Spirituality is the hunger to find Truth Dialogues with Mooji
Berkeley, California, September ’08 [Questioner] What I find a bit strange
in this story is that I don’t imagine someone being so distracted
by this movement so I see the meaning of it, but … [Mooji] If you are a regular passenger in a car, you may not notice a windscreen wiper;
you’re just a passenger. Like most people, their minds are full of thoughts,
full of thoughts. Do they have a problem with it? They aren’t really at the level
to question this yet. They’re so identified with their thoughts,
they don’t see it as a problem. They think what the thoughts are about
is the problem. They don’t see that thought is a problem.
So they aren’t this driver yet. [Q.] Maybe spiritual people look for … [M.] The driver is only that one
who is beginning to question things. Then he will begin to feel a problem. He’ll come into an inner sense of conflict. The one who is asleep won’t have any conflict. He’s just in his dream world, he’s alright.
He takes it to be real. It’s OK. Don’t disturb him, please!
He is also 100 percent consciousness, but perhaps he is not ready to realise this yet. That’s nothing to do with a ‘him’. He is consciousness sleeping
in the form of a person. So, bless you. Leave you. Leave it. But to the one who says, ‘Why is it that I cannot realise what I am
and stay there?’ This one is waking up, he’s yawning, ‘Ahhh’. He’s waking up, he wants to find out, ‘What makes me
want to go back to sleep every time?’ So this answer is given to this one. [Q.] [name of an author, inaudible]
gave this idea, like the Tao, the Way, what you have to follow, but the Self is not like that, or is it? [Mooji] Any example, any analogy,
is only useful up to so far. The way is really the way-less way. The instruction is the way,
to remain where you are, to remain where you are,
to be open to be where you really are. To recognise where you are.
This is the way. It is the pointing. It’s pointing to what is already so,
not what will become so. No one can create awareness or awakening. Awakening only means the recognition of what has been timelessly, unchangingly so, and that you are That itself. [Q.] This has become a bit of a cliché as well, ‘Things as they are’, ‘It is as it is’. [M.] There are no, ‘Things as they are’. There’s only that which is unchangingly This.
It’s not things. There’s no thing about it. Things are the phenomena manifesting in that; that take our attention so much. A cliché only becomes a cliché when
you have not got the point, when you are repeating things like a parrot. A cliché is really for a parrot! When you’ve understood something, then you don’t even have to be
repeating it anymore. When you’ve really caught it,
it means the understanding has taken place. The worst thing, I would say, for anyone, is to try to be spiritual,
try to live a spiritual life. This, I think, is a waste of time. Spirituality is only to discover who you are. What ‘Is’ cannot even be said to be
particularly spiritual. It simply is. We are simply That. Terms like ‘spirituality’ have created … The mind has become contorted, distorted with such terminology
like monumental ideas of spirituality. And the worst thing, the most irritating thing, is to find someone
who is trying to be spiritual. Spirituality only means to search for
and discover what is, who you are. That doesn’t have to take your whole lifetime. That would be an unnecessary indulgence, unless you want to play the game of a seeker. If you’re searching, if you’re hungry, I tell you, Go in the kitchen, look for some food. You tell me 2 weeks later, ‘I can’t find’. I look at where you’re looking in the kitchen, I see you’re looking at the paintings,
at how beautiful the cups are, washing your face
and you say you are hungry! Then I don’t know what to say to you. You want food? Eat. [music]

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