SpongeBob Battle for Bikini Bottom Walkthrough Part 3 (PS2) Downtown Bikini Bottom ᴴᴰ

SpongeBob Battle for Bikini Bottom Walkthrough Part 3 (PS2) Downtown Bikini Bottom ᴴᴰ

your end my life your end – your and my night okay okay okay just stop jumping will
you if you take it slowly slide will you please go away
see Squidward I knew that you could help me out
you’re the best oh don’t touch me you you downtown bikini bottom once a bustling
metropolis now a debris covered crater spongebob the robots are destroying
downtown bikini bottom we have to evacuate all right but it’s gonna take a
while to get all this dust not vacuumed evacuate we have to get everyone just
safety can we just load them up in the boats that won’t do any good why not
because the robots have taken all the steering wheels
couldn’t we just drive in a straight line
no there are too many turns those fiends they thought of everything
never fear mrs. huff I’ll get those steering wheels back spongebob if you’re
involved I always fear but I tell you what if you can pull this off I’ll give
you a golden spatula how about a driver’s license instead nice try rollro expunged somehow I don’t think he needs a hand number one and the Bikini Bottom
scavenger hunt three years running thank you years running ready Oh but for a game a spongebob sometimes pushing a simple button to
most edifying push push push push this door is locked from the inside who
would do such a thing I feel like a new sludge hi Gary Wow yes thanks for noticing I
have been working out oh that’s the entrance to the rooftops which leads to
the lighthouse aha there’s another golden spatula I could
really use that what do you mean gets sandy to help me I
can get through this Wow oh that gap looks big okay I’m definitely not making
that jump how is anyone going to get across there
Oh more robots holy Dutchman’s ghosts that gap looks impossible and impassable
okay okay I’ll go get sandy to help me out shinier the better rings here’s another one here’s another one here’s another one I’m getting dizzy just watching oh hey there Cindy top of the morning to
you mr. Krabs here’s another one you ah there you are boy
someone’s broken to see Lidl that’s horrible the sea needle is the cradle of
crochet corner yes yes it is but what’s more important is that there are Tinky’s
and shiny objects just outside the windows mr. Krabs how can you think of
money at a time like this easy I just clear my mind money money
money now listen here boy you know that I’ll
give you golden spatulas if you bring me citing objects but I’m going to sweeten
the deal if you can break all the tikis here at the sea needle I’ll give you a
bonus golden spatula why would I want to break the tikis mr. Krabs because they
were laughing at you wouldn’t call any funny names what kind of funny names um
you know spongebob but pence that’s not very funny uh no but they said your mom
was ugly ugly all right mr. Krabs break the mysel you’ve got a deal the experience I don’t think good work boy here’s the
golden spatula like I promised hey Larry what’s shakin sandy boy am I
glad to see you I need your help my TV reception has been terrible lately I
need to have someone replace my old antenna with this shiny new one yes sir
that bear antenna is shinier than a $3.00 bill well why don’t you replace it
yourself I’m not really much of a jumper so what’s your got to do with it because
the old antenna is up there well that’s taller than a glass at x5t
the robots have blocked off that building and I can’t do all those fancy
moves you and SpongeBob do to get across these gaps all I could do is flex wanna
see yeah great uh so what are you gonna do with the old antenna oh that it’s
yours if you replace it with a new one well I have been getting bad TV
reception in the tree dome okay Larry you got a deal myself a birdie but here’s another one really with wrist man here’s another one Riaan that’s better I don’t your hunt three years running
thank you Adri you you’ll have to open this door from the
inside spongebob I’m impressed how did you
fight well there was these robots I met sandy and the lighthouse was okay okay
sorry I asked here’s the go mrs. puff
now I’ll help you guys evacuate but spongebob you don’t have a driver’s
license oh don’t I no no you don’t well if I
don’t then what’s this a library card Oh

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  1. This is my favorite childhood game in fact this is the first game I ever played since it came out it's lots of fun

  2. This Spongebob game was my first gamecube game ever and I still love how its literally just open world to an extent

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