Spiritual Warfare 1 – The Battle (Rus/ Eng Sub) by Jim Logan

Spiritual Warfare 1 – The Battle (Rus/ Eng Sub) by Jim Logan

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  1. @chog8 I have been trying to post the link, but unable too. I have posted the spiritual warfare notebook on our ministry website… Under Resources…. Handouts… and Spiritual Warfare… God Bless

  2. An acronym for "pride"P=personal R=recognition I=inflated D=despite E=everyone'else.Can i get a copy of that notebook?

  3. Thank you Mister Logan, I am 51 years old and have been in a form of sexual bondage for about 45 years. I watched your spiritual warfare series and have learned what my problems have been even after turning over my life to Christ 16 years ago. It took me until recently to get to the end of my self and pray to God for an answer that worked and my wife mentioned you on youtube. I watched and even though it's been a short time I know I am free. Thank you and Thank God for you!

  4. I'm going to love this series. I've only watched 17 minutes thus far n have learned much more than I thought. I have watched videos on Spiritual warfare by other pastors and they are all good as well. Lester Sumrall, Derek Prince, Robert Morrison just to name a few they all bring something different to the table n it's all free. Free pearls of wisdom thank you so much for putting in YouTube. I love how he starts about reading books on SW. I continue to run into pastors who poo poo books as learning tools they always want to point to the Bible and bible only. Yes the word of God is the ultimate sword but god puts it in the hearts of His ministers to write books on such subjects not to get rich but to enrich the lives of others, to help out young pastors and as he is doing here helping the missionaries to understand what they are going against. Remember we are to remain teachable n just as Pastor Logan points out just cuz you know a verse doesnt mean it can be used again. When you stand on the word the devil will and has to come against you cuz you have become a threat to his kingdom n yes he has a kingdom n no I'm not glorifying him I'm telling you the truth and once you fully understand n know your enemy you can warn n help others. God bless all who took the time to read My babbling lol Shalom n God be with you always

  5. The sin in your life is what gives the unclean spirits the "legal right" to enter and reside in your body.  They can not be permanently "cast out" until that "legal right" is nullified by properly confessing the sin involved.  80% of unclean spirits might best be cast out by the self deliverance technique of confessing a sin or category of sins and then immediately casting out the unclean spirits (demons) connected to those sins.  If you pray that the Holy Spirit would bring to mind all the sins that need to be dealt with, you might have up to 40 sins per day come into your mind.  Writing them down in a journal can help to organize the project.

        A sin category such as lying, might be confessed by praying something like:           Heavenly Father, I pray that you would forgive me for all the times that I have been guilty of the sin of lying, in the name of Christ I pray, Amen.

         Immediately after confessing a sin or category of sins, you can cast out all the demons connected with those sins by saying a cast out order like this one:

         To any and all unclean spirits connected in any way to these sins, I say to you, by the power and authority of the Lord Jesus Christ, I command that you be cast out, say nothing, begone, leave, leave now, go, begone.

         Watch for a cough, a sigh, or something unusual that might be a sign a demon has left.  They tend to come out one at a time.  Repeat the cast out order over and over until no more come out, then go to the next sin or category of sins.

        If you read the sin list at www.wogim.org/sinlist.htm, it may help you to discover more sins that need to be dealt with. It might take 2 hours of work per day for a couple of months to get the majority of them out.


    If you find yourself compulsively singing​ an ungodly, wicked song like "Imagine" in your mind and you want to get it to stop, you might try this technique to clear your mind.
    At about the 35 minute mark, in a Warren Wiersbe Q&A YT video, Warren mentions an instance where just before he was about to get up to speak, his mind was filled with confusing thoughts that he knew weren't his own. He called the phenomenon an attack of FIERY DARTS. He referred to this happening to other people as well, saying one person had his mind turned into a sewer of horrible thoughts. I have heard other preachers talk about this phenomenon as well. I have found a way that these thoughts can be cast out in a matter of seconds by utilizing the following command:

    To any and all unclean spirits, familiar spirits, and devils putting into my mind thoughts and images that I do not want and adding to my person any unwanted emotions, I say to you: by the power and authority of the Lord Jesus Christ, I command that you be cast out, say nothing, begone, leave, leave now, go, begone.

    This order may need to be repeated for each demon, but it has never failed for me. It is AMAZING. I use it nearly every day. If you are not a christian, it will not work.

  7. Can the notebook be bought? I know it can be downloaded Im just wondering if it could be bought already put together. Also, I'm wondering where Swindolls 5 steps how to resist satan is?

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