98 Replies to “St. Louis teen wows judges on ‘The Voice’”

  1. I don't watch the voice just these videos. I was full ass invested smiling away and the video just ended I was like damn. Felt like a slap in the face lol.

  2. Jennifer Hudson is about as beautiful and talented as a human can get. To have her compliment this amazing young lady has to be a dream come true. And then there's the angel Kelly Clarkson who is as sweet and kind as anyone ever born with a voice of an angel telling her how amazing she was as well. This girl is going to be B-I-G.

  3. Kennedy Holmes should not only be on that stage she should be occupying one of the judges chairs and already be a household name around the world.

  4. And just like that, Jennifer hit it right out of the ballpark with that lovely singer!! Man, Jennifer is so very amazing…need I say more!!

  5. Blake is cool. He seems like a really nice guy. Kennedy Holmes is not only adorable, but she has a beautiful voice. Amazing that she is only 13 yrs. old. Absolutely amazing.

  6. Whenever Kennedy Holmes sings, it’s like the gates of Heaven open up! Her voice is absolutely beautiful! I hope she gets a recording contract after she finishes HS.

  7. What is so remarkable about this clip is that all 4 judges look at each other knowing full well that they are listening to a gifted singer in front of them. Not to take anything away from Kennedy herself. She's brilliant and only 13 years old. But these 4 judges, coming from very different genres of music, simply know music like that backs of their supremely talented hands. Watching them watch Kennedy was this clip's own reward. And this is why The Voice is simply the best of its kind.

  8. Every second of these performances were magical and incredible! I feel so blessed to have watched this!

  9. Wow, did I hear that right… 13 🤔 wow she's amazing, such a natural and her voice was effortless, imagine what's she going to be like in a few years, she will only improve as long as she's looked after in the industry, can't wait to hear more x well done little lady xx 😘

  10. OMG I mean at the hair on my arms to stood up. A true blessing from God
    Okay I was not able to see which coach she chose can anybody help me out with that

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  12. My god. That wasn't kid prodigy level. That was adult savant level. There was one other kid-singer I remember from years ago on the X-Factor who I thought might compare to his. So I went back and watched Carly Rose Sonenclar's audition. They both have astounding ear for nuance in vocals, for subtlety, intuitive creativity, and perfect control, but frankly, I think this girl's voice is better quality.

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