Spirituality : Introduction to Iyarkai Oli

greetngs to everyone Introduction to Iyarkai Oli Through the subtle secrets provided from nature I can help each and every human being
to attain self-realization or God-realization and get liberated from cycle of birth and death Initiation into Iyarkai Oli spiritual deeksha and practice
can be done through phone itself Through my voice I induce your true state of consciousness Through this practice one will be able to attain
all kind of spiritual experiences within few months from getting initiated and
that too without changing one’s lifestyle For getting initiated in this practice
you dont need to meet me in person you can stay wherever you are and
get initiated into iyarkai oli spiritual path Again, I am emphasizing that you don’t need
to change your lifestyle to get into this practice You can continue to eat same food,
whether you are vegetarian or non-vegetarian You can continue to wear
the kind of clothes that you wear You can continue to be in your job
don’t need to change your profession or job You dont need to change your current life-style you just need to inculcate few small
and easy to do spiritual practices These small practices will positively transform your life
and make you a joyful and blissful person Anyone from 14 years old to 90 years old
can get initiated into iyarkai oli practice Through this practice one can easily overcome stress, anxiety, depression,
negative thoughts and all kind of addictions Through this practice you will not only attain
several spiritual experiences you will also find appropriate solutions to
your day to day problems Those people who did not know how to lead joyful life
if they get initiated into iyarkai oli practice they will be totally transformed and will lead a joyful life All human beings who are living in this universe have come here to celebrate and lead a very joyful life! you yourself are complicating your own life
and making it a worries and sorrows! In nature there exists no such things as pain,
sorrow and worries only you are living in an illusionary,
imaginary and virtual world If you get initiated into this practice You will come out of this illusionary world
and connect with your true consciousness You will realize that your true-self itself
is in a state of absolute peace and joy you all should celebrate life live a blissful and joyful life and realize your true-self thanks to all

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