Spiritual Science and Quantum Reality

New Spiritual Science. So if
you have a probelm on the material level the cause and solution can be found on the level above, on the level of Higher Consciousness. Life Script Doctor is basically a self guide
to help you realize your potential, heal yourself and discover the higher levels of consciousness
through spiritual science. The frequency of our life increased greatly. This information
is also very important because we are living during informational
paradigm. The name of this new spiritual science is Infosomatics. It is based on the law of
transformation of information into energy and then into matter. Think of information
as dense spirituality. According to spiritual science the human life is just a second between
the past and the future. It gives physics behind spirituality. It gives a common sense
explanation to what is behind meditation, channeling, energy healing all other phenomena
that you can see. If you are an empath then you will be able to safely itnteract in society,
if you are more material you will know that there is something else out there and you
will be able to use that information for your own benefit. Infosomatic
techniques are like visualization meditation techniques. They are like sniper shots or
like nano technology of energy healing. Learn more about Spiritual Science Infosomatics.

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