important to be good and clean than be rich So now the question Which was the largest city in Macedonia? I know this one it was Philipi very good Freckles thank you Holy. Now let us begin with today’s story You do remember that you were asked us a question at the end of the story Right Ofcourse Freckles I do How can I forget that Now long long ago pull in his companion Silas left for the journey to Syria and Cecilia After leaving Cecelia Paul and Silas went to Derbe and Lystra There they met a young man called Timothy Who was a very good follower of Jesus’s teachings Timothy’s father was Greek but he become believer of Jesus Through his grandmother loys and mother Eunice They were both Jews who had converted into Christianity When Paul first met Timothy he immediately liked him He put his hands over him and prayed so that the Holy Spirit would come and bless him He knew that Timothy love God and desired to live for him Timothy was a young man who had surrendered his life to God And was willing to do whatever God wanted him to do Over the next few years Timothy became a constant companion of Paul and Silas Paul the soul found of Timothy he often called him his dear son Paul, Silas and Timothy traveled all over Asia Minor Preaching about Jesus and gathering more followers along their way One night Paul had a vision that a Macedonian man had come to him Asking for help. Paul thought to himself Lord must be giving me the message To go to Macedonia maybe I required there I must go immediately. So Paul very soon took off for the port tuwacs That was a nice story. Someday even I like to travel all over the world At ships and planes and trains. Absolutely Someday I am sure you will Now my question is Which place did paul leave after he had his vision? He left for Pasadena. No Silly it was Macedonia, Macedonia is in Europe It used to be a part of Greece And then Rome in ancient times. Wow very good Tubby You really have been studying This story is called Faithful to the end One of the last letters The Apostle Paul wrote to us to Timothy Timothy had become the leader of one of the first churches that came up after the death of Jesus Paul thought of Timothy like a son. His letters to him would always be filled with good kind words As Paul did on wamp Timothy to back down when hard times came Paul knew that his time to leave the world was coming close He had many people working against him and even when he had gone for the first time to the court For all that he had said against the strict Jewish religion the people who were on his side Hadn’t turned up. He wrote never give up Hope And always be careful to choose the right path Your life’s purpose should be spreading the Lord’s words He prayed under trial. He also said as for me I have lived my life And I’m satisfied I have fought the fights till the very end and completed the race I have kept my faith. The time has come for me to leave And all I read for is the crown of honesty that the Lord has saved for me. I am certain that the good Lord will come and take me to heaven from this kingdom May his glory be forever and forever, Amen. Oh My God that story makes me sad. I can’t believe that paul is going to die soon Me too he was a nice man. I know Atleast he will close to God That is so true kids but know this we are always close to God Anyway don’t feel sad. Who did paul think off as his son? Timothay Correct Dear Freckles you are such Good Kids. Always be good believe in God.

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