St Patrick’s Day Song | Leprechaun | Kids Song | The Kiboomers

St Patrick’s Day Song | Leprechaun | Kids Song | The Kiboomers

The story of Saint Patrick’s Day Began so long ago The lyrics in this song will tell you all you need to know The 17th of March is when this joyous Holiday is celebrated happily with colourful parades! Patrick was only 16 when the pirates captured him They sold him into slavery and took him to Ireland He kept the faith and made his escape when he was 22 and made it back to Britain ’twas the only home he knew. Now Patrick heard a vision to return to Ireland and how to teach Christianity until the bitter end. Legend tells that Patrick used the shamrock to explain that the Father, Son and Holy Ghost are all and one the same. On this day the Irish dress as in many shades of green and some are feeling lucky with the leprechauns they see There’s music and fun for everyone we’ll party and we’ll play come one, come all, come join along on this Saint Patty’s Day

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